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  1. Ok, it may sound clíché, but Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler. Then again, I could just have a thing for well dressed men who can use cutlery as weapons. I also like Torri Feiiji from the game Conception Two: Children of the Seven Stars. I guess a very sweet girl who is a bit odd and has a really awesome gun is just adorable.
  2. Whoo hoo! My ultra shiny, cool, holographic, disco-ey fun fabric for my Roller Disco Pinkie Pie cosplay has been ordered!  PINKIE ROLLER DISCO INFERNO!!!



    1. ChikoritaCheezits


      This here is one of the best Pinkie outfits 

    2. Pinkie_Pi


      I couldn't find the exact fabric, but I thought this was close and disco fun.  I found light up roller skate shoes to make the outfit extra fantastic.


    3. ChikoritaCheezits
  3. It seems that there are a few direct references to Greek Mythology that don't seem to go much further, there's Cerberus, Tartarus, and now Stygian, which literally means from or of the river Styx. The River Styx is the river in the Greek Undeworld (not Hell, there's a huge difference, that the Dead must actually cross to reach the their final resting place. By the way Tartarus is Greek "Hell."
  4. Hi, welcome, I love Pinkie Pie, but Rarity is my second favorite of the main six. Remember that life is always more fun with a party cannon.
  5. A smile can always hide evil intentions, my Pinkie Sense is tingling.
  6. I have seen many posts about why people love Pinkie Pie. I am going to post the words I used to give a person a new view on her. I was at Ciderfest and someone said that they felt Pinkie Pie had become a essentially a long meme. I asked them to please look at her through my eyes for a moment. I have a few chronic pain conditions, and I have seen the bad ways and the good ways you can go with them. The bad ways are really ugly, the good ways are to be the nicest, bestest person that you can be and find joy in the smallest things, which is so much like Pinkie Pie it isn't funny, then again, maybe it is. That's one way she inspires me. Another thing is her anxiety.. and to anyone who has anxiety like her and has had someone tell them to stop thinking like that... we can't... it doesn't work that way even if we want it to, and believe me, we do. That's another reason I love her. When I am happy I sing, like she does. Finally, even though I seem to be spontaneous about having fun, I plan.. and I have back up plans.. Lol. After listening to what I had to say, the person that I was talking to said that I had honestly convinced them to look at Pinkie Pie with fresh eyes. I was felt so good to honor Pinkie Pie. Here was my Grand Galloping Gala Cosplay.
  7. I can't drink soda anymore, but when I could my favorite was Jones Melon Soda.
  8. 1. Over 18 and I'll leave it at that. 2. I like the songs, the characters, and the general message of the show. 3. Yes, my family knows I like the show. I have had no problems at all, my mom actually buys me MLP toys. 4. I carry a MLP lunch box for a purse. I have not gotten any negative impact. 5. Not at all. 6. Everyone I have met is really nice and incredibly accepting.
  9. This was when I was in like second grade. Let me paint a picture. It was a very cold day waiting for the bus. I didn't have contact lenses yet, so I had thick, plastic frame nerd glasses. I forgot my gloves, so I pulled my arms inside my coat to keep my hands warm. There were lots of kids at the bus stop, so we put our book bags down to keep our spot in line and there were large decorative rocks near them. Someone said something and I ran over by the book bags, and proceeded to trip over one of them. Since my arms were inside my coat, I couldn't use them to break my fall. I fell face first into one of the decorative rocks, the bridge of my thick, plastic nerdy glasses broke and went into my the bridge of my nose. End result, lots of blood, screaming, crying, 15 internal stitches and 25 external stitches. Oddly enough, nothing broken. Moral: Always remember your gloves and drink your milk.
  10. That really makes me feel sad to hear. I am Native as well, I get my heritage from both sides of my family and my father's side of the family isn't proud of our heritage, which really hurts. I have had to find out a lot of my tribal practices myself. I didn't have anyone to teach me how to make fry bread either, I figured it out on my own.
  11. I had an 88 Chevy Nova. Shortly followed by a Renault Appliance, I say Appliance because it barely qualified as a car.
  12. Banned because you don't have a megaphone. Everyone should have one to cheer on their friends.
  13. Banned because I have a megaphone and I want to ban someone with a megaphone!
  14. When I was in high school, I am sure that some other people had some names for me and my group of friends (and I am positive that they weren't very nice.) We knew people talked about us and we didn't care because we thought it was silly, but I don't think that's exactly what you mean, lol.