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  1. That's not true. I look after hordes of children as work.. I have never once had to hit them or use physical punishment to keep them behaving. It's a lazy quick fix that really doesn't fix anything and just makes your kids think that violence is an acceptable response to solve problems. Children listen the most when they trust you and you're not the run-of-the-mill adult who ignores or finds them a nuisance, you have to be on their level, learn their language, child culture. I keep my kiddos in line by giving them the same respect I'd give an adult and I'm very proud of the bonds and lessons I've taught to them, parents take me after care and thank me sometimes even, because they get better at home with these healthy relationships.
  2. I'm really into fitness so I usually run for an hour a day. There's a stairway near my house that runs up a mountain.. it's exactly 295 steps.. I do it so much I KNOW that... haha Or if I'm not doing my running as cardio I'm doing jump rope for the same amount of time, or aerobics. I don't really get enough protein I guess because I also lift weights but mostly just a 15lb dumbell with my arms/squats/lunges. I also do weighted situp but i'm awful at pushups so I do those the girl way.. But when I have the chance I swim as much as I can, I'm lucky to live near a lake so the summer I'm just swimming all day lol and hiking in the mountains.. Exercise is one of my favourite hobbies. Sometimes me and my partner walk across the town too.. well for shopping mostly. I don't like the bus too much, and those walks are like 1-3 hours. I'm veeery active lol
  3. This may be a longshot since the Okanagan is fairly small but I don't know what I could lose with this. I'm in the area and looking to find someone who can drive and willing to carpool with me and my partner. We've been to VF before but would LOVE to attend bronycan. We can contribute to gas money and snacks. We're both in our 20's and I'd consider us easy to get along with. I can give more details about my location if you're serious about it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Looking back on season one I feel a lot of nostalgia.. but in my opinion it's not as good as the new stuff, although it's still pretty great. I just have a sort of vendetta against some topics touched on in season 1. I personally didn't really enjoy the episode with the whole settlers vs native americans. I feel this topic was far far too sensitive to be in a children's show. I get the message of the episode and definitely agree with it but I feel as though they could have portrayed that message with a different, not so personal and sensitive topic (especially to me being an aboriginal and growing up on the reserves. That time in history was brutal, horrific, and my family is still effected by this in regards to having living relatives who've been in residential schools. It's not really that distant of history.. and just.. felt wrong to see something that was based on genocide be re-enacted by cartoon pastel ponies..) but that's a personal thing for me and the main reason why season 1 is iffy. I'm glad they started to steer away from real heavy world issues like that as the series went on. Also I enjoy Alicorn Twilight and I feel it adds a lot more to the story for me. The way the writers keep even the background ponies consistent throughout the seasons makes me super happy too, as the characters are really my absolute favorite part of the show, as I'd think most people feel.
  5. I think it's depressing because I really LOVE Twilight Sparkle's voice actor's singing (boy that sentence sounds odd lol)
  6. Mostly to make friends with like-minded people.
  7. I see lots of children's movies in theater. Kids are generally well behaved because they're expected to be. Parents, at least in my area, can usually tell if their child will be alright and mature enough to see a movie. As someone who looks after children as a job, it's honestly not even really WORTH it to bring an unruly child to see a movie because neither parent nor child will enjoy it. The parent will be (if they're decent in any sense) constantly occupied with the unruly child.. I've never honestly been to a kid's movie that was any louder than the ones with adult audiences. Of course you may get some little giggles or noises in reaction to the movie but It's usually the same as if you'd go and see a full movie with adults. If you're worried about it still, I'd say book the latest show time so there's more of a chance for the little ones to be at home sleeping instead. And to be fair, it's very.. obnoxious for anyone to be complaining about children at a KID'S movie. You were all children once and they are still human beings, in fact since they have underdeveloped brains we need to treat them with patience but also guidance as well. I remember being young and feeling very sad when the adults treated me like a little brat just because I was young.
  8. I can't take credit for the OC art ^^ I purchased it from someone on Equestrian amino. I couldn't resist she caught my eye. She was originally meant to be marefriend to my main oc but I liked her so much that switched mains. And thank you ALL for the warm welcome. I'll hopefully be posting some of my own art when I get some time soon.
  9. Well she kind of looks like a librarian so I'm imagining her chewing on a pencil but absentmindedly just eating it because hores edit bruh took my post number. i'm too slow .oh well, lol your pony looks like he enjoys bacon because that flame thing kinda reminds me of bacon
  10. I remember being around 14 when bronies really started to become a thing. I really loved mlp as a little girl so I was super quick to jump onto the hype. I remember I was also very very active in the furry community. I remember that there was a HUGE...very...ironic rivalry between fandoms. Furries saw bronies as "fakes" and bronies saw furries as "nsfw freaks". I remember how furries got blamed left and right for apparently being the sole cause of "Clop" . ( To be fair I kinda got the reasoning. I've had so many horrific experiences with furries over my 8 years in the fandom. I find them to be way way too sexually charged as a majority. I do very much enjoy anthro animals, but I prefer the brony fandom as we tend to have actual canon and lore which is a huge part of the series itself whereas furry is much more lose and based on the ideas of others in the community. Much easier to find what you're looking for in the herd than with furries..again since it is such a chaotic fandom with no canon universe. 100% user created. also-furries don't eat me. Nothing wrong with sexuality/fetish It's just not my cup o tea ) I remember when season 2 came out and they had a sort of music video..cameo.. thing, where applejack mentioned mentioned bronies canonically, and I remember the gigantic explosion of "SENPAI NOTICED US" and it was the first time bronies were truly acknowledged in the canon by the writers. That was super cool. I even remember the very early days on 4chan.. since I was an edgy teenager and I hung around there anyway.. Bronies..oh man, they DEFINITELY caused a crap-storm over there on /b/ so much so that they were basically forced to make a whole new board for us fans because we spammed /b/ so much lol. and then ponychan was born. I remember Sim Gretina's beginnings and I'm very nostalgic over lots of those songs. Being a teenager listening to those songs drawing ponies.. I even remember there was other bronies in my school too.. I remember when desktop ponies got first developed and how EVERYONE was super into it and wanted to make their ocs.. I remember when people flipped their you-know-what over the prices of custom plushies that were selling for up to like 4k. I remember when cupcakes first came out and how it was SUPER SUPER controversial in the fandom. Yes lot's has changed. I took a hiatus the last two years. It seems that the brony fandom has calmed down a lot over the years I've noticed. Ponies are not ALL OVER THE INTERNET ALL THE TIME anymore, but yet tend to stay in their own communities now. There's a lot more disturbing art than when the fandom was in it's prime but I suppose that's just what happens to massive fandoms. Also. Friendship is Witchcraft. Sweetiebot is BAE. most nostalgic thing for me I'd say. I loved that dumb abridged series. EDIT: ALSO I REMEMBER WHEN EQUESTIRA DAILY WAS JUST A SMOL BABBU AND WAS LIKE THE ONLY BRONY SITE ON THE INTERNET FOR A LITTLE BIT
  11. Hello! So yes, basically I've been into mlp since I was little. And I've been following the brony fandom since it's very earliest days. I Kind of went on a hiatus in the fandom. But I'm trying to be more active. I'm very isolated in my personal life and lately the loneliness has set in and started to bother me, so I'm hoping to develop some good friendships perhaps with the people here. Right now my main OC is a work in progress, but she's in my profile picture. I am working on a full body ref sheet so her story will be more clear. I am an artist and love to draw ponies a lot as well, so I'm looking forward to being able to contribute to the community.