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  1. My name is a part of my identity, so no. I would possibly change my last name, since it’s really common but also hard to pronounce because it’s foreign, but that problem could be solved if I just marry someone with a really nice last name! : D
  2. I always put everything in my right pocket. If I don’t have room, I’ll put the less important stuff in the left pocket. I have a huge right bias xD
  3. I stayed over at a relative’s house for a week once and they kept putting their toilet paper under, so I had to readjust it every time, but they just kept putting it under. It‘s so frustrating in my opinion for it to be like that. It also looks nicer if it’s over (especially if you fold the end into a triangle, but only if you bother to lol)
  4. Mega Thread

    I'm still in school kill me What do/did you like to do during summer vacation?
  5. Mega Thread

    7/10 its cool looking .3.
  6. I'd steal YOUR face O3O
  7. 385
  8. Yuck! Dark chocolate
  9. 275
  10. Visual Art

    I have a looooot of art that is not pony related (mostly danganronpa because that's what I'm obsessed with scratch that its all danganronpa) so I'm putting art here that has already been posted on my tumblr ( or deviantart (, not all of it though cause its a lot haha I'll update whenever I've made something new (and pardon in advance for all the crappy stuff)
  11. 256 maybe it got started too late
  12. 253 (will we make it?)