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  1. Considering we're in Canterlot already...yeah I'd turn Flitter in.(It's interesting to note no one here has yet to say who their favorite BG character is when answering the question. Sorry to break the trend. )Celestia will listen to the situation and judge fairly. Who knows maybe some princess intervention can help turn her life around. I'd totally be there to help explain. If not for her new friend maybe with the support of Cloud Chaser she can be helped.
  2. Spoiler

    Okay writer/writers and/or storyboarders this is your chance to do something fair and honestly the most logical.......Give Diamond Tiara a role this episode, be it a counselor, a volunteer leader for an activity anything works because: 1) She is a pony who "can get others to do what she wants." Like take part in camp activities and 2) It would be pretty smart to enlist the pony who is the REASON THEY AREN'T BLANK FLANKS anymore for their "help blank flanks camp" in the first place! Just a simple nod to her existence (and Silver Spoon's as well). She doesn't even have to talk (although it would be preferred but so far Chantal has yet to have any lines this season, not even for Spoiled Rich like last one).That's all I ask.
  3. It would be perfect for next season especially since Ingram said he still had some use of the live orchestra from the movie. I would love it if each character had their own little musical theme complete with different instruments. As for the story: While Twilight is out of town Starlight is teaching Trixie some sound spells late into the night. Trixie is struggling and Starlight is ready to call it a night. Trixie tries one final spell and gets a magic surge that explodes from her horn. All seems normal as Trixie shrugs it off to the sound of a trumpet and goes to bed. The next day it turns out all sound has vanished (the instruments are just for the audience) Trixie realizes she messed up but Starlight is fast asleep locked in her room. Trixie then spends the rest of the episode running around trying to fix it and as we follow her journey around town looking for a solution we get to see how the residents of Ponyville are going about their soundless day.
  4. Spoiler

    I just realized does that mean we actually are kind of getting a three part finale considering Sunburst's development in Uncommon Bond is probably going to tie into his appearance in the finale?
  5. I needed this for a project and AnimatedJames never had her in any of his cartoons so I made one myself. I thought she came out pretty cute so I decided to share her here, but the base (originally Octavia) is entirely from AnimatedJames
  6. Another American with a...well I don't know usually this just goes in circles. But my complaint is just on this whole spelling thing in general. Why does there have to be a correct spelling? Spelling and pronunciation all comes from trends and changes depending on cultures. I for one love the fact that people spell things differently. It let's me know I'm communicating with someone outside my country (helps defeat that location bias). Please feel free to tell me your "favourite" episode or what this "serie" means to you. I'm happy to communicate with anyone across the world.
  7. DISCLAIMER: I HAVE NOT READ ANY OF THE MOVIE SPOILERS SO ANY RESEMBLANCE TO THE ACTUAL FILM IS A COINCIDENCE [Princess Skystar is hanging around after the celebration at the end of the movie. She is approached by Starlight. They begin to hit it off and Pinkie notices] Pinkie: Awe, you're so cute together, I shall call this ship SkyStar! Skystar: But that's just my name... Pinkie: Oh um, how about StarSky?! Skystar: My name backwards? Starlight: Doesn't that also just spell out "Skarsky" Grubber: Oh, can I be Hutch?! Pinkie: NOPONY SHIPS YOU GRUBBER! [Single tear on Grubbers eye] Pinkie: SkyLight Starlight: Yeah, I try to avoid having "light" being in my ships to differentiate from Twilight. Pinkie: Ah, Skymmer! Skystar: Eh, sounds gross. Pinkie: GlimStar? Starlight: That sounds like you're shipping me with myself. Pinkie: GlimSky! Skystar: Awe, Glimsky sounds cute Pinkie: It's not pronounced "Glim-skee!" But what...uh...SkyGlim! Starlight and Skystar: eeeehhhhhhh......... Pinkie: AAAAAHHHHH! Why must your names be so unshippable!
  8. Can't say I dislike any characters (especially those used for one off episode lessons i.e. Gilda, Trenderhoof, Zephre) but I will say two characters need another episode episode to fix the frustrations I have with them. Those two being Tirek (whom it's probably unlikely) and Moondancer, please give her some actual character and personality!
  9. Ingram you LIED! There are six songs this season. "Happy Sneeziversary" is now best Season 7 song And I can already tell Haber's going to channelling "Simple Ways" Rarity. I am loving this!
  10. For me Season 6 took everything established in Season 5 and continued to expand and build off of it which is why it is one of my favorite seasons. So no it's not forgettable (then again no season really is for me).
  11. I mean when cleaning a horse shampooing their mane and shampooing their coat are two different processes. Plus they probably are just anthropomorphizing her behavior making her use some different body wash then the shampoo, like humans. Also a little bit of a spoiler from the sneak peek but that potion isn't simply some random magic potion:
  12. I hope this isn't too harsh but I kind of hope Scootaloo never flies. I mean we've seen flying has nothing to do with her cutie mark so she can still live a successful life without flying. She's got her scooter that helps her be unique, why change that uniqueness. It could even tackle an issue for relatable to kids with permanent physical disabilities (more than "Flight to the Finish" did) I don't know if maybe you haven't watched every episode yet but Twilight's parents have done more than just cameo once (in fact I think they've appeared in the most episodes so far tied with Pinkie's at 4 and Rarity's behind at 3) They were in the crowd of Shining Armor's wedding and Twilight's coronation. They also had spoken dialogue in "The Crystalling"
  13. spoiler

    I think it's the same actor. Remember Pip hasn't spoken since Crusaders of the Lost Mark. For comparison on child voices compare Sweetie Belle in Ponyville Confidential to Twilight Time (roughly the same amount of time) also taking into account boys voices can drop very rapidly and more distintly compared to girls (for non-mlp comparison Adventure Time's season 2 Finn to Season 4 Finn)
  14. spoilers

    Pondering it would make sense for a proper revenge to go after Starlight's closer friends but here's the other thing, this is Chrysalis' plan. Before her plan involved only seeking out the opposing parties at "A Canterlot Wedding" (Flurry and Luna were roped in as well due to their ties to the opposing parties) but Sunburst, the right hand of the Crystal empire wasn't considered, Starlight, Twilight's student wasn't considered, it's clear she has a very narrow scope on her target range. So now for this second plan who she goes after the pony who went after the Mane 6. In Chrysalis' mind if she wasn't as close of friends as the audience as seen she wouldn't have cared that much for them. This is Chrysalis' real first impression of Starlight one that didn't involve Sunburst at all, and as for Trixie...let's be honest she was a meat shield in that rescue mission, Chrysalis is not going to bother with a pony she saw being that useless (probably going to be her downfall). The only other character who played any major role in that rescue was Thorax but...yeah the choice of going after the leader and your former swarm all by yourself even with the ability to inside job it in disguise, I'm going to stick with the pony who only has six ponies and a baby dragon by her side (again from what Chrysalis has observed). You could argue why not do some further observations on her target to be more prepared (a la The Cutie Re-mark) but this is a character who always had an army of drones behind her, probably not the best at working solo. But hey at least her acting's improved
  15. I have to admit that's a new one I've heard about Haber. "A grudge against Twilight and her friends..." is this because of a one time finale? The premiere clearly dedicated a good side story to at least Twilight and Pinkie serving some relevance to the plot. Now if you mean it's because he's the editor that let these stories go to final draft. I think that's a stretch he sough out stories to bring the Mane 6 down. His priorities seemed to be more, "does this teach a lesson, is it coherent, is there anything heinously risky?" Yes, yes, and no, send it off then. Those stories could have been about any character.