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  1. OJust to be sure that any one of my "friends" thinks im okay, dont worry I am.

    i've just been making.....very very poor decisions the past week, so im going to be MIA to do some self reflecting, and come back later.

    new display name, ill explain everything in a blog post when i return.

    1. Soren Peregrine

      Soren Peregrine

      Okay... Hope you're doing well.

    2. Amanita


      Hope you’re ok! Stay safe!

  2. Did you remove me on Discord?

    1. Kyoshi



    2. Snowflurry


      C'mon, bro. That's messed.

  3. God i love James Woods as hades in the disney's hercules movie.

    (Also the kingdom hearts games)

    1. Snowflurry
    2. Altastrofae


      \_ ( • )- • ) _/

      That scene is both hilarious and mind boggling

  4. DslsWDMWkAET4l6?format=jpg&name=small


    Nomura, you and I need to have a conversation.

    1. Kyoshi


      A Japanese conversation? :o 

    2. Hybrid Theory
  5. I decided that if i ever land myself a job ill be walking away from social media/video gamesto.focus on it full time.

  6. "Kingdom hearts 3 is almost finished!"

    Realizes they made sora stil! have the " i eat helium for breakfast" voice he had in DDD"

    yeah no thanks ill just skip this one and ill see you in the next saga

    1. A.V.


      *Remembers that the main antagonist is an incorrigible Creator's Pet and Villain Sue.*


  7. Mind if i add your discord?

    1. Altastrofae


      Sure, no problem

    2. Hybrid Theory

      Hybrid Theory

      Thank , sent

  8. 7vqi9e27zoy11.jpg

    This interests me.

    the ability to create custom civilizations based on the ideology you choose would be a great concept!

    However, i disagree with minecraft being picked, and i would recommend having it in a game thats primarily targeted towards older teens and adults

  9. I think my tablet just cried for mercy trying to load the home page with the new banner.

  10. To tell or not to tell?

    1. Alexshy


      That is the question...

      It dependeth...

      How beest thee, mine fiery friend? *hugs*

    2. Hybrid Theory

      Hybrid Theory

      I'm doing fine, just going into full on luurk mode, nowdays i only kinda respond to pms due tonhow janky the site is on my device

    3. Pip Plup II
  11. I think i'm just gonna go international full on lurk mode.

    because trying to make posts on a mobile device hasnt exactly been....the best, not gonna lie.

    the page jumps and jangles around instead of me posting what i want to post

    SO, yeah this pretty much means i wont be posting anything until further notice.

    in fact, even writing this status update has been amission to mars

    you can however, contact me by pms or discord if you have it.

    With that, ill see you sround

    And may the embers of hope burn on!

  12. I'm off for the night


  13. Morning folks its friday

  14. Christmas. I remember, Christmas.

    i remember waking up at my fathers house with the heater on full blast with snow outside piled to the window, and presents under the tree, with me and my sister tearing open the packages to see what we go.

    what i wouldn't give to be able to experience that again.

    morning folks, starting out on a bit of a somber mood today.

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    2. Hybrid Theory

      Hybrid Theory


      And i dont plan on kids.

    3. PiratePony


      Eh. It's not for everyone.

    4. Hybrid Theory

      Hybrid Theory

      Different strokes for different folks