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  1. Standing outside the door waiting for the clock to hit 7. The anticipated for the movie is killing me!

  2. A soldier and friend lost in battle.
  3. Can't make her son smile.
  4. To of my favorite things came from amazon today, mlp and cannibal corpse. Huh something seems wrong with this picture...


  5. Just picked up two of the books, now to decide whether to read Journal of the two Sisters or The stormy road to canterlot first.

  6. Say something about your 'latest visitors'

    @WiiGuy2014 Going nowhere unfortunately, I'm in a creative slump and work 5 days a week so most free time is going to playing Earthbound and watching a lot of toku and getting back into my rewatch of mlp episodes.
  7. I'm currently playing Earthbound now that I have a snes emulator and my god this game is difficult, I don't think I've ever got killed as much in a game as I have here! A territorial oak just killed Paula:( or Alice as I named her.

  8. Oh god the act like its something important just to say hi thing got annoying really fast for me too.
  9. Somewhat off/Absolute worst merchandise you own.

    @Leave a Whisper Your right now that I think about it. I'm a Kamen Rider fan and my favorite suits are the ones from ghost and the two main suits in that one are recolors of each other with a slight tweak to the helmet so what am I complaining about lol.
  10. A little something I saw on tumblr describing yugioh characters with a spongebob quote. It hurts me how accurate this is.


  11. "There's your hybrid theory, now shut the f@ck up" Always glad they made the music they wanted to and didn't cater to anybody.

    RIP Chester

  12. @WiiGuy2014 It's intentional yes although not necessarily evil, but fallen hero's who will do evil things, For example the main oc Regal Zeal starts out as a kind child with big dreams but slowly starts to go crazy because of his love of power and fear of abandonment among other things plus manipulation by an ancient spirit but he's not exactly being controlled its the kind of person that he is. I went into bit more detail about it here and here
  13. Mega Thread Metal Thread

    This band really needs to come back, they haven't made an album since 2006 Also a band that I think needs more attention, @CuriUndersXeno one of my all time favorite albums, speaking of the voice do you know any other death metal bands that use higher pitch growls like chuck does? I've looked for awhile and cant find any.