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  1. Josh Rainbowton

    Post your Desktop

    I think he/she was referring to the background, not the taskbar. But if it's from 2011 then it makes sense, it didn't lose support yet, it didn't lose support until April 8, 2014.
  2. Josh Rainbowton

    Post your Desktop

    Why do you still use Windows XP? You might not want to use bad language to label school computer folders, though. If you get caught you can be in big trouble, especially if you're in college.
  3. This question is mostly for English and Spanish speakers but anyone can answer. So, in your native tongue, which do you like better in your opinion? Thanks. And in case you don't know what an adaptation is? It's a show redone for another country with different people. This is common with game shows. There are also international adaptations for some kids shows like Sesame Street and Blue's Clues.
  4. Josh Rainbowton

    Movies/TV Nationalism in iCarly

    So, I was watching the iCarly episode iRocked the Vote and there was this guy, Wade Collins, who seemed nice at first when he was on the news, he said he wish he would of won in a very nice tone. iCarly was telling people to vote for David Archuleta. Then, they have Wade Collins on the web show and apologize for telling them to vote for David Archuleta. He calls them hob-knockers. Carly wonders what that means. Sam whispers it and Carly says that's gross, Sam replies and illegal. Then, we're now getting to the nationalist part. Freddie put together a video of Wade Collins in a YTP like format, he says "I wanted tuna fish!" He says "Too hot! Hot! Hot!" Gibby says "He's sorry." Then, he says Carly and Sam are stupid American girls, he says they're hob-knockers. He says he hates children, he hates teenagers, he hates animals, and he hates AMERICAAAA!!! And if you don't know what hob-knocker means, here's a definition. Click the link at your own risk. It is gross, and it is illegal.
  5. Josh Rainbowton

    Favorite songs?

    Any song by Ronnie James Dio, LazyTown soundtrack, David Archuleta, and Hammerfall. I used to like Wade Collins until I found out how much of a jerk he is. Don't believe me? Watch the web show iCarly.
  6. So, I, myself am American. Which means I speak English. In my native language foreign shows/movies are usually subtitled but it depends on the channel. On Netflix, most foreign shows are subtitled but there's usually an option of dubbing. On Food Network, Iron Chef Japan is dubbed. (I love that show). However, the most common shows to be dubbed in my native tongue are anime. (Pokemon Sun and Moon is my favorite). Also, I know Spanish dubs many shows. However, they typically dub American shows and not most other shows. The only Japanese shows I know of that are dubbed is anime. I do believe Iron Chef is available subtitled on Canal Sony but I'm not sure. Not all American shows are dubbed or subtitled into Spanish. I wanted to learn Spanish so I randomly Googled Spanish subtitles for shows like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I found nothing. I also Googled Spanish subtitles for The Aquabats Super Show and found NADA! (However, Yo Gabba Gabba is dubbed into Spanish but not The Aquabats Super Show, which is not even subtitled.) However, normally I can find subtitles for Spanish shows, I looked up 31 Minutes (a Chilean show, known as 31 Minutos in it's native tongue). It was a pain in the neck to find subtitles but I eventually found them. I was going on subtitle websites. I only found subtitles for the 31 Minutes: The Movie, though. However, I recently searched YouTube for 31 Minutes and I found full episodes with English subs. Ironically, they were uploaded by the official YouTube channel.
  7. Josh Rainbowton

    General What's the least amount of sleep you've gotten?

    Why is it every time I see Fluttershy, I think, aw, so cute.
  8. So, I don't necessarily stay up all night, in fact, I rarely do. However, I do wake up early. A lot of times, the time I wake up will be anywhere from about 12:22 AM to 4:00 AM. (for those who don't use 12 hour clocks, 0:22 to 4:00). Which makes me sort of like Pixel from LazyTown. (Yes, I like LazyTown. I apologize. I apologize even more for not following some of the habits that show teaches. The show is made to teach eating healthy, exercising, and getting to sleep on time. I get less than 8 hours of sleep, rarely exercise, and eat junk food. I do sorta feel bad about it, though. Also, since we're talking about LazyTown. I'll link you to a LazyTown wallpaper. Also, because Pixel's computer runs on Linux (specifically a distro based on Debian) I like to emulate the linux terminal using Gow, Ubuntu on the Windows store (requires a 64 bit processor and Windows subsystem for Linux ), Cygwin (I quit using Cygwin because it takes up too much space) and CMDer. I also use Syn Virtual Assistant to talk to my computer (I ask it if I want to do things and try to get it to answer for me. LOL. Not so clever of me, huh? And even more unclever of me. I actually use a website to look at hidden cameras. Because I feel like Pixel is a spy because he has antennae cameras that reach all of LazyTown that he keeps on. Many LT fans believe that Pixel is more of a spy than Robbie is with his periscope. Anyway. Here's the LazyTown episode Sleepless in LazyTown (and no the plot is nothing like Sleepless in Ponyville) And here's a picture of Pixel. And by the way, I'm not gonna link you to the hidden camera page. Instead, I'll link you to a Google search page that includes the link. Mahahahahahahahahahaha. See, if Robbie Rotten can record all of LazyTown, he's more of a villain than Robbie is. Oh, and I'm getting off topic. I am very very sorry. Please don't get me in trouble. Anyway, what's the least amount of sleep you've gotten? Oh, and the video doesn't show up unless you put the link on the bottom, so here it is.
  9. Josh Rainbowton

    Food Is anypony a chocoholic?

    I b**king love chocolate. it's so bloody (sorry if I'm sounding British) good. If you like chocolate, name five dishes that use chocolate: I can name five: Chocolate cake Chocolate krispy kreme pie Chocolate milk Chocolate yoohoo Chocolate covered pretzels
  10. So, I was watching Chopped and I heard one of the contestants on Gold Medal Games: Grilling say "I wanna show them I'm not a one-trick pony" and if that didn't give it away, I later heard her say "so what the hay?". Also, I had closed captioning on when she said it so even if I wasn't paying attention to the sound, I read the subtitles, too. You can watch episode here if you missed it on Food Network.
  11. Here is a drawing of Pixel from LazyTown. And of course it's in the non-pony category. Dagnabbit, I forgot to draw the hands.
  12. Josh Rainbowton

    How open are you about ponies?

    I'm still a teen (14, turning 15) and I don't own any merch (yet). I would ask my parents for merchandise but I need to wait until after I get rid of all those toys. I have a lot of old toys in my room that I had when I was a younger kid (which I'm looking forward to get rid of. Mostly Blue's Clues stuff, which I may give to my little brother because he likes Blue's Clues. I also have Sesame Street stuff and assorted stuffed animals. I have a SpongeBob pillow but I don't plan to get rid of it.)
  13. Josh Rainbowton

    Food Do you like Fat Cakes?

    I would send you the video but sadly they closed down They should of closed it down a long time ago after iGoodbye when they cancelled the show in 2013. The web show was still up until 2018 though. I could look for it in but I don't know if it's all saved there. I also hear didn't work outside the US. So, I'd have to send you an page on
  14. Josh Rainbowton

    Food Do you like Fat Cakes?

    If you live in the U.S. or Canada you can buy them at your local supermarket. They're normally labeled as Pink Snowballs.
  15. Josh Rainbowton

    What's The Weather Like Right Now Where You Live?

    Here in Tennessee it's been storming. *Celestia, help me.*