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  1. *sniff sniff*

    Someone is wearing essentials in here.

    Also, my Cecropia moth is almost here!

    1. Cirrus.


      a Cecropia moth looks pretty sweet!. I rescued a Polyphemus moth once that was bashing itself to death into the ground trying to get away from bright gas station lights. I had him for like only 5 minutes before he flew away again.Polyphemus.thumb.jpg.edea307b671b3a0d2f41eb485d9c71ff.jpg

    2. PuddingPonyPal


      @Cirrus. I highly appreciate you rescuing the poor thing. Bright lights can mess with their navigation at night. You did a good thing. 

    3. Cirrus.


      It was bouncing like a basketball and the attendant was scared of it, even after I caught it (well it landed on my pants, and I let it crawl on my hand).

      I was thinking of taking it home, but was worried it might have a spazz attack while I was driving. I had nothing to put it in.:worry: