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  1. In the slice of life episode, it is revealed that BonBon is actually a former secret agent known then as "Special Agent Sweetie Drops" - this matches the merch, which sometimes gives bonbon that name too. There is a chapterbook called "Lyra, Bon Bon and the Mares from S.M.I.L.E" where some of the secret agent ponies are equipped with the "reflector deflector" - a memory erasing tool that is similar to the one used in the "men in black" movies.
  2. At least special agent sweetie drops can use the flashy thing on him
  3. Banned because the google comment was ALSO in keeping with the internet property theme, but your comment wasn't
  4. Fair enough. Nearly 21 o'clock here though.
  5. Banned for inadaquate podding in diaspora*
  6. Well, no, only against animals. But she can use Overwhelming Cuteness, for which Discord holds the current record, after holding out almost an entire episode....
  7. Banned because you wouldn't want to 4chan....
  8. Well, pinkie has that cake cannon, because of course she does....
  9. No no, you need to let it eat the mongoose first. it's the mongoose's only natural predator....
  10. well you could post the question on reddit reddit reddit.... (Not banned for punning)
  11. Banned for not using a frog to confirm that.