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  1. I just realized my grammar from the title... wow it was bad, and kinda embarrassing, but that's in the past just have a good laugh about it.
  2. Wait, you mean I would have to install tor just the watch mlp or talk about mlp, because that would suck.
  3. I think it's about time I throw my face here. I truly look like a gamer don't I. (And yes I wear a fedora)
  4. Wallet,keys,phone,and some pocket lint, you know the usual.
  5. *Runs to window* You could have just used the door If you wanted!
  6. I have no idea magic I guess, anyways can I go to bed please?
  7. *walks into bedroom* * notices someone in bed* my reaction
  8. I'd be crazy not to love Disney, my question is how did I get here in the first place?
  9. I can't stop laughing * warning language *
  10. My favourite episode of MLP:FIM is "the perfect pear" you must be heartless to not have shed tears in this episode
  11. Can't say I have I've never dated I'm lonely. has anyone ever had a crush on you?