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  1. Happy Birthday Jade!

  2. Hello, I’m looking for more artwork of my ponysona Eccentric Amusement! I’m looking for cartoony type styles and unique themes! You may DM me personally for examples of my work and more art trade details, she likes and the human body like Lyra! And she’s obsessed with the digestive system! Thanks <3 ref! artwork example NOT my work!
  3. Just starting out! I need tips on how to do neck, wings and full body in a easy way! Any comments or ideas are appreciated!
  4. Shortly after the movie came out I managed to buy the entire soundtrack album on iTunes, often skipping the songs that weren’t a part of the movie or didn’t appeal to me, i of course, managed to listen to a few, such as the one by DNCE and so on (which by the way is pretty good) but one day when I was playing my music playlists I discovered a song on the album I hadn’t played before called ‘neighsayer’ by Lukas Nelson, it’s quite possibly the most beautiful song I’ve heard in a while and it really got to me on an emotional level, if you can go on YouTube and check it out, it’s truly a masterpiece
  5. Since I have emetophobia thus the texts (no I didn’t actually drink expired milk lol)
  6. This really weird baby show called my little pony: friendship is magic idk if you’re religious but seriously putting in some sparkles really makes a difference 😂😂😂
  7. Yes, all hypothetical stuff by the way guys I’m trying to think for a short animation or story
  8. I agree, but large dosages of sugar is basically poison for your body i think she’d develop all kinds of health problems
  9. In a hypothetical scenario which of the mane six do you think would be the most prone to cancer? In my opinion pinkie pie