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  1. I liked at the end of "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows" where she looks aside and makes a "Noooo!" face during the iris out.
  2. I think the biggest thing is we couldn't expect the movie to be basically an extended episode of the show. It was always going to be different.
  3. This Day Aria set the bar pretty high, but the Dazzling's stuff is pretty good too.
  4. I wouldn't go that far. We may not show enough concern for our environment, but I think we'd be nice enough to other friendly sapients. You just don't want to be our enemy.
  5. Ponies seem more trusting than most, and since we don't have prominent teeth, claws, spines, or any other noticeably scary features I can't imagine them acting any more afraid than if they ran into a griffon or minotaur. Humans are only scary once you get to know us.
  6. Exactly, just be sure to give the anti some good qualities. Nobody likes a straw man.
  7. Not knowing what your writing style is like, my advice would be to try for both. It sounds like you've got a nice internal conflict between the brothers, but that usually needs an external problem to catalyze it. The adventure could be that.
  8. Made me think of this: Trixie and Her Amazing Pet Changeling
  9. Hey

    Glad to have you here!
  10. The time travel spell was mostly clever use of preexisting infrastructure (the Map and Starswirl's spell) to do most of the work. A lot of her other spells don't seem like they'd be particularly energy intensive; and being smart enough to put together new spells on the fly is a totally different skill than being able to fight. Blasting with horn lasers doesn't seem to be very effective against large monsters (see Slice of Life for more examples), and that seems to be most of what unicorns do in a fight.
  11. Combat isn't exactly a major field of study for Twilight. Having magical muscle and being able to apply it are two different things. However, she does seem to be using more efficient shields in her fight with Starlight (directional instead of the full sphere); perhaps her brother taught her that.
  12. I always thought that mlp pony hooves are more flexible than real horses, and they can grip some objects in the little groove at the back of the hoof.
  13. If you want to understand the fandom, you may want to look at some of the fan works too. Here's a couple significant ones. Lullaby for a Princess Save Derpy In my opinion, the first season was a bit boring at times, but it does a lot of important characterization work.
  14. I agree with what EightBit said about the ending. It's always important, but in this sort of story, that's what will make or break it.
  15. We'll all be hoping Hasbro's learned enough from the show to keep up quality going forward. And they're going to do something. Otherwise they're just leaving money on the table, and we all know how much businesses hate that.