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Hello~ My name is AJ! You can call me pudding though. My personal history is a bumpy one and so is my history with the fandom. I can explain things if you ask politely. :) For now, let me tell you about my personality. I'm genuinely nice to almost everyone! Though I sometimes have a hard time being nice to people who are hateful and hurtful. My attitude towards life is loving and empathetic! There are times when I get sad and angry at the world however but that happens rarely. I am patient with time and people, mostly because I know what its like to be ignored. My current job occupation is doing chores for old folks at senior centers so I am usually good at taking responsibility.  I am also furry/brony/fandom trash so don't be surprised if I suddenly talk about that stuff (I'm such a nerd). :D If there is anything else you would like to know, just ask! :)