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  1. So today I wanna talk about season 8,so I think some of you saw the MLP season 8 videos,animated,with voice and intro without backround sound,if the episode 11 has been uploaded on youtube,I think in march all the episode will come on ytb,does this means the season will come earlier,the release date is on May 25, 2017.]I heard about this, Tyrek will return,he will appear in the last episode of the season oh and Chrysalis has appeared in the first episode of the season,so I think this is a think.On the intro I saw some species that are not ponies yet like a changeling or a dragon,I think you know what does it means.

    What do you think about this season?



  2. 1.So first of all Starlight helped Torax in season 6 last episode(part 1 and 2).

    2.She is/has Twilight's student.

    3.Was a villian in season 5.

    4.Had an important role in season 7 last episode(part 1 and 2).

    5.Appears in Movie Magic




    Warning,season 8 spoilers(saw some episodes on youtube)

    5.Appears in one episode


    So I think Starlight won't have an important role in season 8 but she will appear on it in some episodes

    What do u think?


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  3. This is from season 7 episode 10,when celestia is in pony dreams I think,and in that dreams there's many spoilers,baby applejack,fluttershy and Angel-this is not a spoiler

    Discord and his friend Slime,If you're not trust me you can see in season 7 episode 10.

    My favorite dream from that episode-DjFlurry Heart



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