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Status Updates posted by ZethaPonderer

  1. Lyrics

    - - - - -

    I can see it
    We'll book it to the goal line
    Still you and me we don't know
    We don't know enough about it
    We've gone past it
    To the point of no return, no looking back
    We don't know
    We don't know enough about it

    We got this, we got this, we got this now
    Getting all fired up we'll let sweat drip
    From every pore now

    There's so many things we don't know
    We'll remember our journey home
    Everyone, even him, becomes silhouettes
    You and I we're now growing old
    There's some things we can't protect and hold
    Don't let go
    We both know
    We'll never give it up
    So many things we don't know
    We'll remember our journey home
    Everyone, even him, becomes silhouettes

    And one last time our shadows dance within the wind
    Like a leaf we'll all just float away

    - - - - - 

    I miss Papa Franku. Best realest anime ever. :(

  2. What a shock. I'm back after my hiatus.

    1. Flutterstep


      That song brings a tear to my eye. :awed:

  3. Doing alright for myself so far given the pandemic outbreak. Just trying to enjoy Summer the best I can. I would like to go on a beach for sunbathing, go on a Water Theme Park like Mt. Olympus and all that good stuff.

    However, that ain’t happening cause Corona Chan will molest me and everyone else.

  4. You got that distorted image pfp from YouTube Poop user cs188's videos. Specifically this one,

    At timestamp 1:15-1:16. Didn't you?

    Why you ask? Just an observation and being a curious little gnat. That's all.

    1. Spoopy


      @ZethaPonderer Yep that's where I got it from.

  5. I have a video to share to those who follow me (for some odd reason) and those who once did but don't follow me (for some odd reason).

    @Fluttershy Friend, @Lucky Bolt, @Brobot, @dasd21d21d21x, @Button Feri, @Cwanky, @Flutterstep, @Goofyg24, @Hierok, @Sherbie-kun, @Prospekt, @Twiggy, @The Recherche, @Jeric, @KillerKingBakudan, @Meemfestivefox, @Nature Tune, @Ninja Pizza BatCat, @Octavia_Melody2, @RainbowDashFan, @Titans08Mariota, @Wannabrony, @luftschloss, @Amys-pmvs, @The Equestrian Brony

    What do you think? Is this what Internet's made for? My answer: Yes :P

  6. *Rant Start*

    Y’know I’m really starting to question particular Atheists, Anti-Abrahamists criticizing Islam through the Hadiths, and Anti-Theists in general if they are reasonable with their understanding of Math and its History.

    Cause the Hadiths revolving around Aisha being 6-9 years old marrying Muhammad are all contradictory historical narratives.

    According to most Historians, the Indian-Greek Numeral System was the norm before the 9th century where Zero was used as a decimal. Now why would I bring such a Math History like this to disprove the Aisha’s Age Hadith? Because it is common knowledge at the time for Arabs during Muhammad’s timeline where they can count from 1-9. Was Zero even invented as a decimal during the 6th century? Not until the 9th century was Zero used as a decimal and a means to count less than 1 and more than 9. So who knows how old someone is really when they are referring themselves in age during that time period. An argument could be made where someone referring themselves as a 1 year old might be 81 years old.

    So the authenticity of the Hadiths is up to scrutiny. It’s all up for debate and the narration revolving around this is bullshit anyway given that the Hadiths about Aisha’s age and marriage to Muhammad was created and compiled by an old man in his 70s from Iraq named Hisham ibne Urwa who was suffering from memory loss when forging the Hadiths revolving around Aisha. So this whole Historical Narration is based on contradictions.

    Controlling the narrative is really out of the question when the narration itself is full of contradictions.

    *Rant Over*

    Will be posting links to my sources to back up the reasonable claims on my rant. A reasonable claim requires proof.

  7. I like Sonic Battle. Mostly because of the story and music. Favorite is the Phi Battle Music. Gameplay has potential to be good, but Story mode is so monotonous. Emerl’s a cool customizable robot. The story of Sonic Battle revolves around the robot and for a fighting game let alone for a Sonic Spinoff series is quite an accomplishment. Whoever made the story and writing of Sonic Battle work for a monotonous fighting game is a genius.


    Also I want to share my favorite music in the game, but with a Touhou remix by YouTube User Parabeetle X,


  8. *Sarcasm Rant*

    Gamerz Rise Up?

    What’s that supposed to mean? Gamerz are just people playing games. Why they gotta rise up when all they’re doing is sitting on their buttcheeks playing IDK Call of Duty or some crap?

    *Sarcasm Rant*

  9. Ok. Attended my first time attending my on campus college course online given the whole virus outbreak.

    Since my computer is HP and using Zoom Cloud to attend my courses, my whole computer performance plummets to 15 frames per second. My computer has become so l-a-a-a-g-g-g-y-y-y and ssslllloooowwww. Stupid HP.

    Oh I can tell this is gonna be good uptil April 6th. :P

  10. Bias is something we all got and most news network are no exception. Media Bias Fact Check is a website dedicated to find what kind of bias it stems from Left all the way to Right.


    But I wonder if the website Media  Bias Fact Check  is biased given that some people are bold to be critical of the website with its legitimacy? o_O


    Will Corona Chan spread her love all to the world? It’ll be a Pandemic Black Plague.

  11. Been watching an anime called "The Hero is Overpowered, but He's Overly Cautious".

    It's an anime that takes place in a different world like setting (isekai). So far, it's funny at first glance yet so depressing at the same time once you get to know why The Hero (Seiya) is always Overly Cautious and his relationship towards the main protagonist Ristarte when reading the light novels. This anime IMO captures that sense of feel, "Comedy comes from Tragedy". I don't know if I want to laugh or cry. It puts me at unease for what's to come if the 2nd season comes up.

    Sum it up, Hero vs Slime.


    This is the kind of humor we're dealing with. And it's funny I'll give it that, but in context it's also sad because that Poor Slime. It didn't deserve that.

    I'll give this, at least The Hero knows how RPGs (Role Playing Games) work and is going against typical conventions in most RPGs to raise the odds at his favor from 100% Maximum.

    1. Jesse Terrence

      Jesse Terrence

      Ah yeah, heard of that one!

      Another great isekai, indeed!

  12. Had to deal with a Drain Fly Infestation problem in my home ever since I had the toilet water clog incident 3 weeks ago which nearly flooded my house. Fun.

    Also, no longer debating. Don't see the point anymore if anyone's wondering. Got rid of my frustration and sheer unnerving resentment out of my system. For now. Can't wait to go to the Middle East along with Africa possibly to accomplish my spiritual journey (AKA visiting the birthplaces of the Prophets of The Abrahamic God) where my frustration and anger will soar like wildfire from the "Muslim Community" over there. The least I'm doing is remain calm and level-headed before making such a journey.

    Probably will get killed over there. I don't even care anymore other than the fact that I tried.

    1. Cwanky


      You're back! And just in time for Star Wars!!!!!!

      ....and Christmas and New Year's of course...

    2. You


      I hope you are ok. Want to chat about it? Need to go afk sleep though.

  13. Paramount listened to Sonic Fans. Now, the movie might be worth watching LOL.


  14. Been busy with my academics on top of playing Langrisser Mobile. Pretty good Mobile Gacha Strategy RPG. So far doing well. It’s been a while I haven’t been in online forums in general.

  15. I just want to convey something in an AVGN-esque fashion,

    “Cancel Culture is ASS”

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Spoopy


      In some cases, the behaviors of Cancel Culture are very much justified. But generally speaking it's pretty ridiculous. :dry:

    3. Kyoshi


      @DustliciousAgreed. Boogie2988 is one of the only cases where I think it makes sense, but almost everything else is simply a mindless mob of people following a crowd with no thought processes.

    4. ZethaPonderer


      AVGN Power Glove video but replace the Power Glove with Cancel Culture LOL,

      “Now your playing with Cancel. Now your playing with FUCKIN’ SHIT. You don’t know shit how shit this fucking shit is. Fuck this shit. It’s so bad it sucks. It’s so fucking sucks it FUCKS.”

  16. Just watched this video recently about ProJared clearing his name. For 3 months, the man patiently made this video to clear his name against the cancel-culture mob. I unfortunately was part of that mob, though I had doubts about ProJared's serious accusations (especially the pedo ones) but never thought too hard about it. Therefore, I apologize, subbed to ProJared, and begin watching his content since I miss them. So far he cleared his name with all the accusations on the video.


    1. Kyoshi


      I always strongly felt that he was innocent but I feared so much that this cancel culture completely ruined him. I am happy to see him come back and I hope everything can move forward, as he is one of my favorite Youtubers ever. 

  17. If people believe Humans are Animals according to Science, then the other way around has to hold just as much weight. So let me do my best to share my pondering of this matter,

    "Humans are Animals = Fact according to Science based on Biology.

    Animals are Humans = What? I have so many questions. So if Animals are Humans then is Pet Ownership Slavery and Bestiality is justified? Wait you're saying Bestiality is not justified because Animals are innocent? Then how are Animals Humans when Humans are not innocent at all? What does it mean to be innocent? What does it mean to be a Human and an Animal if both are the same thing? I'm confused RAAAAAHHHHHHHRRRR!!!"


    Humans are Animals. But are Animals Humans? YES???

    Still learning lol.

    I just think the definition of the term "Animal" is semantics according to Science and contradictory according to Philosophy. Plus, labeling someone or a Non-Plant Living Creature an "Animal", or a "Beast" which is synonymous to Animal, seems demeaning and derogatory just as much as using Racial Slurs as suitable labels to describe Humanity as a whole IMHO.

    So how about a different term that shares similarities to the term "Animal". I like the word "Flesh".

    So instead of Animal Kingdom, how about Fleshly Kingdom? Thus, Dogs and Cats are Fleshly Mammals. Chicken are Fleshly Birds. Alligators are Fleshly Reptiles. Frogs are Fleshly Amphibians. Salmon are Fleshly Fish.

    Therefore, Humans are Fleshly Mammals.

  18. It’s quiet. Too quiet. :okiedokieloki:

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    2. Angle Alastor

      Angle Alastor

      Goobaglopen quiet...idk what I’m saying now xD lol

    3. ZethaPonderer


      Me neither @FeatherStream. I’m just being silly here. I’m sure the forums here is a bustling social place.

    4. Cwanky
  19. I watched MegaMind. It was a pretty cool deconstruction of your typical superhero and supervillain movies all things considered. Personally, I don't think I've seen anything quite like it and I would love to know more about other forms of media that revolve around this concept where superheroes and supervillains question their own identities and powers.

  20. Sup y’all. Not gonna bother posting anymore on Debate Pit section since I now realize there’s no point to it. Ahh don’t worry there are more interesting topics to discover on other sections. 

    I’m just gonna sleep. In Canada currently.

  21. Watched the Lion King Movie (2019). Never expect John Oliver to voice the creature he dislikes. Zazu = John Oliver. Guess he hates himself.

    The movie was good and stands on its own. I don’t think Live Action is better than Animation, but hey that’s just an opinion.

    Opinions are assholes. Everyone’s got em.

    1. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Big true. 

    2. ZethaPonderer


      Also comparing Live Action movies to their Animated counterparts is pretty unfair all things considered from an artistic point of view since both are too different in terms of how they portray their artistic merits.

      I’m getting kinda bored seeing comparison videos of Disney Animated Movies vs Their Live Action Counterparts.

    3. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Yeah...it only counts in anime/live-action. :arethosehands:

  22. I finally understand 100%. Holy shit I get where my adversaries are coming from when they say “Suffering is worse than Death”. Because there exists Permanent Suffering just as much as Temporary Suffering. My mind is at peace after hours upon hours of meditation to FINALLY get it. My adversaries probably won’t forgive me for what I have done, but I am willing to apologize and forgive them now that I get it. If they don’t wish to, I understand. They don’t have to.

    That and I love Green Tea. It’s my drug. Can barely live without it on a daily basis.


    1. Cwanky


      It's like I say bud, just choose a belief you truly believe in and stick to it. According to at least half of the faiths out there, you're gonna be burning in at least half a dozen hells or experiencing some punishment for an eternity, give or take.

  23. I’m finding some really good retro game tracks. Found one on the Amiga 500. Known as Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus. Soundtrack though limiting in quantity, make up for their quality.

    Personal favorite of mine is Drugged, Runaway, and Hideaway.


    1. Cwanky


      Are you a fan of the old Nintendo SNES games? Donkey Kong's a great example of a SNES franchise that aged well, except perhaps DKC3. David Wise is a legend in gaming so much so that in Donkey Kong Country Returns ages later, they basically reused many of the old classics from Donkey Kong Country. Here's one a classic, Life in the Mines:

      Either way, it's good to know someone who appreciates old school game music and themes. 

    2. ZethaPonderer


      Yeah I do occasionally listen to Super Nintendo tracks from time to time. David Wise does live up to his last name because some of the instrument samples on Super Nintendo are just awful. Most notably is the French Horn being the absolute worst instrument sample IMO that only Final Fantasy II (aka IV) and Final Fantasy III (aka VI) makes good use of that particular instrument sample.


      Personally I would much rather prefer Sega Genesis with its FM Synthesizer. To me there’s so much untapped potential out of the FM Synthesizer since there are no established instrument samples for it compared to The Super Nintendo’s soundchip. Instead the instrument samples have to be made from scratch on top of making music out of that which gives the FM Synthesizer more potential to create unique music. Of course you get the typical Banjo Guitar Twang that’s typical in most Sega Genesis games which is just as bad as the French Horn from Super Nintendo.


      I usually take more interest in games that come out of obscure consoles and PCs mostly. Which in return makes the games obscure by nature.

  24. It's kinda funny, poetic, and bizarre on my end. That I would choose and consider the thought of Suffering as the lesser of evil than Death outright, while I believe that I have no reason to fear Death due to my religious upbringing. However, I respect and treat my adversaries who are NOT religious as my equal who some of them I encountered both IRL and Online that maintain their stance that they would much rather Suffer (as long as its temporary and not permanent) from the hands of an individual than their Life taken away by them succumbing to Death.

    So a moral quandary arises. Which is the worst of two evils you can commit to any living creature: Making them Suffer or Taking their Life away entirely?

    Here's an interesting debate from Quora that talks about if Death is worse or Suffering is,


    And here's a Christian blogspot when does Suffering become worse than Death which while not relevant is interesting nonetheless,


    However, I'm being for real here that taking away someone's Life will always be the worst decision a person can ever make and IMO the last decision I ever want to make. However, I’ve come to realize FINALLY from what my adversaries were implying for why they perceive Suffering to be worse than Death. Because there exists Permanent Suffering which I will argue that is much worse than Giving Death so if I were given the choice to do Permanent Suffering or Giving Death I would choose to Give Death. But Temporary Suffering is not that bad compared to Giving Death. So an option can be exercised for Humanity whether Suffering should be Definite or Indefinite.

    So basically,

    Temporary Suffering < Giving Death < Permanent Suffering.

    Under a realism standpoint based on utilitarianism I would unquestionably choose to Suffer (as long as its temporary) from someone's hands because while I don't fear Dying from someone's hands or even the thought that I should have any reason to fear Death, I fear how I will be judged by the God of Abraham whom I worship currently speaking. So I want to live longer in order to struggle more with my Life in hopes of pleasing The God of Abraham. I'm not perfect. I'm a sinner in the eyes of The God of Abraham. I made mistakes in my Life and I hope to rectify most of them as long as I live. I know I made many enemies (both IRL and Online). And I know I will NEVER be forgiven from my enemies. But I never intend to wrong them and do my best to understand where they're coming from. It's only when they start to wrong me that I take relentless action to seek and bring them to Justice. So I'll seek refuge from The God of Abraham in hopes that He forgives me more so than my enemies will NEVER dream of. Cause at the end of the day, I don't expect my adversaries to forgive me. It's their choice ultimately. They don't have to. Like how they don't have to tolerate where I'm coming from. This is my biggest lesson for the day. Thank you my adversaries.

    I know I went off on a weird tangent, but ultimately what I stand by is that it doesn't matter if it's an animal, insect, or a human. All living creatures have a right to live their life to their fullest. I would not choose Suffering nor Death towards any living creature. But, if somebody pointed a gun at me from behind to choose the two: I don't want to do it, but I'll make you Suffer instead of Killing you outright.