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  1. It’s been awhile... I’m alive if anyone is wondering don’t hesitate to add me on discord or talk to me again if we already have a conversation, I’ve been off the site for over a year and I’ve started becoming less involved in the mlp:fim fandom, not that I don’t like the show or the new movie (I really liked rainbow roadtrip) I’ve just lost touch. Mainly spending my time learning about the furry fandom and what it has to offer I just want to thank anyone and everyone who helped me through the rough patch I was going through when I first joined this forums; yet again don’t hesitate to contact me on discord! (Yumekai#6018)

  2. I’m very open owning shirts, figures and even pins for my bookbag! I talk about it a bit if those people care for the show, in the case they don’t care for it I’ll simply not bring it up.
  3. Yumekai

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    447646, Good morning (or whatever time it is)
  4. Soarin dash, meh not a bad ship. 8/10 Time for best ship
  5. Soon i will hit a year on the forums so yay~. But for real i feel i should celebrate on here, i don't know about revealing my face but idk i may feel up for it. Anyone have other idea's?

    Also i want to thank  @Arid_Blitz @Shadowlicious (rip) @SwitchGuy2018 For being my main friends on here. 


    Best Lots of love to everyone who I've had the pleasure to talk to! ^_^ 


    1. Canteen_the_unstable


      Sing the song of your people also hiy me up on discord buddy if you ever need to angst

  6. I would spend a day with Pinkie, I really don't need to explain myself. She's literally the party pony.
  7. Yumekai

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I wish today was a friday but i'm not going to be doing anything cause all of the advanced math is going to have to take a test.
  8. Yumekai

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    India, Not much needs to be said... Who is best pony?
  9. Jeez now i have to do something original...
  10. More the other way around, me not even have reached adulthood means my parents have to put up with the mlp stuff (even as far as taking me to the movie, which only had young girls)
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