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  1. What I’m about to say might change depending on how the show does in the future. I’m thinking about leaving the fandom. Here’s why, after being in the herd for 3 years, I notice that the shows writing has been deteriorating. I’m not surprised since nothing can last forever. I personally think the show had hit its peek on its fifth season. Then after that, it turned stale. I feel like the show should have ended after the movie. But hasbro is obviously going to abuse MLP since it’s kind of a cash cow like transformers. I won’t be surprised if it continues past 2020. In case it is my last post, I would like to thank all of you for being a good community to hang out with and for possibly inspiring the creation MLP FIM the movie. As for my future, I’m planning to move on to other things such as creating my first original graphic novel series. It was nice knowing you all.
  2. But its going to be on youtube. many youtubers are anonymous.
  3. Remember when I said I'll do a review after watching the movie? I made the video, but I'm worried about anti bronies sending me death threats. So I'm contiplating if I should post it anyway.
  4. I'm planning to watch all of them anyway and make a review on it (Even though it was done before, I don't care.) I also liked what you said about how I judged the movies, its kind of like me when I first heard about the MLP show and the fandom. Who knows, I might enjoy these films.
  5. Lol, that's really funny. You know what, I'll try to watch the film and make a review after that.
  6. This may be a suprise to some but I actually hate the EQG franchise. I thought it was one of the worst ideas in animated tv show history. Even though I never saw any of these movies, they look like I'll never enjoy them. I'm one of these people who like sci fi/fantasy movies and not some chiche and unoriginal high school drama starring oddly a bunch of Doug-like characters. Even Lauren Faust hated the films because they go against what she visioned. Anyway, I'm very sick of the EQG franchise randomly appearing in the fandom, it's annoying. I could force myself to watch the films and make a review video of what I thought about them but don't be surprised if my reaction is the same.
  7. To all of you, thank you so much for the warm welcome.
  8. Those MS Paint images came out really well! Drawing neatly on that program is really hard.
  9. This is my latest artwork that only took me 4 hours and 40 minutes to draw. I'm happy that It came out exactly how I pictured it.
  10. Thanks for the welcome. I actually do need help. I'm wondering where I could talk to pony artists. I'm one myself.

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      The majority of art-related threads are found within the Octavia's Hall section. Just choose the sub-section that is relevant to your specific artistic talents or whatever you might be interested in. :fluttershy:

  11. It all began back on June 6, 2014. It felt like yesterday. I once was a hater since 2013 at the time. Then I became curious over a documentary about the brony fandom. So I decided to watch it. Then after that, I've decided to try watching the first two episodes. Then the rest is like any other brony story.
  12. Thanks. It's nice to hear that.
  13. Hello, I'm brand new. It's been a while since I know the mechanics of a forum so I'm re-learning as I go. Hope to make a lot of friends here.