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    THE ONE, THE ONLY pinkie
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    Never give in to the evil
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    Going on really intense and amazing adventures and making the best gosh darn party's ever even though I haven't been able to do one yet cuz I just moved so YAAAAAAYYYYYY.

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  1. Hey,hope you're doing alright

  2. Sun Ray

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    You think your gonna get passed me right after boopping me like that? Oohhhhh nonoNO. *digs in random closet and pulls out my old boop staff*. SWIRLING BOOP OF FURY!!!! *A tiny mystical bolt boops @Mirage with a dash of swirl to add texture*
  3. Sun Ray

    Grenade a pony!!!!

    *throws a no friction grenade so everypony slips. MWAHAHAHA Oops I forgot the “*” * YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
  4. Sun Ray

    Grenade a pony!!!!

    This is gettin serious, dudes. *flint steels the car making it explode, but it isn’t any regular flint steel, it’s box flint steel. So if your In the radius of the blast you’re put into a box to box with a boxing buffalo* noooowwww, who can I box, box, buffalo box? @Das Capschen and @Dawnchaser because they’re closest. @The Mint Pone Is just strolling by (sorry) so, BOX! @ChikoritaCheezits Because Pinkie Pie the best aaaaaand @PinkiePieSuperFan Because for the same reason *squee*
  5. Sun Ray

    Grenade a pony!!!!

    Oh it’s on @SolarFlare13!!! *eats a cupcake grenade and frosting dribbles out my ears and my Pinkietastic hair get colorful streaks* BCAUS I AV A CANNY CONE NADE *swallows and eats candy corn grenade* dnt uk at me ike at. *swallows again* if you make a grenade out of your favorite candy you got to eat it with no regard of the out co- *explodes and launches candy corn shrapnel at @SolarFlare13(the closest) @Gone Airbourne, @Mirage, and @Duality* I don’t know how I’m talking because I explodeded but I am...just had to say that.
  6. Sun Ray

    Grenade a pony!!!!

    Throws gravity grenade at @I<3Cloud Bliss @Totally Lyra @Mint Chaser @TwiTracker @Babyyoshi309 And @Johnny1226 for being AMAZING!!! FORCE HUGS!
  7. Sun Ray

    Ask Sun Ray

    I just added you to my party! THANKS FOR ASKING!!!!
  8. Sun Ray

    Grenade a pony!!!!

    *Throws a grenade party grenade and makes a GRENADE PARTY WOOHOOOOO!!!* WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!
  9. Sun Ray

    MLPForums vs Other Forums

    I behalf of MLP Forums United...I declare WAAAAARRRRR!!! (Omg I'm cracking up)
  10. Sun Ray

    What is the last thing you said out loud?

    "Was a granola bar worth it, lills?"
  11. Sun Ray

    MLPForums vs Other Forums

  12. Sun Ray

    Grenade a pony!!!!

    *makes baby grenade and throws it a @Babyyoshi309. After I make a grenade tracking devise and I throw it at @TwiTracker. The tracker HAS. BEEN. TRACKED...and blown up when read
  13. Sun Ray

    Grenade a pony!!!!

    *takes a tree grenade and throws it at @Flutt3rTree turning him into a tree* *i also quickly make a grenade of wise-ness and chuck it at @WisePie*
  14. Sun Ray

    Grenade a pony!!!!

    Pick a pony and make a grenade out of anything. Other ponies can splatter, disassemble, obliterate, and evaporate. Just remember that pain is disabled, and everypony has deadpool powers. So no dying!! I'm first going to throw a lemon grenade right in between @Babyyoshi309 and @Mint Chaser...melting them from citric acid. *does it and 5 seconds later they regenerate*