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  1. I like watching this YouTube Channel The Imaginary Axis. He does a lot of comic book character theories and other theories about other genres of entertainment.

    I figure why not plug in one of his videos here. This one’s my favorite,


  2. My favorite body part is my brain. So wonderful in many ways yet so corruptable. The gateway to the Human mind of the person. It’s not entirely muscle, but it’s something we can extract out of the human skull through surgery to see what it looks like.
  3. About 4 of them to be exact. Heavy sleeper here. Sometimes they work for me. Other times they don’t. 50/50 really.
  4. This is the weirdest game I’ve ever played IMHO. The name of this game is Dynamite Headdy. Good platformer though on the difficult side. My preference is the Japanese version (The video about the game is the US version) cause there’s dialog that explains the zaniness of this game to some extent.

    I like that bear-cat hybrid thing at the end of the video. He’s more soul-staring, happy and purple colored in the Japanese version. His name’s Maruyama (Japan) or Trouble Bruin (US).

    1. Cwanky


      It looks like some distorted version of Rayman tossed into a side scrolling 2d Sonic Game.

    2. ZethaPonderer


      @Cwanky Interestingly enough, this game came out first (1994) before Rayman (1995). So technically here's my hypothetical unofficial theory for how Rayman was born.

      He's the son of Dynamite Headdy and a Femme Fatale character you see later on in this game when you beat the earlier bosses known as Fingy (Japan) or Heather (US).

      So Dynamite Headdy is the inspiration of Rayman since they share so many similarities to each other. Before there was Rayman, there was Dynamite Headdy. Just my opinion :laugh:

  5. In my experience so far as a Non-Brony/Non-MLP Fan, I don’t think the MLP Fandom really have the most instances of being racists/sexists. In fact, most of them are pretty cut and dry with their stance against such things to begin with. But then again, there are the hypocritical minorities within the fandom that give the fandom a bad name. Which is true for every fandom really so its best to call out their hypocrisy and shame them openly.
  6. Laugh maniacally in a state of despair while playing Russian roulette with a gun to blow my brains out? Overeacting much? Either that or GTFO this country ASAP to save my sanity from being twisted or manipulated to the point of brainwash on a daily basis when this moment occurs. I doubt anything good can come out of that particular outcome.
  7. Me and my family gonna go watch Aladdin (2019 Disney Live Action Remake). Will Smith Genie will never compare to Robin Williams Genie IMO, but I’ll see his performance for myself.

  8. Will Smith Fish is best fish. I bet he tastes delicious.
  9. Robots will pwn Zombies cause Zombies can’t chew through metal. Their teeth will break if they dare to do so. Zombies are Flesh-Eaters so encountering an entity like a Robot is going to be a problem for them. Since the Robot has the potential to be equipped with many arsenals and tactical know-hows on how to eliminate anything efficiently. Doesn’t matter if there are mass swarms of Zombies ganging up on one Robot. They might not have the strength to rip off a Robot into pieces. One Robot can potentially kill an entire swarm of Zombies since they can be tactically equipped with everything they
  10. Manga. Manhwa. What’s the difference? :muffins:

    1. Twiggy


      99% sure you’re kidding but just in case, Japanese and Korean respectively. 

    2. ZethaPonderer


      Yeah you got me @Twiggy. I was just being funny here. I know there are different types of *comic books* (otakus and weebs triggered) named differently depending on which country from Asia. People say Manga, others say Manhwa.

      My preference is Comic Books from *insert country from Asia here* (intensified triggering from both otakus and weebs). That or Graphic Novels.

    3. Twiggy


      Lol I hear that. There are even Westaboos in Japan that get pissed when people call comics manga. 

  11. “I don’t want chemicals in my water and turn the friggin frogs gay. Do you understand that? Turn the friggin frogs gay. It’s not funny. Let me say it you slowly. G-A-Y Frogs. Won’t you fight for your life?” - Alex Jones
  12. Flat Earthers by far have been the most persistent group to “re-educate” the masses into believing that not only is The Earth flat, but ALL planets are Flat. One of the biggest claims they’ll ever make is why airplanes make mistakes when they travel from one country from another and NASA being unreliable with their scientific proofs. E.g. A plane traveling from Alaska to Phillipines makes sense in a Flat Earth Model, but not in a Globe Earth Model. I think Shane Dawson’s video about this covers up the subject matter reasonably, My vote: Flat Earthers. Because I find
  13. You say, “Screw You” or “Screw *Insert word here*”?

    I’ll respond back to you in the most deliberately literal way, “Don’t know how to screw you” or “Don’t know how to screw *insert word here*”.

    I don’t see any downsides to use this rebuttal on a hateful bigoted person. :muffins: Better than Dabbing IMO.

  14. Dogs are better than Cats Cats are better than Dogs Ponies are better than both Dogs and Cats REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! The Internet.
  15. *sigh* I used to watch this YouTuber’s channel every now and then. Heck I even made a few posts here and there relating to this YouTuber. But, smh this is very unexpected and now that I’m aware of this incident, watching his videos now will be cringe-inducing. Better to separate the content away from the content creator. Honestly this debacle is full of speculation and potential false accusations especially when Heidi (ProJared’s ex-wife) did not make a rebuttal of ProJared’s claim that this whole adultery thing was instead a polyamorous relationship which really paints her on a ne
  16. Oh well. I guess the post I made to one of my followers was THAT bad. TBH I found the Dookieshed Pokemon will F:yay:k you Up video funny in a retarded humor sort of way. Guess it falls under the somewhat grey area under the rules of NSFW? Not quite explicit NSFW material yet somehow it is in a subtle and implicit way?

    Ahh whatever. I’m expecting to get banned AGAIN. Don’t be surprised for anyone who cares. :derp:

    1. Cwanky


      Oh I've done worse I bet....:unsure:

  17. Aww man. That Dookieshed Sylveon will f:yay:k you video is gone. I guess it was that bad? Though TBH I just found the whole video to be stupid IMO. Oh well hope you enjoyed it nonetheless :derp:. It’s not as bad as it seems. Just one of those videos that is retarded just as much as the rest of Dookieshed’s Pokemon will screw you up videos.

    I like YouTuber Dookieshed. :P

  18. AppleJill looks phat on that Forum Title Banner alongside Bloody Pie and Flattershite.
  19. It takes a while for me to get up. I sleep in such a state as if I've become a dead body in the eyes of everyone around me. I'm a heavy sleeper all the way. Once I sleep I'm nearly impossible to wake up.
  20. For me it takes about 45 minutes to about an hour to fall asleep. Also, I sleep very late at near dawn sometimes. But, for the most part I sleep at late night somewhere around 11 PM - 3 AM.
  21. Hope you didn’t puked all over the toilet cause that doesn’t sound like a good combo. 🤮 Anyway back on topic, I drank Water and Green Tea.
  22. Happy Birthday Bill that I receive every month paying for the electricity.

  23. So far I’m having fun with the Battle Network games from 1-6. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the first Battle Network game which is pretty rough around the edges and surprisingly buggy to the point of game breaking. It’s no wonder why most Mega Man fans couldn’t appreciate the Battle Network games. Because the first game in the series is not good gameplay-wise and leaves a bad impression. First impressions mean a lot for some people. I’m just glad the series gets better after this.

    1. PoisonClaw


      I think the series really hit its stride by the third game. 1 and 4 are both pretty rough and buggy. If I had to rank them from best to worst, it would be: 5, 3, 6, 2, 1, and finally 4.


    2. ZethaPonderer



      Fair enough on your part. In my opinion, I'm all about the game play when it comes to the Battle Network series so 1 doesn't do much for me compared to 4 which FINALLY implemented the Full Synchro feature making the game play awesome IMO. It was something I feel like the game designers intended for that to be prominent in the first three games, aside from the Woodman Bug from Blue Moon. Instead Full Synchro from the first three MMBN games wasn't entirely emphasized completely as a game play feature IMO. It was treated more or less as a plot device IMHO and no I don't count the Hub Patch on the Navi Customizer from 3-6 nor the Hub Style from MMBN2 as Megaman.EXE going Full Synchro. 4, 5, and 6 really got the whole Full Synchro shtick down IMO.

      So my personal ranking with respect to the Hub/Saito trilogy (1-3) goes in this order: 2 > 3 > 1. The third game is more in the middle for me in terms of enjoyment. I didn't like the idea how they got rid of the PowerUPs feature that was prominent in the first two MMBN games and replaced it with the Navi Customizer. I really think they should've kept that feature alongside the Navi Customizer because it kinda limits the player's options for building Megaman.EXE. You either make Megaman.EXE strong or give him support abilities through the Navi Customizer which is lame. I can't have it both ways? Lame.

      2 is essentially 1 but better in every way and what 1 should've been right from the get go LOL.

  24. Turn down that robot this instance and do the laundry!
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