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  1. The cold open was pretty good, featuring Rarity and Spike. AJ being the replacement in the gem cave was brilliant. The montage of things that she normally does with Spike with substitutes was interesting as well. The middle segment features Rarity's envy and jealousy coming out, keeping Spike from spending time with Gabby. It's the main 6 ponies relearning issues that they should have learned yet again. Rarity is the main antagonist here, letting her major jealousy and envy of Gabby come out. It was an okay episode, but Rarity's character here was not great. The main 6 taking turns with Rarity was probably the best part of the episode. Grade: B-
  2. 2K and EA are the worst at these 'lootboxes' and microtransactions. It sickens me that games these days, especially sports games who have 'ultimate team' or a similar other mode, have to basically pay money just to get the best players or items for the game. Whatever happened to DLC?
  3. This day of remembrance has come. September 11th, 2001 is forever a day ingrained on my mind. I was only 8 years old, and much like most of the millennial generation, I lost my innocence that day. I still think back to that day from time to time, especially on Patriot's Day. God bless those who were lost in the awful attacks that morning in Manhattan, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA. God bless our troops who fight to keep us free. Most importantly, god bless this great nation.


  4. One reason that shows get one off celeb appearances is to get more eyes on their product and boost ratings for the show. Same concept is used in sports and wrestling.
  5. It's stereotyping. People do this when they perceive someone as 'different'. Same things happen with the various races on Earth. It disgusts me, but there's no getting around it. Some people will be prejudiced against MLP no matter what you say or do.
  6. The number one thing I love about my hometown is the weather. Weather here in Illinois can change at the drop of a pin, and I love it that way. Another is the geography of the region.
  7. I am very much passionate about writing. I've loved writing fanfics and creative prose since late in high school, mainly because I let my imagination run wild and I can come up with ideas from out of the blue.
  8. I imagine it will end via a meteor or coronal mass ejection.
  9. Oh the cold opening is absolutely brilliant. Angel is being his usual self, and that's what makes the episode that much better. Seeing Fluttershy interact with all the animals in the sanctuary is great. Loving the continuity between the earlier episodes pertaining to the Sanctuary. Love the bodyswapping aspect of the episode here. The cadence of Fluttershy (as Angel) is absolutely phenomenal. Love that they went this way on the episode. Angel is being just as cruel as he previously was as a bunny. Love the ending to this episode with the entire population of the sanctuary helping to swap them back. Overall, this was a very good episode exploiting the bodyswap trope that has been used in many cartoons. It was a great episode with a great ending. My grade: A
  10. Most brilliant repackaging of talent in a long time. That and the 24/7 title picture is great as well.