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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Happy Birthhday friend!:fluttershy:



  4. The hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I like the story, but a few things ticked me off so far, but I best keep going with this book
  5. I think one of the the thing that keeps holding CN down is what I call "the TTG (teen titans go) strategy". As in focusing on humor directed to young audiences instead of focusing on story and characters. Of course there's exceptions to that (i.e Steven Universe) but for every show that focuses on story, there's 3 that focus on humor, not bad in of itself, but it needs to be done right . Now, if we look back in time to the older CN, we can see characters that have motivation, heartfelt stories such as with the original Teen Titans, that kept you engaged. TL;DR: It's about balance between story and humor, and right now, that balance is out of wack
  6. Steven Universe! Than there's Tom and Jerry, just for the nostalgia, and Gravity Falls!
  7. no problem, that's hilarious! Besides, you're not the first person to joke about it. My brother just said "so you're on stand-bi huh?". Glorious!
  8. "Dude, I'm bi!" "so I guess you're on stand-bi" "f**k you man"
  9. yeah! Let's go LGBT! I'm bi, just figured it out a few weeks ago, it's so relieving being sure now
  10. I'm bisexual, always have been, no matter how much I deny it. I just can't hide that anymore after a long time of thinking. Wow...feels good getting that off my chest without saying too much
  11. After a long time going back and forth, I think I'm ready to admit that I'm bisexual. I've had plenty of girl crushes and some boyfriends before, so I'm 95% sure I'm bi. Oh wow, it feels great getting that off my chest, I should've told people that a long time ago
  12. Yeah, I know of those guys. For some reason, me and my team always get confused with PETA. Even we don't kill that many animals, and we're a public animal shelter. Infact, why do people call us a kill shelter?! I get that people think that no animal deserves to die, but c'mon! We try our best, but sometimes we can't help every animal. And even when they're healthy, it's difficult to keep them alive because we don't have enough space! Seriously, if you don't want us to kill them, actually donate instead of complaining and doing nothing!