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  1. No idea, but tempted to stay away from the forum for a while until they undo it....
  2. I think its mostly a SJW thing; they aren't wrong (disposible cuture and people dumping single-use items instead of binning them properly is a major problem) straws aren't largely the problem - plastic packaging is, discarded fishing nets and plastic bags are, but straws really aren't that big a deal that banning them will fix anything. (Also, banned for not banning)
  3. You would have to add some fun, first. It looks like the character "chucky" from "childs play"....
  4. Banned because while a better word would be "disposable" everyone is complaining about single-use-plastic-items right now so it fits.
  5. I was going to blame @Jeric but they said to blame @Creamy Arty so...
  6. Banned because they aren't (usually) refillable, so single-use, like a biro (once they are empty, they are empty).
  7. Well, you can't choose who you fall in love with. James may have been a bit of an ass, but Lilly was the Princess Cadence of her world
  8. And his father's. His mother (and Snape) had a doe....
  9. Well, some sort of spirit for sure. Here is an explaination from later in the strip
  10. Whenever you notice something like that - a wizard did it
  11. As much as I would love magic or flight - Earth pony is the best fit for who I am.
  12. He *is* a bit obscessed with rarity, but shouldn't we widen this to include (say) Ember or Smolder?