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  1. They're not particularly consistent with the passage of time. Example: Rainbow is excited for her first winter with Tank in S5, implying that most of S2, and all of S3 and S4 took place in less than a year, and there was a Hearthswarming (i.e. winter) episode shortly after she got Tank.
  2. Adderbane

    Why is Cadance so utterly disrespected?

    If we didn't have Cadance, we would have dozens of poorly written "Alicorn of Love" OCs, so she did save us from that. And they would probably be red and black.
  3. Adderbane

    What is your thoughts on each finalee?

    1: A fun episode, but it's not the epic finale a lot of the other season enders are. It got a lot of build up throughout the season, which is a big plus, since they don't have to waste time with exposition. 2: This lacked that kind of buildup S1 had, and it really held back the episodes. On the other hand, Chrysalis was great for what little undisguised screentime she got, and even as Cadance she was a lot more menacing than a pink pony princess has any right to be. This episode also has the "This Day Aria" which is extraordinary. Shining and Cadance didn't get much development, but I really like the concept behind their characters. 3: This needed to be a two parter, and it shares the problem with S2 of too little foreshadowing. At least we had Cadance to indicate other alicorns were possible, and some vague hints from the opening, but overall I think this is the weakest of the finales. Still, it's nice to see a TV show willing to totally upend the status quo once in a while. 4: In terms of the overarching story, this is what S3 should've been. This shows the benefit to having the whole season leading up to one moment. Episodic stories have a tendency to ignore everything in the setting that's not the heroes and the villain of the week, so bringing Discord into the story really makes the world seem more consistent. The Twilight/Tirek fight was just a fun action scene that this show only rarely gets to play with. Easily my favorite of the finales and one of the best episodes of the series. 5: Starlight is a good villain, even if her motivation is ultimately rather weak. Seeing all the little details in the evil timelines really shows how much effort the writers put into developing the worlds, especially the Sombra one. Only downside is no Trixie future. 6: Discord said it best "Well isn't this quite the collection of secondary characters!" Their little dysfunctional team is a refreshing change of pace from the Mane 6, and they even get to grow a bit as characters from it all. I preferred the old changelings, but having Chrysalis reject mercy was a brilliant writing decision. 7: The various past characters could've used a bit more foreshadowing, but overall, this could've been a lot worse. I didn't particularly care for the Pillars, or the backstory of the Tree, but the main conflict between Starlight and Twilight was decent. Not bad, but not great either.
  4. Adderbane

    Best Place to Sell a Custom MLP Plush?

    Where you sell may also depend on the price you're asking for. If it's a lot, you definitely want to minimize your risk, and some sites may be better than others for that.
  5. Let's get Quibble on RD's team!
  6. Adderbane

    Would you trust Celestia with a WMD?

    Many interpretations of Celestia's control of the sun qualify as a WMD. What's one more in her arsenal?
  7. Adderbane

    What will Discord do once Fluttershy passes away?

    I feel like Fluttershy wouldn't want Discord to be alone, and would probably put up with immortality for his sake, and Twilight's if alicorns are immortal. Alternatively, Discord bequeaths chaos powers to Angel Bunny and travels to the afterlife to be with Flutters.
  8. Adderbane


    I would. I've seen surveys like this before, and I've always wondered how they turn out.
  9. Adderbane

    What do Sci-Twi mean

    She is Sci-Twi because she is to Science what pony Twilight is to magic
  10. Adderbane

    i was right about the brony fandom being dead

    At FIMFiction, there are over 1k users online right at this moment. A lot of fandoms would be over joyed to have that kind of activity.
  11. Adderbane

    The complaint of EQG Legs- it could be worse

    At least we're not dealing with Code Lyoko foreheads.
  12. Adderbane

    Hello. Started Watching with My Son

    Always glad to see new people!
  13. Adderbane

    What do we *really* know about background ponies?

    We know that the writing staff cares a great deal about what the fandom thinks of them.
  14. Adderbane

    What is up with Celestia?

    Celestia's been defending Equestria for the past millennium and then some. I think she's earned a break for a century or so, especially now that there are three other adult alicorns to deal with things. The issue is a matter of writing and worldbuilding, and not something that is easily solvable. A lot of franchises have scenarios where a powerful character inexplicably takes the back seat. But if Celestia solved everything, we'd have no story. Really the only thing we can do is accept that since this is a kids show, it's inevitably going to fall short in subtlety and complexity.
  15. Adderbane

    Why are Celestia and Luna Immortal?

    People's headcanons on this subject vary greatly, including the related topic of the Sister's origins). The writers don't seem to have any planned guidelines, leading to some inconsistencies. One of Luna's comments in the S6 premier suggests that she and Celestia are ascended alicorns as well. Thus, alicorns are rare enough that a lot is unknown about them. I've always thought that their immortality indicated some sort of second level of ascension, which is also marked by the floaty mane thing. Twilight came close to this in the S4 finale.