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  1. Easily and always with other folks. I've spent and will spend my entire life trapped inside myself with none other than myself. I know myself best. This is why I love and need other people. Community is a powerful thing. It takes a village to do anything right. Only by observing, understanding and coexisting with others may we hope to truly understand ourselves. I find this is a result of the fact that our interactions with others (be it intimate or not) are clear cut, observable aspects of ourselves that ought to be studied, trained and harnessed much like any other social tool/skill/technique. No one is born alone, no one has to die alone. Choosing to "lone wolf" our lives is a grave and unfortunate mistake. Doing so not only robs others of your personal charms, wit and skill, but also yourself of the very same from others. We are a race of social creatures who thrive in communities where mutualism and understanding reign supreme. As a species, we are just beginning to become self aware enough to accept this and great strides in our favor are the result of this "awakening" if you will.
  2. Oh man, 305's are bad...but affordable.
  3. Here's another:
  4. Admittedly the multiplayer is way more fun simply for the silliness of it all. The singleplayer requires that you enter the game already knowing absolutely every scrutinizing detail of every mechanic in order to progress properly. Also in order to get the only true ending to the game you have to literally beat the game 3 times on the same file. you gotta new game plus twice.
  5. So have any of you folks ever heard of or played "E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy"?
  6. Either hal9k (if he counts) or the aliens from signs
  7. That's a good one Expressionism is fun Thank you
  8. One must know pain to experience goodness.
  9. I don't have a title for this yet. Need help with that.
  10. I enjoy a cigarette outside on the swing and shower. Lay around.
  11. I started smoking cigarettes with 305 wintergreen when I was 14. I've tried lots of different cigarettes and I prefer American spirits or camel wides. Rolling your own can be challenging and often won't taste pleasant
  12. How many of you guys out there smoke? If you do, what brand and type of cigarette is your brand. I smoke American spirit Dark green full bodied menthols
  13. Yeah I use apps n stuff to make random bits of music sometimes. It's not intended to be taken seriously as if it were art, but it most certainly is music. This is my most recent example:
  14. I always come back to this one
  15. Does appendicitis followed by appendectomy and followup abcess removal count?