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  1. Mega Thread

    Banned because Steven is friendly - he even gave up his 'tache for Cranky in slice of life....
  2. Mega Thread

    Banned because it's not the Timberwolves you need to watch out for, it's the Lumber Bears. (and also for not hiring @[[-VeNoM-]])
  3. Not sure that is true; For all her cuteness, GlimGlam is still pretty broken - I can totally see her going all yandare on some mare's flank with a smile, because they flirted with her Sunburst-senpai. That said, the prime candidates there would be her three besties, so I doubt she would actually do that to them - after all, its 'mares before spares' AmIRite?
  4. Nah, he's just saving up; get enough extra mass and energy that way, and eventually he can ignite and become a second sun
  5. Mega Thread

    Banned because a pirate isn't in a position to object to that....
  6. Mega Thread

    Banned for not meming. and yes
  7. Mega Thread

    Banned because that's unfair, they only just got their hat back from @meme
  8. Mega Thread

    Banned for dissing Empress Derpy, wielder of the TwiStick Double banned because you are welcome to them Triple Banned because @[[-VeNoM-]] would just eat them.... Banned because I haven't ever tried to chew you...
  9. Mega Thread

    Banned because I am authorized by our Eternal Empress Derpy to post hurtful things about @The_Gobo
  10. Mega Thread

    Banned for being oversensitive
  11. Mega Thread

    Banned for not having a butt to paint.
  12. so many the bulk-boops! *boops @Sparklefan1234*
  13. Mega Thread

    Banned because Open Sources are better
  14. 'tia being wearing somnamula's dresses again?
  15. Mega Thread

    Banned for not compiling your sources