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    Also lots of stuff just ask if you’re curious

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  1. Happy Birthday Jade! Silly Pinkie pic!

  2. Happy birthday Jade! :fluttershy:

  3. Happy Birthday! :squee: I hope you have a great one!

  4. Critique Wanted Design, personality, and voice help needed

    He is not French, as he is from Louisiana
  5. This is my most recent OC that I’ve already temporarily named “Joyful Jazz” I am definitely making his canon New Orleans, Louisiana and temporarily have him with a Cajun accent, which doesn’t historically make sense to me along with his design, I may need help changing his name if you have any original ideas, i’m also focusing on making him historically accurate to the area as well as culturally accurate, making him cajun didn’t or doesn’t make sense, as New Orleans isn’t home to a large population of Cajuns as one would believe, anything you associate with New Orleans would be great as well as any ideas you may have, I would definitely love to hear some feedback thanks Jade
  6. Request Stallion OC request

    can someone draw him please? He’s a Jazz musician stallion OC named Joyful Jazz, I would like more drawings of him, thanks
  7. Critique Wanted Weird/interesting idea I have for a new OC (help wanted)

    Finally came up with something and an artist drew it! I just need help with character development
  8. How did you react to Twilicorn

    That’s funny I just recently started rewatching old episodes and then when I went to season four for a second just like, a brief moment I thought “wtf twilight has wings that’s sooooo weird!” But that though passed, twilight will always be twilight no matter what, I love her
  9. Yea, things went downhill after season 4