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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Josh Rainbowton

    What topics really bore you?

    Every subject in high school, it's friggin' boring as heck. I mean, if that's what you're referring to... I can't wait 'til I graduate so I can hopefully get a job in creating graphics, etc. What the actual heck? Those are my favorite topics, I watch the weather on TV everyday. But, okay.
  3. School started August 6th and I am now in high school. I first started here when I was 13 and in eighth grade.

  4. Josh Rainbowton

    Food Do you like Pretzel M&Ms?

    So, I love pretzel M&Ms and I am wondering if you guys like them. Picture of pretzel M&Ms with generic orange soda below...
  5. Anyway, on that game, there's a train, you can choose any name for your city (I chose London) and you can fix up the city. If you haven't played it, check it out. However, I can't take a screenshot right now because I don't have I'm not using a camera right now and I can't upload a screenshot from my GameCube.
  6. So, I built a virtual clubhouse using 3D graphics software.
  7. Josh Rainbowton

    Movies/TV Do you watch The Muppet Show?

    So, anyway, I watch The Muppet Show on TV, along with many other television programs and I am wondering if anybody here watches it. If you like it, thank you for your response. Thank you anyway, even if you don't like it. If you don't know what it is, you can Google it, you can find info about anything online. Me watching The Muppet Show...
  8. Josh Rainbowton

    Web What browser do you use?

    I use Microsoft Edge.
  9. For example, let's say someone's being interviewed on a late-night talk show or on the news. Have they ever accidentally used ponified terms like "anypony", "everpony", etc. I have never seen anything like that on TV and I've never found anything about it on YouTube. But, maybe you've been on an interview, or if you've seen something like that, please send a link.
  10. Josh Rainbowton

    What do you think a pony from MLP:FIM would feel like?

    Thanks. That's what I thought. Brohoof.
  11. So, anyway, what do you think a pony would feel like if I were to touch it or give it belly rubs, etc? Would they feel soft/furry or rubbery or what? Anyhow, ponies are cute, I'm not gonna lie.
  12. Josh Rainbowton

    Post your Desktop

    I think he/she was referring to the background, not the taskbar. But if it's from 2011 then it makes sense, it didn't lose support yet, it didn't lose support until April 8, 2014.
  13. Josh Rainbowton

    Post your Desktop

    Why do you still use Windows XP? You might not want to use bad language to label school computer folders, though. If you get caught you can be in big trouble, especially if you're in college.
  14. This question is mostly for English and Spanish speakers but anyone can answer. So, in your native tongue, which do you like better in your opinion? Thanks. And in case you don't know what an adaptation is? It's a show redone for another country with different people. This is common with game shows. There are also international adaptations for some kids shows like Sesame Street and Blue's Clues.
  15. Josh Rainbowton

    Movies/TV Nationalism in iCarly

    So, I was watching the iCarly episode iRocked the Vote and there was this guy, Wade Collins, who seemed nice at first when he was on the news, he said he wish he would of won in a very nice tone. iCarly was telling people to vote for David Archuleta. Then, they have Wade Collins on the web show and apologize for telling them to vote for David Archuleta. He calls them hob-knockers. Carly wonders what that means. Sam whispers it and Carly says that's gross, Sam replies and illegal. Then, we're now getting to the nationalist part. Freddie put together a video of Wade Collins in a YTP like format, he says "I wanted tuna fish!" He says "Too hot! Hot! Hot!" Gibby says "He's sorry." Then, he says Carly and Sam are stupid American girls, he says they're hob-knockers. He says he hates children, he hates teenagers, he hates animals, and he hates AMERICAAAA!!! And if you don't know what hob-knocker means, here's a definition. Click the link at your own risk. It is gross, and it is illegal.