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  1. You think I don't know how to search for ingredients?! I am a Chef Extraordinaire and I did it all without hints! Though at this point they are rather helpful and much appreciated
  2. Um I won't get in trouble if I say: Or if that doesn't work I'll take Starlight: Really neither of these are for a date or romance just for spending time together so the day wouldn't be lonely
  3. Almost 24 hours late for festivities but let's see if I still can't contribute. *Hmm...hmmm scrolling through the thread to see who doesn't have any* Ah here you are @TBD enjoy some cupcakes. In the morning I'll see who else needs some. By then they should be discounted for the holiday
  4. Absolutely but I'll have to figure out ways to top them each year beyond just blowing up fireworks afterwards Much appreciated, Randi, I kinda wish I didn't add as much water so the mud was a little thicker but I'm just glad the coverage came out well And @Bas I'm glad you enjoyed it, video editing is a hobby of mine. Live action filming on the hand I'm still a little hesitant with
  5. He he he I couldn't even wait until the weekend to get it done so here it is the last pie until next time. And again thanks to @Jeric for the continued drive for the charity. And another thanks to all those pied this year @applesjck @Cash In @Troblems @Randimaxis @Alastor @Kamii @Booker and @Lord Valtasar What, no those mentions weren't just so you would see the video Also since I didn't feel like making a new account, I decided to finally reveal my YouTube persona, hope you all don't mind a little extra views and recognition.
  6. All right then. You want to nominate me as the final guy huh. Oh ho ho then we're gonna make this a finale you all will never forget. Give me until the end of the week. I've got some editing to do....
  7. Pinkie came to the party with a giant bowl of fruit punch that she was excited for everypony to try. However Applejack also arrived to the party with the best batch of cider and everypony went nuts for it. There was a line out the door and down the street for Applejack's cider, while Pinkie's punch remained almost untouched. After two hours Pinkie approaches Twilight trying to hide her frustration saying. "Isn't it funny Twilight how AJ and I both have delicious drink options yet nopony's tried mine." Now Twilight actually did try both and she knew it may hurt Pinkie to hear, she turned to her and said, "Pinkie I'm going to be honest with you. That would be funny except there's no punch line."
  8. Happy Sunday February 2nd to almost everyone around the world. Know that today is a momentous occasion of a date. Today's date is a perfect palindrome both nationally and internationally 02/02/2020 (whether you put the day or the month first.)

    I hope you all enjoy this occasion that hasn't happened since November 11th 1111, 11/11/1111, and January 1st 1010, 01/01/1010 before that.

    Luckily for us the next one won't be that far away being December 12th 2121, 12/12/2121, something for your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren to look forward to! Then it won't happen agan until the next millennia on March 3rd 3030, 03/03/3030.

    Happy International Palindrome date to all and remember "Was it a car or a cat I saw?" :D

  9. I would love to jump on the opportunity but unfortunately I recently suffered a minor facial injury I have to keep clean. Though if we're still doing this in a couple weeks, I should be healed by then to participate.
  10. Things stink sometimes I really wanted to put myself out there more this year and post in something like this thread, but of course when I plan on doing it I get an ugly facial injury. And it's not that I'm self conscious about it I just don't think other want to see my face right now but eh, who knows maybe you'd like it as a confidence booster for yourselves
  11. "So it ended up that every single transaction that day after then, time-travelled back to 2009."
  12. Locking the "Count to One Million Thread" at 999,999
  13. What source was your article because this one while not giving all other victims does have sections that go into half of them: One major one being that of John Altobelli, a longtime baseball coach at Orange Coast College, a junior college in Costa Mesa. Calif., as well as Altobelli’s wife, Keri, and daughter Alyssa. Plus we can probably assume the pilot, and maybe an attendant or two. And you know you're right it is celebrity worship but it's doing so to keep the focus off those potentially responsible. It'd be different if this were a shooting of outside focus and no one but Kobe and his daughter were mentioned but were dealing with a completely self contained incident. Because you know what happens when they reveal that John Doe was the pilot of that helicopter with Jane Smith attending the preparations aboard. You've got people harassing Mrs. Doe or Jane's SO about how guilty they should be for letting this mistake happening. Yes it is unfortunate and tragic for all those on board but for an incident like this there is un-classified level of responsibility and unintentioned guilt on some of those involved, and personally if it were my father as the pilot I wouldn't want his name out there, I'd just want to mourn his death in peace because before today he and his family were practically nobodies and getting put in the limelight like this is going to make the situation worse for everyone.
  14. I mean it makes more sense when you see the other laziness in quality in the other show related merchandise like the time Soarin and Spitfire switched bodies plus it also kind of goes with one of the answers but
  15. And that's a productive day with several letters sent and one more before the post office closes, and a big thank you to who sent mine. Happy Derpy Day!