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    Never give in to the evil
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    Going on really intense and amazing adventures and making the best gosh darn party's ever even though I haven't been able to do one yet cuz I just moved so YAAAAAAYYYYYY.

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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Hey,hope you're doing alright

  4. Hello friend. Miss you. :(

  5. Merry Birthiversary!

  6. Hello! How have you been? I have finally returned to the forums! :D

  7. When I get a car, should my license plate be CL4P-TP (referance to borderlands) or FN-2187 (reference to Star Wars). I know I’ve been away from the forums lately since my life went wonky doodleoo, but I’m BAAAAAAACK!!!!

    1. Mirage


      'Teh Pink' is what it should say.  :D

      Welcome back my friend. Missed you bro.

    2. Sun Ray

      Sun Ray

      Thanks Mirage:pinkiecutehat:THERES STILL SANTA PINKIE!?!?!?

    3. Mirage


      Just for you!

  8. You think your gonna get passed me right after boopping me like that? Oohhhhh nonoNO. *digs in random closet and pulls out my old boop staff*. SWIRLING BOOP OF FURY!!!! *A tiny mystical bolt boops @Mirage with a dash of swirl to add texture*
  9. I achieved greatness by getting a gif profile pic:P

  10. One more thing!

    Hearth Warming Party is starting in 3 days!

  11. I was grounded from my phone YAAAAAAAAAY...actually that’s a big AWWWWWWW. But disregarding the yays awws I didn’t go back to Equestria, my hooves are still attached, my phone didn’t break, and I’m not dead.  I just got grounded for playing Legends of Equestria all night.  Which now that I think of it is almost equivalent to my hoof falling off.:pinkiecutehat:SANTA PINKIE!!!!!

  12. *throws a no friction grenade so everypony slips. MWAHAHAHA Oops I forgot the “*” * YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
  13. This is gettin serious, dudes. *flint steels the car making it explode, but it isn’t any regular flint steel, it’s box flint steel. So if your In the radius of the blast you’re put into a box to box with a boxing buffalo* noooowwww, who can I box, box, buffalo box? @Das Capschen and @Dawnchaser because they’re closest. @The Mint Pone Is just strolling by (sorry) so, BOX! @ChikoritaCheezits Because Pinkie Pie the best aaaaaand @PinkiePieSuperFan Because for the same reason *squee*
  14. Oh it’s on @SolarFlare13!!! *eats a cupcake grenade and frosting dribbles out my ears and my Pinkietastic hair get colorful streaks* BCAUS I AV A CANNY CONE NADE *swallows and eats candy corn grenade* dnt uk at me ike at. *swallows again* if you make a grenade out of your favorite candy you got to eat it with no regard of the out co- *explodes and launches candy corn shrapnel at @SolarFlare13(the closest) @Gone Airbourne, @Mirage, and @Duality* I don’t know how I’m talking because I explodeded but I am...just had to say that.