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  1. Well I said I would try to sing songs that play at my job but that didn't follow through due to time constraints and lack of opportunity at the job itself, however I did come to a epiphany that there are a couple songs that have always stuck with me since childhood and probably influenced my love of singing that I would be happy to share with you and despite my poor attempt at replication (at least in the second song) I can still tap into some nostalgia enjoyment for some of you! Schoolhouse rock covers.mp4
  2. A lot like the third "King of Thieves" (mostly because Robin Williams came back) but not so much the second "Return of Jafar" due to less quality animation, "Homer Simpson Genie," and a plot that kind of meandered around between characters before the climax however most of the things about the second boil down to it's essentially the pilot to the Aladdin animated series since it establishes Iago as a main character and introduces the reoccurring antagonist Abis Mal........except Disney+ doesn't even have the series! Couldn't believe it they had the Little Mermaid series, the Hercules series, the Lilo and Stitch series, even the Emperor's New School series but no love for the Aladdin or Tarzan series' a huge draw for me back during the Toon Disney days. hoping to see those get put on eventually only for nostalgia purposes.
  3. I'll be more inclined to check it out when I learn who all is returning. Is it just the Mane 6 and Spike? I mean Trixie has a toy, so is Kathleen on board? Does that also mean Kelly and Starlight or maybe Nicole for not Celestia necessarily but maybe Cheerilee (CHEERILEE NEEDS MORE LOVE HASBRO)? What about males, like if we're at Sugarcube Corner now we already have Tabitha for Mrs. Cake but what about Brian for Mr. Cake? What about Peter as he's also done a lot of voices besides Big Mac. There's still too much to be revealed before an investment call can be made.
  4. Hmm...interesting, I may try to record myself at work then and just make a little compilation of the the different songs I sing. That's probably the closest I get to singing in public but it's also strangely the time I feel the most comfortable probably because I'm doing other things and not just sitting in front of a microphone. Audio quality may not be the best but I'll see what I can do.
  5. Thread needs more dogs to balance out the cats Here's Charlie our shaggy stubborn old boy still very lively today even at 15 years old
  6. Got to be honest, this definitely isn't the type of show I'm immediately drawn to be it the language or immediate adult material but I'll give anything a shot for characters like these, and while I was kind of on the fence during the turf war, and news broadcast parts (though the SleepyCabin/Oneyplays fan in me delighted in hearing Joshua Tomar as Tom Trench) it's once we hit the limo scene and the hotel scenes that these characters immediately clicked for me be it Vaggie for her realism, Angel Dust for his attitude, charm and yet down to earth hell deamor about his eternal life, Alastor for his charisma with underlying vagueness of power and motivation beyond boredom as he states. Also really want to see how the additional staff like Niffty and Huskar will be. Though I think the character I'm most interested in is Charlie due to how much depth she has. Not only is the naive positivity great in this kind of setting but the little hints they kept dropping with her character just open up so much of the world to me. Mainly that she states she was born in Hell. All the demons see Hell as their eternal prison and just live with the fact that they blew their chance on earth, but Charlie never got that chance, this is her life, her home, her chance and the fact that she is the only one, besides Vaggie, who uses it to see good in others has me wondering if an underlying theme will be that you really are shaped to be bad by your environment and not by you being born with it. If that will be a large key to some of these characters getting their redemption.
  7. I guess we're talking more console games because I was playing Humongous Entertainment games like Pajama Sam, Freddie Fish, and any licensed Blue's Clues game by them when I was about three or four on the computer. But for console that would be The Spongebob SquarePants Movie video game and I still love coming back to it and 100% it ever once in a while; takes about 8-9 hours at my skill level.
  8. Maybe not from Luster's angle: But like I said it's mostly just for the content that gets created around the idea. Like this ask Lustie Dawn blog: I wasn't even a Starburst shipper but I guess I have to be to enjoy this possibility.
  9. Disney's Tarzan with my parents and younger sister with it being her first movie too but she was only one or two years old. I remember she fell asleep to "Strangers Like Me" but the funny thing is the music must have stuck with her subconsciously because she wants "You'll be in My Heart" as her Father/Bride song to dance to. Oh wait that isn't really about me, well what I remember is being scared of Sabor and really liking Rosie O'Donnell as Terk especially with "Trashin' the Camp" and only years later learned how much of an unpopular opinion that was.
  10. I like the headcanon that she's Starlight and Sunburst's daughter. One just for the fanart and endless possibilities of stories they can be incorporated in, but also from a logical stand point it could work. The main concern being how did the daughter of the heads of the School of Friendship learn to be reluctant to friendship. Easy, in fear of turning into their parents Starlight and Sunburst didn't baby Luster or plan her entire life around their life and just let her grow up as she did. The only thing they did was send her off to the one pony they could trust, the pony who gave them all their better opportunities in life, Princess Twilight. If anypony knew how to deal with a pony gifted in magic and reluctant to friendship in an outside environment, it was her. They would just wait until it was time to enroll her in the School of Friendship and not force her into it. Or she can just be a random Canterlot unicorn but then you miss out on all this:
  11. Since it's too difficult for me to figure out how to write my thoughts for the season premiers and finale's

    individually, I'll just tell you that my favorites for both are from Season 2. 

    1. KH7672


      :adorkable: No worries friend, those hreads were merely a test on the idea and there are no hard feelings on any lack of participation. I appreciate the feedback. There's still the 24th episode thread which will provide more choices, even if you don't have any change in decision for the 25th and 26th.

  12. Well it's clear the unconventionalness of the ranking idea isn't too appealing but for those that do like the idea I'm just going to release this thread right away to not drag it out. So with these second episodes how many of these took those expectations of Part 1 and fulfilled it or could even they themselves be a satisfying stand alone episode to compare to the one stand alone episode we have. It may also line up differently than how you ranked episode 1 or not. We'll see how things fair out. 1. The Crystalling Part 2- This is probably the most sudden displacement on my list but this comes entirely down to it's execution and that being the side of Starlight that was willing to change, to face her past and to give me a reason to care about her character. This is when I fell in love with her as a character. Plus the side stories with the Mane 6 are quite fun with dealing with the baby and the heart's shattering. 2. Return of Harmony Part 2- This goes down slightly for one reason and that's Discord losing some presence in this part. It's of course understandable and the Discorded versions of the Mane 6 for some nice comedy but it is much slower than the first was for me after Twilight brings them back. 3. All Bottled Up- The A plot story with Trixie and Starlight are what makes this episode a lot of fun as I've always been such a fan of this dynamic and it really helps to expound on their friendship more. As for the B plot while not as exciting I do have quite a soft spot for "Best Friends Until the End of Time" and it's saccharin treatment of the Mane 6 friendship versus the one in the A plot. 4. The Crystal Empire Part 2- This gets a litte boost because the stakes are felt much more by the cast especially Twilight as her journey to find the Crystal Heart leads to some interesting situations and above all has a fantastic supportive role by Spike leading to his big day saving moment. 5. The Cutie Map Part 2- This also goes down because of the lack of subtlety anymore and while Starlight is still a fun villain I just wish there was more of a solidified conclusion for her build up. 6. Friendship is Magic Part 2- This also goes down a bit for the interactions feeling a lot more linear. The journey while interesting is really not subtle about what it's building up to. Also Nightmare Moon never interested me much as a villain to begin with. I came to the show for the characters and luckily they hooked me, not so much for the antagonistic writing. 7. School Daze Part 2- This part improves greatly from the last for me all due to the sentiments of the school put into perspective thanks to the secondary characters, from Starlight's heart to heart with Twilight to expounding on the students and making them very likeable. Still it does have an unearned exuberance of confidence against Neighsay so that still feels unresolved and pushed aside so it's not perfect. 8. The Beginning of the End Part 2- This stays right where it was mostly because while Sombra did get more intimidating and more interesting plus getting to see the Mane 6 come together to save the day I've made my stance clear on the execution of Discord's involvement and that personal dissatisfaction is what keeps it where it it for me. 9. Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2- Like I said the initial flashback was pointlessand while there is a nice lesson to Twilight about staying together showing that she still has much to learn. It's the fact that there never is much of a conclusion here. It's build up to the tree, build up to Discord's distrust, build up to the box. It's a season premiere of course but it just doesn't deliver on anything concrete unless you want to watch the rest of the season.
  13. So....we were nearing the end but I want to try something different. Lets take these episode rankings to the full season. We're going to go see how things rank up going episode by episode. Starting with your thoughts on the first part of some two parters or maybe the sole slice of life episode. Let's see which first part of these premiers not only set up expectations best but also lets try to treat them separately too. Did enough happen in this part to feel invested or was that second part needed. It's all for the fun of thinking about these episodes a different way so let's see how things feel. 1. Return of Harmony Part 1- This premiere is what made Discord great and his shenanigans here along with the Mane 6's trials through the maze created not just the best tension, best comedy, and a fantastic set up for a villain who had it all planned yet could still be thrown off or improvise his demeanor. 2. The Cutie Map Part 1- The initial reveal of Starlight's village and Starlight herself is such a memorable moment in the show allowing for a much more subtle villain and atmosphere. However the thing that really propels this single part is "In Our Town" song which sets a wonderfully distopian mood. 3. Friendship is Magic Part 1- It may not have much of the villain but honestly it doesn't need to. The great thing about this first part is just following Twilight and Spike along and meeting the ponies of Ponyville, especially five ponies in particular. Their interactions feel real and their characters genuine. It's a great low-key start to the series. 4. Celestial Advice- The episode to give some much needed interaction between Twilight and Celestia. The end provides a lot of sentiment not just for Celestia and Twilight but Twilight and Starlight as well. Discord wasn't too much while his purpose was to provide a jump in logic for Twilight that never got properly expounded upon his comedic undertones of it all were nice. Plus the fantasy segments provided good comedy as well. 5. The Crystal Empire Part 1- The suspense and mystery behind this premiere are big draws from the sudden appearance of the Crystal Empire to it's citizens suffering from subconscious trauma to Sombra himself just being a mere presence. As well as "The Ballad of the Crystal Ponies" that helps to bring up the mood but also brings the Mane 6 together. 6. The Crystalling Part 1- I definitely have bias on this because while it's low stakes especially with nothing happening until the Crystal Heart shatters at the very end, it's the premiere that showed off reformed Starlight and that initial aspect of her worries in the beginning provided enough investment. 7. Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1- This premiere is a little weird with taking a large step back of Twilight's role as a princess that the Season 3 finale implied. However the suspense and mystery surrounding the princesses disappearance and the strength of the Plunderseed vines themselves is investing as well as re-introducing a not so trustworthy Discord. Plus that initial flashback to Nightmare Moon was great (though will ultimately be pointless beyond lore building) 8. The Beginning of the End Part 1- The plot points and feelings of this part are all over the place. From the retirement announcement to Twilight jumping in and worrying but not actually taking time to address each thing that will change like her school, or her castle, or just her life. To the build up of villains with the only one doing much is Sombra with not even much screentime or presence until the very end when he destroys the Tree of Harmony finally creating some suspense. 9. School Daze Part 1- However what a rushed first part really feels like is this one. Building a school off-screen, running it for an indeterminate amount of time by montage, and not actually allowing for much a build up or investment on the whole school premise from the students to the classes. It is a lot easier to side with Neighsay than it wants to be especially when his is the only viable opinion.
  14. So I'm genuinely curious about this last possible episode thread and I would appreciate some feedback for those that have kept up with my ranking threads.

    @Kiryu-Chan @AlexanderThrond @Sparklefan1234 @Wolf Guide @Spider Demon @Js250476 @Oleks @Cash In @Rushing cash @Dark Qiviut @Zero @ChB and anyone else I may have missed:

    Would you want to have individual threads for the 1st, 2nd, 25th, and 26th episodes. Does it sound interesting to rank or think about each part of 2 parters individually? This is mainly because the 24th thread would have "The Ending of the End Part 1" in it. Also doing these individual threads would allow for single episodes like Party of One, Celestial Advice or The Last Problem to be ranked against those individual parts of the two parters. Let me know because if not I'll just conclude with the 24th thread and just leave out Season 9 from the ranking.

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    2. AlexanderThrond


      Doing threads for each individual episode would be interesting. 

    3. ChB


      @KH7672 While I understand your points, I consider each and every two-parter as one episode, as they are linked and depend on each other. However good or bad the first part is, the second part either makes or breaks the two-parter (at least, to me). I do get the desire to make your threads more unique though, so I can settle for making the same vote in both parts.

    4. Oleks


      Although I view two-parters as single episodes, I wouldn't mind individual threads. You have a point: we already have "Best premiere/finale" discussions.

  15. Today is the day, get your candy and costumes while you can and get ready for Halloween/Nightmare Night! :LunaMCM: