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    If I have enough to enjoy, I have enough to share, and, vice versa.
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    RP, mostly, don't worry though, i'm not too much of a weirdo. Been told i'm a bit clingy, though.
    Other than that, Meh, i'unno, probably just someone nice to talk to and goof around with. Don't be surprised if I end up a bit short on most recent events, though.

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  1. Granted, but it eats like a billy goat, eventually devouring your bed, your wallet, your clothes, and your face. I wish I could get good Wi-Fi out here.
  2. NINJA. NINJA. NINJA EVERYWHERE. @Lunar Echo Patpats for using cute Sunny pic.
  3. ....Isn't even going to ask any of the 7 immediate questions that come to mind. nope. bai. sliiiides out.
  4. I'm not sure I much want ya sleepin' on my couch either, but a'rite.
  5. ...Wait, does that make you a Changeling Queen........?
  6. Good, now git'outta mah bed. That's for WiiGuy. XD
  7. Don't worry Stormfury, we're all jus' goofin' off.
  8. ...grinned, swung his tail around happily behind him, grabbed the pillow in his maw and flopped onto @WiiGuy2014's bed on top of it. Sharky Snor.