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  1. Granted; you are now the richest man alive with a currency that can't be stolen, taxed, or be subjected to obnoxious payments! What currency is this you ask? It's Mr. Krabs's Wacky Bucks*! *(Wacky Bucks are not legal tender) I wish there was a fully immersive pony VR game.
  2. @Pentium100 Huh, I didn't think about the idea of a "human" option. I suppose that would be good to have in there for some of the fans. Also, I personally wouldn't want a chip in my brain either. I'd much rather an external headset, more-so because I don't a computer reading my brainwaves 24-7 or anything. I can sacrifice my brain's privacy while only gaming for the sake of an immersive experience, but 24-7 would creep me out too much.
  3. With Valve's claims that brain-interfacing VR technology is closer to reality "than we realize" (for both in-brain chips and external headsets), I started to think last night: (Hypothetical time!) What if there was a VR game that used brain-interfacing technology to created a fully immersive experience in Equestria? This game would be something like this: Imagine not having to look at a screen, but rather, seeing the world of Equestria as if your eyes were looking at it in the real life. Instead of feeling your human body while playing, imagine getting the simulated feeling of having a pony body - hooves, ears, fur, tail, wings/horn, even hearing a completely different voice when you speak (voice depending on how you set the game up). In fact, imagine if your brain could be tricked into experiencing events faster than they could happen in real life (such as being able to live 12 days virtually, with only 6 real-life hours passing)? Gameplay wise, it would likely be a simple slice-of-life game, with interactive dynamic NPCs (possibly even using part of your own brainpower to allow them to function as a real AI) allowing you to truly experience day-to-day life within Equestria. Character wise it could either allow you to live as your own character, or even experience life as one of the canon characters (or even include both options). So if something like this existed, would you play it? Not only that, but how would you play it? Would you play as an OC, or would you want to live a day (or week) in the life of a canon character like Twilight or Pinkie? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on something like this. Now I know a lot of people feel that pretty much all of the 3D pony models are off-key in their own ways, but for me I feel like TheRealDJThed's models come the closest to what the ponies would actually look like in 3D. (However if anyone has different models or art styles that might be a better representation of ponies in 3D, please feel free to include them in your thoughts).
  4. Granted, your eyeballs are no longer snug in their sockets, so you can position them to see your forehead. I wish the editor for my fanfic would come online.
  5. Granted, but winter is now deadly cold. I wish I had a way to watch the original 8 seasons of The Simpsons.
  6. Granted. Flicking can include snapping, so we'll make it snapping specifically, and since you're snapping, you're also making everything perfectly balanced, as all things should be. (If you need it to be even more corrupted, then we'll say FiM is on the chopping block of things to be balanced.) I wish I had remembered to put a wish and didn't have to edit a wish into this message.
  7. @Lucky Bolt Funny you mention timberwolves, because a fanfic I read one time had explained that their cause of death was due to complications of them becoming werewolves. It's called A Hairy Problem, if you're interested in reading it. (However, it was written before Season 7, so they aren't described or named as Bright Mac and Pear Butter)
  8. Granted, but since everything is frozen except you, that means the air cannot freely move around your body, so you won't be able to move or breathe. I wish I was better at melee fights in Team Fortress 2.
  9. Granted, but by the worst luck ever, your ship sinks. You don't make it into a lifeboat, and you are left adrift on an inflatable pool toy. Eventually, you wash up on shore, only to find out you're stuck on an uninhabited island. Will you ever be able to return to civilization? Only time will tell... I wish Valve was a little more active with content production.
  10. Granted. But now the YouTubers you watch have no talent whatsoever. I wish I could randomly get an unusual in Team Fortress 2.
  11. Granted. Without life, there is nothing, and so there is no wish to wish away all life, so you are now trapped in this paradox for eternity. I wish that wish wasn't so difficult to corrupt.
  12. "the movie" Just one? Well then, unlimited tickets to the Bee Movie it is! (However, it's the special "but Every Sentence is Pitch Corrected 'Ya Like Jazz'" edition.) I wish I didn't procrastinate so much.
  13. Granted, everything moves in choppy, still-shot like quality. I wish a game I server I frequent wasn't shutting down.