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  1. Boy, it's been a while! @Alexshy @Totally Lyra @Mirage @Holiday Agnaktor @Well Borne Boops all around!
  2. Every so often I get a gum craving, buy a strip or ten, then not get more for months. What do you do when you're angry?
  3. Whoa! The chime is now covered in snow! It won't ring as gently anymore! You will pay for this, @Mirage! *Attempts to form a snowball in a chime-like fashion and throws it* *Notices a suspiciously dry Agnaktor despite their holiday getup* *throws another to @Holiday Agnaktor*
  4. @Blitz Boom "Come on, Benny. Your metaphorical oasis in a wide, dry desert that is my complete and utter lack of something to write about has been drained by my co-workers, unless you still have something to say that you haven't said so far" Striking Detail said downtrodden as he walked away from the typewriters. He opened the door with his hoof, but didn't bother to push it open. Instead, he left it ajar and simply kept walking. What then happened is that the horns that slightly protruded from Detail's face pushed the door open neatly and he could pass in one smooth-ish movement. He beckoned the dragon to follow, and thought about the office's lobby, where he, if there was no need for sleep, would spend more time in living than his own home. "I know a room in this building that's more luxurious than the best apartment I can afford working here. And if I lose this job, I will lose both of these places to stay in, so we better think of something." If there's one thing that his horns aren't good for, is thinking of something. For some reason, they're only good for gut instincts. Come think, Detail now is pretty sure that, other than hunger, he does in fact not feel any gut instincts in his gut anymore, as if his horns communicated that they would take over that job. Why, oh why would it then be replaced by headaches? Detail did not look in front of him as he walked to the lobby in an almost automated fashion, ignoring the helper ponies struggling with transporting coffee, ink and paper. Sunken deep in thoughts as to what he could write about, he hoped that the dragon could come up with a story that would place him in the papers. But if there was something he needed right now, it was an oatmeal biscuit. "Benny, do you have any ideas?" he asked, as he might as well. It's not like he could ask the changelings themselves. A headache built. @Holiday Agnaktor Avabella smiled at the young mare in front of her enjoying tea as much as she did, and poured with respect, ending the pouring with a little flourish letting a last droplet of tea create ripples on the surface. Ripples. She heard the question, and started thinking how to bring this diplomatically. In an effort to buy time, she decided to levitate a biscuit and inspect that first. Being slightly opinionated, and definitely aware of that, she now had to make a decision based on professionalism. In a business influencing public image on a large scale, you can't help but start to worry about your own. Would this mousy, tea-loving delivery mare tell on her if she went for the honest truth? Or would she not have to worry about word coming out? She briefly thought about the dragon in this very building that would command her to tell this mare otherwise, but went against her gut to tell her the truth anyway. She started pouring her own second cup as she formulated her answer. "Unlike what the guard would like you to believe, integration into our society which is based on trust and friendship is going more rigidly than projected. We, the paper, as public influencers, are obviously obligated by the guard's programs to tell a good story. Truth be told, me and most of the writers recently got bitter leads lately. One that tells of misdeeds in the city, yet again rumors of changeling attacks popping up around the city. I considered what to do. Lie to the ponies, and say everything is all-right with every changeling they meet, in the hopes of bettering their public image? Or expose dirty deeds, and that nobody's fully safe from them? But that's our side. I'm still tasked with improving their image regardless of these attacks. And surprise, surprise. Asking the entire population to trust a species especially known for their malicious usage of near-perfect shape-shifting is a very high standard". Finishing her story, Avabella then noticed she almost over-poured her cup of tea and quickly tilted the pot upright again, lacking any subtlety or flourish. Sheepishly, she then put down the pot. She bit into the oatmeal biscuit and gazed into the distance in reflection. "I don't know how I would react if I saw a changeling. I'd like to say I never have, but you don't know anymore nowadays. For all I know, you could be one!" Avabella chuckled. "As delivery mare, you must have gone to all sorts of places. Do you have any changeling stories? You could get them featured in the papers, if you want".
  5. I, myself, can pretty much say that my sister drained all my luck from birth. She was always the type to look down and find a penny on the street, get lucky opportunities from events and things happening, etc. Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, there's me and my average luck. I wouldn't say that I'm being followed by a cloud of life-ruining bad luck, but I can't say that I've ever been exceptionally lucky either. I mean, I'm still here doing fine, but it's not like I lost anything big to unfortunate odds or won any lotteries. So, are you a lucky person? Tons of misfortune coming your way? Or more of an average kind of joe? Or are you the lucky superstar we all look up to?
  6. Surely the silence will commence after my post.
  7. Local Japanese Hiroshima eel (Unadon). Can't get it anywhere but Hiroshima. Something I'll probably never eat in my life again. My entire trip to Japan was a huge fest of delicacies! In games, do you opt for the slow hard-hitting options, or the fast weaker-hitting options?
  8. It has been proposed that a chime boops with the power of the wind. This only raises further questions. How far does the chime affect the wind? Is this influence strong? To be able to concentrate wind pressure to a noticeable bop, that would be a lot of force, wouldn't it? More existentially, is windchime a windchime, or a manifestation of the wind? What if windchime was never windchime at all? Surely, there are answers. Let us concentrate once more... @Holiday Agnaktor Writing boop. @Alexshy A genteel touch upon thy snoot. @The_Gobo Even though you don't (seem to) participate in this thread I still boop you! @CypherHoof Sometimes, the windchime dings back. (Actually, I'm not sure whether I used that one before already or not) @Fluttershy Friend Who wouldn't want to be Fluttershy's friend. A boop to @Duality, a fellow forum poster that is an inanimate object. (Or so I've been told) And a @Well Borne boop for good luck.
  9. I fear global warming took its toll on my local snowfall. Can you describe the feeling of romantic love for me?
  10. My vocal reach extends into female opera. This allows me to do scream like a banshee if the comedic timing is appropriate. Good for laughs. Otherwise pretty much a dood.
  11. @Well Borne I'm going to boop you, because a self-boop out of loneliness is something that shouldn't happen! Welcome to the forums, buddy.
  12. I hate it. A magical superpower I am waiting to inherit from my dad is an apparent complete immunity to any and all tickling. You can try all you want, but he will remain as stoic as ever, or sitting there with a shit-eating grin because he knows that no matter what you try, you're completely ineffective in trying to get him to flinch. In my entire lifetime, I have only seen him being effectively tickled once. That was when my sister faked going in for a hug in the evening, then grabbed him and tickled him. It surprised all three of us how effective it was, I think. Since then, I've been biding my time to see if I can use that tactic for myself. You know what, it's been a while since that happened, I might post an update in this thread soon...
  13. Are snacks allowed? Stroopwafels! Are multiple answers allowed? Pepernoten! Kruidnoten!
  14. Miiildred. On a related note, my own last name doesn't roll of the tongue as smooth as I'd personally like it to, but Celestia forbid I ever bring this up to my family. So let's tell strangers instead
  15. I wish I could speak Dutch, my mother tongue, as fluently as my English. I swear, English is simply easier for me.