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  1. @Contrast oh boi I'm looking forward to the memes you produce <3
  2. @Contrast my OC is actually Emerald-Flame Glitchy is just a friend OC and there is no need to draw me any art if you don't want to <3
  3. @Maple Bat its just a thing, i wanted to spread the MEMES i wold love some art from you, but there is really no need if you can't/don't want to if you do divide to draw me something take all the time you need <3
  4. @Shadow Beam how do i move a post?
  5. throw your OCs at me NOW three only i might do more later denotations are appreciate example: Glitchy Meme
  6. Comet: A Tale Of Three Friends

    Post your OC!

    DisclaimerI do not own Longmas Longmas ar owned by Mane 6Link to mane 6: https://www.mane6.comHowever i do own this ocGeneral InformationName: Emerald-FlameAge: ...Place of birth: Race: LongmasSex: female Gender: femaleSexuality: straight Current residence: varies Relationship status: singleSocial status: flawed Physical TraitsHeight: tallEye colour: yellowScale colour: purple Shape of face: Distinguishing features: has horns Build of body: fitFire Mane colour: sea greenFire Mane style: sea greenComplexion: cinched and suttey Posture: casual Traits of VoiceAccent (if any): Longmasian Language
  7. hi i was wondering if you want to RP with me?
  8. hi, i love this OC he is so cute <3
  9. i can see him being a more balanced OC if he was just a unicorn i say unicorn because you mentioned the dark element within equestria, and to me that sounds like a type of dark evil/misgives magic but this is you OC so take my advice how ever you may hope i helped <3
  10. wold you be interested in doing an RP with me?
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