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  1. Better not completely get rid of it. Don't forget season 10 is in the comic books.
  2. I also hear that they ended firefly funhouse the way they did because Fox doesn’t like it or want it.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Fiendstorm


      That's one of the best additions to the game in years. Lots of variety too.

    3. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I still want special referees back though and every day without them hurts. I need my fix.

    4. Fiendstorm


      I think it's possible if they wanted to patch the special ref match type in. That's what they have to do with create a championship due to being buggy.

  3. This episode hit us all hard. made me bawl, but that's mainly because i'm naturally a very emotional person.
  4. Archer & Rick and Morty are my two favorites that I can never get tired of watching.
  5. Fantasy - How to Train your Dragon Comedy - Talladega Nights Action/Adventure - Shaft (2000) Sci-fi - Star Wars Return of the Jedi Animated - Happy Feet Musical - Happy Feet (counts as a 'jukebox musical') Suspense - Lethal Weapon Mystery - Silence of the Lambs
  6. As much as i've tried, I've never been able to really get into Star Trek literally at all. You'd think I would, as much as I love other sci-fi related shows and such (i.e. Star Wars, Doctor Who). But... try as much as I did, I just never could get into it.
  7. I have always hated waking up early on Monday mornings.
  8. Physically, i'm doing alright. My knees hurt when the weather changes and I get a headache once every other week, but other than that i'm doing okay. Mentally... well that's a slightly different story. I'm a bit out there mentally.
  9. Just some good old fashioned Zebra cakes from Little Debbie.
  10. Do you know what the circumference of halloween is? It's pumpkin pi
  11. Technically, it's not sunset for FiM entirely, because the comics are still going and season 10 is coming in april in the comics. Plus, FiM will always be there as long as we content creators create things that involve our favorite characters.
  12. It was a very good read. You've got a good talent for this type of slice of life writing that I don't see enough of over on FIMfiction.