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  1. Cypherhoof

    How pretty would you say Fluttershy is?

    Sure - while its entirely possible Rarity would be even prettier without all the makeup and "beauty treatments", that's not the Rarity we have. True enough. While the show writers every so often make a point of showing non-unicorns using their teeth to do things a human would do with hands, non-unicorns DO seem to have the ability to make things stick to their hooves - spoons, newspaper pages, that sort of thing - when it is convenient to the narrative. Of course, when Sunset returned to Equestria, she was unable to pick up the book Starlight had for her (despite other characters manipulating books just fine without magic) so that isn't always consistent either (or maybe she just forgot how, given how much time she spends without magic but with fingers...) More importantly though, there are parts on even a human body that are a struggle to reach comfortably with just hands, and that would be a lot worse for a pony. In a recent episode, Rarity struggles to even brush her tail without magic, although that is probably more lack of practice.
  2. Cypherhoof

    General How to watch mlp?

    Amazon prime has S4-S7 free in most countries - which I am sure we are allowed to say S1-S3 are there, but you have to pay for them (at which point, why not just buy the DVD? they have box sets of S1-S3 at quite reasonable prices )
  3. Cypherhoof

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for not becoming familiar with it.
  4. Cypherhoof

    Do you wish Equestria was real?

    That's a complex one. If there is no means of contact, then it doesn't actually matter - Equestria is real, as an idealized world, to many of us, despite not being real in the sense of something we can touch or smell. A calculation that such a world could (or even MUST) exist wouldn't alter that. If there is some means of contact, then it would seem unlikely that the world followed exactly the same developmental path that -our- Equestria did; of course, you could subscribe to the theory that FiM is just a cartoon representation of the (communicated) history of another universe, but that would be a rather large leap to make. However, I do believe that at some point in the future, technology will advance to the point we can upload our consciousness to an entirely simulated world, transending physical death. There would be no necessity that this world exactly match ours, and if you are going to build an idealized world where everyone is gainfully employed (but doesn't have to work TOO hard) why not Pony?
  5. Cypherhoof

    Dream Realm vs Manehattan

    Well, I don't do Best Pony - but I do feel the fashionista pones have it all sewn up
  6. Cypherhoof

    Dream Realm vs Manehattan

    Well, once she learned the Rules of Rarity
  7. Cypherhoof

    Saddle Arabia vs Cloudsdale

    Dashie is in to a strong lead, but I voted for Scoots anyhow (mostly to avoid voting for Iron Will, I admit)
  8. Crystal Empire match appears to be locked for comments?

  9. Cypherhoof

    Our Town vs Vanhoover

    How could I not vote for RaRa? she should have had the movie gig, too
  10. Cypherhoof

    Dream Realm vs Manehattan

    Awesome though the nightmare crew are, I feel the fashion ponies have the edge on this one...
  11. Cypherhoof

    Do you think the show has too many fan serives?

    I think /once upon a zeppelin/ is very much fan wish-fulfillment, although /fame and misfortune/ isn't so much fan service as fan parody
  12. Cypherhoof

    How pretty would you say Rarity is?

    At least its relatively muted; EqG Fluttershy has eye shadow almost the same shade as her hair, and I don't think it suits her. EqG Rarity has the same pale, cyan eyeshadow as her pony counterpart.
  13. Cypherhoof

    How pretty would you say Fluttershy is?

    Sure. I am sure Rarity doesn't NEED the beauty regime she has, although as a unicorn she has the ability to perform her own styling and so forth with magic, while a pegasus pony has only her hooves. But the difference is still there - Fluttershy is a natural beauty, while Rarity works hard (and near constantly) on her appearance. (in practice of course, the flash puppets used in the show aren't actually very different from each other, so in terms of physical appearence, we can only really go off how other ponies react to them, and to their actions. Fanart is a different matter, with both our feminine mane ponies often being presented more attractively than the rest of the cast)
  14. Cypherhoof

    How pretty would you say Fluttershy is?

    Well, she IS a pony supermodel, after all; even the spa ponies acknowledge this, her "beauty regime" there has an extremely light touch (as opposed to Rarity's) But more than that, she is beautiful as a person; her element (of compassion) and her cutie mark are all aligned to her basic nature. (that said, just watched her repeatedly tearing AJ a new one, so there's that.... )
  15. Cypherhoof

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for banning your own cute little infant son over something that isn't their fault Banned for not lithping.