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  1. Yea, things went downhill after season 4
  2. Lol hey


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      I’m alright 

      care to chat :muffins:

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      I guess so. Not really doing a whole lot right now.

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  3. I hate it, it’s almost a plot cliche thing for mlp now, when twilight needs to take action suddenly the princesses don’t know how to defend themselves just so that the plot and story can move on
  4. Oh rarity just do it my sweet
  5. Mega Thread

    I’m thinking about how weird and bored I am and how I need to get a life
  6. Food

    Ginger Ale okay, but seriously Dr Pepper
  7. All of the episodes containing vomit trigger me, considering I have emetophobia, which is the fear of vomit and vomiting.
  8. Roleplay World

    I made one, but it appears no one wants to participate
  9. (Sorry I’ve actually never roleplayed on here before uh yikes!) My ponysona Eccentric amusement is the character I am choosing for this roleplay Personality: she is very bubbly, hyperactive, silly and quirky but her mood can change easily as she is emotionally sensitive Backstory: she decided to make a stomach translator with the help of a trustworthy and famous scientist in Equestria, he helped her make and design the device and when finished she decided to test it on somepony, well, the shot backfired and zapped her instead! Much to her dismay she now has a talking stomach, rude, a huge bully, and downright savage he certainly turned out to be! Mr. Growlington is his name, and he’ll go out of his way to make rude remarks about anypony at least near him, although he’s actually good inside, Mr. Growlington displays himself as a grouch but truly isn’t. Eccentric decided to update the translator just recently, turning it into a “gastrointestinal translator” instead, now she has a talking bowel, or uh should I say intestine, she turned out to be rather high strung and she overshares waaaaaaay too much! Still comical and awkward at times Eccentric named her tarmar (intestines in swedish) Eccentric chose to live like this and likes her decision at her core, although she often complains about it. Design: long blonde hair, bizarre looking hippogryph, laughter face emoji cutie mark, white coat and cutesy front paws RP information: I am looking for a SOL RP preferably, and anyone can join (sorry if this is in the wrong category, first time hehe)
  10. I’m even surprised
  11. To be completely honest the songs this season made me cringe, actually since season five really LOL I’ve been cringing at MLP lately, too and might I also add the episodes from season one to three actually seemed a lot less cringy (in my opinion) so i completely get it That’s why I watch older episodes sometimes because they seem a lot less funky
  12. I love my little pony and am a huge fan who loves the values and morals of the episodes but I literally just went to the museum of death and am obsessed with serial killers
  13. If I wanted to role-play with my characters would I just get into the role-play or would that be in role-play discussion? I’m not sure because there is a lot of categories and I have never role-played on this site before I just have A LOT of enthusiasm about role-playing! But I’ve been weary of trying to role-play here because it seems like such a hassle, is it really such a hassle? Also can I have a role-play with multiple characters at one time? And multiple participants? Because I wanna have a blast!
  14. Critique Wanted

    Thank you so much, I need an artist as well
  15. This may sound weird or strange at first but hear me out, I’ve been wanting to create a character based on the history and unique culture of Southern Louisiana and New Orleans, (as far as personality and such it would be a “princess and the frog” kind of concept in a way) my character would also be in the 1920’s/1930’s of New Orleans and will have a sweet and loving personality i need help with advice, design/artwork, voice, or any other comments you may have thanks