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    I must respect that person's right for them to believe in that which I may or may not have respect for as long as they respect my right to believe in that which they may or may not have respect for.
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  1. If people believe Humans are Animals according to Science, then the other way around has to hold just as much weight. So let me do my best to share my pondering of this matter,

    "Humans are Animals = Fact according to Science based on Biology.

    Animals are Humans = What? I have so many questions. So if Animals are Humans then is Pet Ownership Slavery and Bestiality is justified? Wait you're saying Bestiality is not justified because Animals are innocent? Then how are Animals Humans when Humans are not innocent at all? What does it mean to be innocent? What does it mean to be a Human and an Animal if both are the same thing? I'm confused RAAAAAHHHHHHHRRRR!!!"


    Humans are Animals. But are Animals Humans? YES???

    Still learning lol.

    I just think the definition of the term "Animal" is semantics according to Science and contradictory according to Philosophy. Plus, labeling someone or a Non-Plant Living Creature an "Animal", or a "Beast" which is synonymous to Animal, seems demeaning and derogatory just as much as using Racial Slurs as suitable labels to describe Humanity as a whole IMHO.

    So how about a different term that shares similarities to the term "Animal". I like the word "Flesh".

    So instead of Animal Kingdom, how about Fleshly Kingdom? Thus, Dogs and Cats are Fleshly Mammals. Chicken are Fleshly Birds. Alligators are Fleshly Reptiles. Frogs are Fleshly Amphibians. Salmon are Fleshly Fish.

    Therefore, Humans are Fleshly Mammals.