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  1. I did and its embarrassing
  2. I dont like family guy anymore but this is still cute Funny, but no... Im just gonna come out and say it since we all are calling ponys and anime and cartoon charaters attractive, non can compare tothe sexyness of ned flanders from the simpsons, i mean my god look at him with out his clothes on in this picture hes a hunk. Go ahead and judge me but you all said ponys are attractive so im putting my option on the table.
  3. Yeah well i only messed up two vids he didnt need to laugh at me, but i am over it anyway cause he applogised. Friendship is magic. Ethier way everythings good admin guy.
  4. Well words can hurt. I only posted those 2 bad quality videos at the time cause i had ideas i needed to get out so i had to find away around, and with my phone being a track phone i could only record my tablet then edit witch was hard to do. I had to cancel one project witch i mention in a update video because that. And the only reason i use my phone now is to record the copyright claim at the beginning, witch i forgot in the last video so youtubes gonna be up my flank...
  5. No that was only like that for a few videos because my computer was broken, now that i have a new computer my two latest videos are much clearer, and i know that, i just for a couple had to do it on my phone. Dont laugh... Aslo come on man it was only two videos.
  6. (Points at pony collection) you know why i allways feel lonley and i will be forever alone? Cause instead of doing something with my life and finding a man and settleing down and haveing a family, i collect toy horses and play with them and im 21 damn years old. :'( and no one would like a ugly girl like me in the picture who likes ponys ment for little girls, even my parents hate me for my pony love. TT-TT AND I COMPENSATE AND BUY MORE....X'(
  7. So one of the admins contacted me on here about my link to advertise my youtube channel in my last thread and said i should update it to show when new videos come out. Well i dont know how to edit it so. Instead i have the next best thing. Here is a link that will send you to a playlist of all the pmv shorts i did so it takes you straight to the videos. I have a whole bunch. Inculdeing pmvs to dead mouse songs and more. Here is the link The link will go straight to my first pmv short but if you click the button with 3 lines at the top of the video on here you can see all my
  8. Amys-pmvs

    Mega Thread My Little Pony memes?

    When you find your rp love on other sites when you like to forget them
  9. Amys-pmvs

    Mega Thread My Little Pony memes?

    Rainbow trolling deviantart
  10. Come on as long as hasbro has realised that hey we can make money from toys with not only little girls but grown men, they will never stop be cause they want toy money
  11. Amys-pmvs

    Mega Thread My Little Pony memes?

    Here is a meme i made for my resent pmv on youtube
  12. Hello everypony i am new here, but i like to introduce you to my youtube channel called amys-pmvs. Go to this link at https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCQhDsRjkcJU8690OSmtpqLw And see a bunch of pmvs i made.
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