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  1. Well, no, but given the internet is full of items like that one, you could have found another to post instead of reposting one you already used today...
  2. Banned for mistaking me for one of those thar "sonic the hedgehog" fanatics
  3. I am now wondering how @Stone Cold Steve Tuna breathes out helium....
  4. Didn't you already use that one over in the banned game?
  5. Looks good - although I imagine the second season will be further delayed now.
  6. Banned because I don't own any fighting games by preference - I don't see the appeal.
  7. Banned for denying the awesomeness of the Knight Sabres (and girls in power armour in general)
  8. and goblins?
  9. Not normally. I guess yours would though.
  10. But what about wooden toaster?
  11. I do believe they call it a "portable containment system" - not a toaster
  12. Banned for not googling Bubblegum Crisis then
  13. Blue ghosts taste good with ketchup.
  14. how about a google doodle?