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  1. @Blitz Boom When doing "power levels", my preference in general is to follow the show's method: fast and loose, according to the needs of the story and setting, but with an overall "feel" in place. I should stress that Wish's special talent magic is meant to be nearly unintentional, being tied to intuition and emotion. For example, plants that she sings around every day usually look more vibrant and healthy than those she doesn't. Because of how her magic works, she couldn't cause someone to miraculously recover from a broken bone overnight, for example; but if she came in to visit that same pony at the hospital every day, they might get well enough to be released earlier than normal - saving maybe a week or two on an expected six month stay. As for stuff like poisons, pretty much up to the player and anyone else interested. Maybe being around her improves the pony's mood and this strengthens their immune system (some evidence for this working in real life, and Equestria being permeated by magic makes it more plausible). Or, maybe it has no effect at all. Bottom line: her purpose is not to be powerful. Like most non-protagonist ponies in the show, her magic is incidental to who she is, being mainly a tool to help her with her occupation or hobbies, and we can tune it as is dramatically appropriate, if we think it's necessary. She does have the usual "action at a distance" ability that all unicorns possess in addition to whatever their specific magic specialty is (as far as I know). Finally, she was born and raised in Ponyville; as for contributing to the story, here's something she could do: visit little sick foals and colts, read them stories and sing them lullabies. She'd enjoy that. I don't know what's currently happening in the thread, or the metaplot if there is one, but if some players give me a summary of some recent events / current arcs I'm sure I can find something.
  2. Hello, please let me know if you would be interested in playing with Wish Song
  3. I see the last in-character post was about two weeks ago; assuming this thread is still going, I will be happy to play a minor character, if you have need of one.
  4. [FM] "Oh, how nice to see old friends after time apart. I'm just sight-seeing myself. I've heard that Princess Celestia spends more time in Ponyville than anywhere else other than Canterlot!" Force said, and crunched a saltine. "Dr yr knr irf shr hrs a vrsrt plrnnd anrtrm srrn?" [WS] "Oh, there it is!" Wish said after a minute. The home had a massive welcome mat out front with the words "MAKE A WISH!" embroidered on it in fancy pink script. The exclamation point was dotted with a heart. "Oh, um, right. Maybe I should've mentioned that."
  5. "Nope! Make yourself comfy," said Force, and introduced herself - as Lightheart, of course. After introductions were done, she asked Starshine, "So, are you headed to Ponyville too?" She produced some snacks for them out of her saddlebags.
  6. Does anyone want to make up a background pony for force (lightheart) to have a conversation with on the train?
  7. "Oh, from here you just take a right at the fountain and it's three blocks down. It's the yellow one with the flowers and the windows and the door," said Wish, narrowing it down to every house in the neighborhood.
  8. "I just need to pick up a few things from home, if that's okay," said Wish. "Of course I'd be happy if you came along, Woody. It was nice meeting everypony. Are we going to meet up at the train station, then?"
  9. cher bear would probably get a snake so she wouldn't have to feed it very often
  10. [WS] "Aww, thanks so much!" said Wish as she stuck the flower in her mane. In return, she plucked an orchid from among the flowers growing around her hooves, and offered it to Woody. "Best friends!" [FM] By now, Force's train had arrived, and she was in the process of boarding. This being Canterlot, there were many ponies disembarking, and just a few getting on with her. She chose a seat about two thirds of the way to the front of her car, and sat by the window. The car was not too packed, so she set her bags on the empty seat next to her.