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  1. Technically, you're right, but if you spent one year in the state of Illinois (where I am from) you'd see just how many 'seasons' that we have. We, quite literally, sometimes have all 4 seasons in the span of one day.
  2. California doesn't really get all 4. neither does Hawaii or Florida. However, there are rare instances of snowstorms occurring as far south as the panhandle of Florida and reports of snow as far south as Orlando.
  3. Living int the middle of a corn field, everything is basically together here. But, it's still easier to drive because downtown can get messy at times.
  4. I had duck about a month ago now. I want to try gater. I've also tried dragonfruit (it's really good).
  5. Last time I used Internet Explorer regularly was mid 2012.
  6. Popular music no. High school choral and band concert, yes. Chocolate or vanilla?