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  1. I enjoyed this episode quite a bit, especially Rarity's story with Mist Mane. I felt some very Japanese themes there and I love Japan and anything to do with that culture, so kudos for making that world beautiful! I love how the unicorns have curved horns! I also like the Japanese dragon frost and flame fight! I feel this had one of the best messages that beauty can have a purpose especially when it makes other's happy and their lives better. Even though Mist Mane gave up her beauty, she gave others so much more in return. It was a good insight into Rarity's viewpoints. I had no idea Rarity could do shadow puppets that awesome! Where did she get this talent? I do like AJ as she's an Earth pony and they tend to get the short end of the stick. What bothered me was Rock Hoof got his powers like all of a sudden. Was that magic? Was there some magic muscle drug? Was it metaphorical? I found it interesting to see how scared Scootaloo was. Someone pointed out Rainbow Dash wasn't reacting to her having a panic attack, and I agree Rainbow should have done something. I would have liked to known more info on the Flyders or is this foreshadowing?
  2. I really enjoyed this episode and actually didn't think Pharynx was going to change but stay the original Changeling shape. I guess that's to be expected with the show wanting to show redemption is possible. I agree that the Changelings have gone too far in the other direction with "feelings" part. It's kind of getting to be too Care Bears and that doesn't really work for Changelings. I agree that expressing feelings and emotions is important and a good way to manage conflict, however, Pharynx shows that being able to defend yourself and being strong are still important. What bothers me the most is how angry Thorax was at Starlight. Yes, I understand that her plan was not the best one to try to get the two brothers to talk and to get Pharynx to see the other side. However, she wasn't purposely trying to harm the Changelings. A little conflict is healthy and natural in all relationships, it's how you deal with it that makes the difference. I think that Changeling society is trying to go too far in the other direction in avoiding conflict at all, and that is not healthy and can lead to worse conflict. American society tends to talk about only certain feelings, anger being the most prominent and sadness being seen as a more female emotion (males feel it to but many males are taught it's not masculine). It was good to see Pharynx transformed because of his love of his hive and wanting to protect them. I also like that he kept some darker colors when he transformed. Thorax looks kind of like Bambi, or is it just me?
  3. I love Dr. Pepper and cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper
  4. My ten year reunion came up in 2014 and I didn't get to go because I didn't have the money and lived too far away. If I had the money I would loved to have gone. I actually enjoyed my high school years and had friends and teacher I enjoy talking with and seeing. One of my friends died since high school at 21 so that would be hard to be at a reunion without her there, but it would be interesting to see what the class of '04 is up to now. From what I know, most are married and parents.
  5. Yes, I do believe in heaven and hell. I am a Christian so I believe that humans possess souls and that after physical death our souls will be judged by the Lord. Those who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will be in heaven. Heaven will be a place of happiness and rest. Hell is for those souls who reject Jesus Christ and a place of darkness, seperation, and suffering.
  6. It's hard for me to pick just one wild animal but the first would be wolves: and tigers: and then snow leopards:
  7. I have four dogs: Mija, London, Sango, and Misty
  8. English is my native language but other than English, I understand and can write a good part of Spanish. I grew up in New Mexico and I have taken Spanish in school and online through Duo Lingo. I can understand some Japanese but can't write it at all. I learned through online programs and anime.
  9. I haven't been to a lot of concerts, but I went to see N'Sync and that was really cool. I saw Foreigner when they stopped at a Casino and that was really cool. I don' know if this counts as a traditional concert, but I saw The Clairvoyants live in Oklahoma a month ago (they were second place runners up on America's Got Talent).
  10. I'd have to update this because I recently watched the entire anime (26 episodes) of Ouran High School Host Club and loved it! It was funny and a feel-good anime! I read about how it turns out in the manga and I am pleased. I don't like the way the Bleach manga ended (I ship Rukia/Ichigo) but did watch the movie Fade to Black and enjoyed it a lot.
  11. Yes, I've been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder for a while, since I was sixteen. It goes along with my depression problems and having Asperger's Syndrome. I didn't know I had AS until I was diagnosed at 29, but a lot of my social anxiety stems from the fact I have trouble reading social cues such as change in voice tone, nonverbal gestures, and facial cues. It's very difficult for me to be in social settings and not feel exhausted afterward as if I've run a marathon! That being said, if I start to have an anxiety attack the first thing I remind myself is to breathe. You really would be amazed how shallow your breathing becomes when you're anxious so I have to remind myself to breathe in deeply and breathe out. I am a Christian, so I pray and it helps me feel better and remind myself that I am committed to finding something I am thankful for, no matter how small each day. I am on meds and have worked with a psychiatrist.
  12. Do you like or dislike them? It depends. I think one or two tattoos can be really nice. I'd like to get a piece done on my upper shoulder of my Chihuahua with pawprints of my other dogs names. However, I think being covered in tattoos is ugly. A piercing or two is not bad but again too many is not cool. Do currently you have any? No Are you planning to get any? A tattoo in the future How do you feel about them when you see them on others? I mostly ignore it unless it's something really hateful Does it depend on the type of person as to whether or not, you think they are suitable? Depending on what you get I'm okay with anyone having one, just chose your tattoo carefully.
  13. Wow do I feel old I'm 31. Which makes me a gray muzzle furry so yeah lol