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  1. Lightning Bolt

    Gaming All things Dota 2

    It's been awhile since I've been on this site and since then I got really into Dota 2. So I wanted to make this thread for all things related to Dota 2 since there isn't a proper place for it already made. Does anypony here play Dota 2 and if so which hero do you like playing? Also did anypony watch TI 5 or go to the tournament?
  2. I could see how that would cripple the Covenant but you got to understand that there may have been multiple factors from keeping the UNSC from bombing the planet. Considering they may not have known of its location, they probably couldn't spare the resources to do so, they most likely had some sort of fleet, most likely a small one safeguarding their home world, so sending one sole ship wouldn't get the job done. Most of the war was primarily us on the defensive, we never got too actually see Sanghelios(not sure if that's spelled right) the home world of the elites till after the war was over.
  3. Lightning Bolt

    Gaming Halo vs CoD

    Halo hands down. Considering I've played all of the main Halo games (I played Halo Wars, haven't played Halo Spartan Assault) and have only played MW2, Black Ops, and Ghosts, I am biased. I love the Halo universe and all the stories it holds. Not sure if there is a CoD universe. The campaigns of CoD were too scripted and the story wasn't all that captivating for me. Halo's campaign took a big leap in the right direction in Halo 4. I also prefer mp that at least gives me a chance to defend myself if I start getting shot at, Halo makes one on one encounters more memorable since it you don't die
  4. Funny that this came up because lately I've been watching alot of old cartoon shows I used to watch on Netflix. I can only think of two at the moment, Star Wars The Clone Wars and the Justice League(The original and Unlimited). MLP is a great show in its own way though.
  5. I don't read the comics but I have seen the animated show The Justice League and The Justice League Unlimited, pardon if I don't know the characters names as its been awhile. The one guy who pretty much wrecked everyone was the one robot powered by nanotechnology that could easily adapt to anything, in the end however he joined Dr. Fate in order to find the purpose to his existence. I still don't remember the robots name though, sorry.
  6. Lightning Bolt

    Gaming Are you a rager?

    I usually don't rage often, only in Battlefield, Halo, and platformers like Battle Block Theater. Its usually when I die over and over again. What ticks me off is when im playing rush on Battlefield and all of my squad mates are sniping in the back, seriously PTFO. Other than those circumstances im pretty chill, the most I ever raged was in the second to last encore level in Battle Block Theater, lets just say I cursed and hit things alot.
  7. I was mostly on Bungie.net before I came here, alot of the peeps there are not that friendly. I stayed there though, it was fun posting game clips from Reach.
  8. Lightning Bolt

    General What shoes do you wear?

    I currently am wearing a pair of Vans but I usually only stick with my Adidas, preferably some high tops. Its just hard finding some of the ones I like, so I have to go to a mall about 45 minutes away. It also sucks that I have a size 13 foot as sometimes they run out of that size.
  9. Lightning Bolt

    Gaming Halo: Bronies

    We should really do a game night amongst all of us, if Promethean Alicorn is cool with it I can try and set one up, of course we would have to plan for time differences and what not. Maybe perhaps this weekend, on Halo 4 or Reach. We could all do a group chat here once I figure out how to do it, that way we can make further plans and share our gamertags.
  10. When I was a kid, if I ever got in trouble I would get the belt or the chankla(sandal). Most of the time it was my mom. Either way I thank them for showing discipline and the concept of respect.
  11. Some of the games that I played as a kid alot were Donkey Kong 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash,and a bunch of other games that I played. The ones I listed above were the most memorable, especially Donkey Kong 64(I want a HD remake for this game). I almost forgot about Flatout, Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Republic Commandos, Odd World Strangers Wrath, and of course Halo 2.
  12. Lightning Bolt

    Gaming Halo: Bronies

    Man, I played way too much Halo Reach, especially custom games. That's what made love that game, the forge and the custom games. I play Halo 4 every know and then but I prefer Reach. Its got invasion, which is one of my favorite game modes. So if you do end up doing a game night, make sure to invite me or add me. My gamertag is Drizzy408. I have plenty of custom game types and maps.
  13. Xbox Live: Drizzy408 I play Mass Effect 3, GTA V, Halo 4,Borderlands 2, and Battlefield 3. I'm usually on every day. I play for fun but when I get serious im in it to win it(Halo 4). You know you found me when you see the Trixie gamer picture. Feel free to send a request as long as you mention your from the forums.
  14. I have been playing Mass Effect 3 lately with my friends because I let him borrow a disc so I've been teaching him the ropes in the multiplayer.
  15. I am extremely exited for Evolve because the idea of four player controlled hunters against one player controlled monster that evolves the more it eats makes me happy.
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