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  1. Lesson Zero. It's where the show started to really break the mold of what was expected and do neat things.
  2. Flash Sentry

    That's the problem; he doesn't have an important role in the story, but looking at his role as Twilight's love interest he should. If they weren't going to do anything with it, they shouldn't have given her a love interest. Flash's reputation is more due to sloppy writing than his actual character (or lack thereof).
  3. Flash Sentry

    The problem is that being the main character's love interest is a really important role in a story. Flash Sentry does not do a good job of filling that role so his problems are put under a microscope. As of LoE he seems to have moved on from that and as a result is starting to be a character with potential. In contrast, Derpy is merely a funny background event character, and an important symbol of the older fandom and its relationship with the show.
  4. Most over-hated episodes?

    Newbie Dash is one of my favorite RD episodes, aside from the cringy character impressions bit (which was kind of funny to hear Ashleigh Ball try to have Rainbow sound like Applejack without actually slipping into the Applejack voice). She learns two important lessons; how to take some friendly ribbing, and if something is truly bothering you that much, you need to talk with them, because they probably don't realize it. Pretending everything is fine when its not doesn't work.
  5. Is a seventh element a good idea?

    I can't see them adding another element to the pony universe, but if we consider the EQG geodes to be that dimension's elements (or proto-elements) there are already seven of them. This would have interesting implications about the Tree, EQG, and the Elements. In general, I could see Sunset being made an element; Starlight not so much (though I do like Starlight's character).
  6. Writing is hard, especially doing it as a hobby. Professional authors have a good motivator in that if they don't write they don't eat. I've found it's useful to set some sort of goal <I won't do X until I finish Y>. Brandon Sanderson, one of my favorite writers, talks about how he sits down and writes mostly every day, even if he doesn't really want to; which lets him crank out books at a ludicrous rate. Self-discipline is key. Ultimately, as with many things in life only you can make you succeed. The converse is: since this isn't funding your next meal, the price of failure is rather cheap. So don't stress out.
  7. I don't think there's enough interesting story to be told about their relationship since they're so similar, but they could be very entertaining in a "oh no, now there's two of them" sort of way. They would be useful in a supporting role, like Pinkie normally is, to contrast a more dramatic relationship.
  8. Spoiler Flash Sentry love interest?

    It is interesting that abandoning the Princess Twilight/Flash story that he was created for has been the key to making him an interesting character Personally, I'm a Sunset/Flash shipper since it opens up a lot of character development opportunities for both of them.
  9. Since MLP has dimensional travel and no space travel, the difference between alternate dimensions and other planets in the core plane/dimension/universe is irrelevant.
  10. Is Starlight Replacing Twilight?

    Starlight's job is to fill the narrative niche Twilight's character development moved her out of. Particularly, the one who can do unethical/unwise things with magic without needing an idiot ball.
  11. It's not the last bastion anymore necessarily. It seems to be making inroads into the EQG world at least. I like the idea of a larger game going on with Harmony increasing its reach. Discord is an interesting case. A lot of his actions have been critical in making the Tree stronger...
  12. Tempest Shadow appearing in the show.

    They've already got already got a crowded cast of reformed unicorns to work with.
  13. Does anyone like Sassy Saddles?

    I liked how they made her conflict with Rarity but still portrayed her as trying to be helpful (and competent even though her goal wasn't what Rarity wanted). Too often these sort of pushy, domineering characters are just jerks (see Svengallop).
  14. Not bad, but there are better things they could use for a theme...