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  1. My pone drawings

    Just starting out! I need tips on how to do neck, wings and full body in a easy way! Any comments or ideas are appreciated!
  2. Shortly after the movie came out I managed to buy the entire soundtrack album on iTunes, often skipping the songs that weren’t a part of the movie or didn’t appeal to me, i of course, managed to listen to a few, such as the one by DNCE and so on (which by the way is pretty good) but one day when I was playing my music playlists I discovered a song on the album I hadn’t played before called ‘neighsayer’ by Lukas Nelson, it’s quite possibly the most beautiful song I’ve heard in a while and it really got to me on an emotional level, if you can go on YouTube and check it out, it’s truly a masterpiece
  3. Create & post a cartoon version of yourself!

    Since I have emetophobia thus the texts (no I didn’t actually drink expired milk lol)
  4. Request OC voiceover needed (Open)

    Of course! I have private messaged you for further details
  5. General What Is Your Religion?

    This really weird baby show called my little pony: friendship is magic idk if you’re religious but seriously putting in some sparkles really makes a difference 😂😂😂
  6. Request OC voiceover needed (Open)

    Hello, I am looking for a voice to bring to life my stallion OC Joyful Jazz, who has a cajun accent and is from Louisiana, if anybody has suggestions, can accommodate or will be/can okay to do this, I am appreciative of any questions or comments thanks! - Jade
  7. Which one of the mane six is most likely to die of cancer?

    Rofl! I know
  8. Which one of the mane six is most likely to die of cancer?

    Yes, all hypothetical stuff by the way guys I’m trying to think for a short animation or story
  9. Which one of the mane six is most likely to die of cancer?

    I agree, but large dosages of sugar is basically poison for your body i think she’d develop all kinds of health problems
  10. Which one of the mane six is most likely to die of cancer?

    It’s hypothetical stuff for stories, etc
  11. In a hypothetical scenario which of the mane six do you think would be the most prone to cancer? In my opinion pinkie pie