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  1. KH7672

    A gift for Spike

    For now.... Yes much like some others here I was unable to finish it in the time restraints. However, I do have one planned and am working on it. So @Twilight Sparkle if you keep this open long enough I should have it ready for Spike within the week. Otherwise I'll post it in the Visual Art Forum when it's complete. Hope Spike Day went over well, and I look forward to contributing to it in due time.
  2. KH7672

    General What word do you want to say right NOW.

    Antidisestablishmentarianism too just like the one post a little above me. No reason really just like saying the word. And I repeat post it because I just hope nobody here has
  3. KH7672

    Do You Think Starlight Glimmer is a Good Person?

    I get where the dissonance is coming from with both of these viewpoints but I feel context is important here. Not just external context like the endangering of students but the internal one both Discord and Starlight have. What I mean by Discord's internal context is when he says "Incompetent and Power-hungry" he's referring to the events in the episode. She couldn't control the students when he "helped" and didn't have much of a plan relying completely on Twilight's notes not her own thoughts and feelings proved to him she's incompetent. Likewise because she refused his help at every turn, shut down his every suggestion tells him she's power-hungry in the principal position. So in context he is not wrong. As for Starlight, she's determined to follow Twilight's guidepoints entirely and only strays from that directive once at the banishing moment. Why? What was asked of Discord by her? She wanted him to stop ruining the school because he showed previously he was not content with the school. He is by what seems testing her limit as a principal to try and clean up his mess. Spike says this is what he does to his friends. So now she sees this as some kind of test to pass for his amusement. Fine amusement it be, but endangerment is too far for this test, not friendly in the slightest, so she confronts him. Now Spike asks the ultimate question: Emotions are now ultimately conflicted for her. All this time time Discord seemed to be testing her ability to be in charge, but now he's saying that HER in charge is the problem and this is not some friendship test and that he's trying to actually save the school from her. She has no idea what he wants and with that deflection of the question she has had enough. This wasn't just some insult it was a complete mindscrew and she wasn't having it. And yet that banishing action is exactly what Discord wanted, to break her, to show her bad side to students. And ultimately that action is what helps her determine the problem with herself. Discord shows her no matter what actions she takes he's going to keep coming, so by taking the strongest action she learns magic will not solve this issue. There is something that is his problem but he's not saying, so she has to step back and reevaluate which she does. Was she a good person during that entire time, no, but is she supposed to be? I mean she is the one whom apologizes, whom admits to being wrong. Humility is a good trait to have and I think Starlight in these Season 8 episodes shows a fine example of becoming self aware of your weaknesses by presenting them out in the open for the audience to judge.
  4. Group hugs are always the best when you're hugging your best friends and ones you love. Feel the love @Starlight Glimmer? If not then more hugs for @Thorax! Also it is National Hug Day so if you can hug your own loved ones, their your own personal Huggo Buggos !
  5. KH7672

    "Say Something Nice"

    Love: (Crusaders of the Lost Mark) Spoiled Rich being the main cause was a complete cop-out and would have improved Diamond Tiara's redemption through some real self reflection of her action, and "Pony I Want to Be" doesn't count. Dislike: (Twilight's Kingdom) Both Twilight and Discord's internal struggles felt real and improved each character immensely more than any "big action scene" could.
  6. KH7672

    December Art Contest Winner

    Thank you very much @VanillaGhosties I'm glad you liked it. Really cool to see you judging this contest, because seeing the amazing progress you've made with just Photoshop in your art has been inspiring to so many artists that watch you. I did worry about the risk of making more show accurate art without all the unique colors and shading others do, but I'm glad my risk paid off. Thank you again and good job to all the other entries, I especially liked @ShadOBabe's as well because of the story in the expressions.
  7. KH7672

    The School of Friendship is a good idea

    I don't understand where this "friendship can't be taught" mindset is coming from. The exact wording specifies books, studying, obvious solitary activities can't ALONE teach a student friendship. That is why the school works. It's not just students reading books, studying and doing school activities by themselves, it's a confined physical environment to make friends and interact throught the school TOGETHER. In parallel Celestia's first real friendship assignment is a broader version of the school. "Twilight, go to this specific place to make friends because letting you have the complete worldly freedom is not making you ambitious enough to do it on your own." The new environment will teach you friendship, the different ponies you will encounter will teach you friendship, just like all the different students.
  8. KH7672

    Art Contest - December

    So then mind if I ask for safety sake and since I have time to resubmit did my submission "work" or did it not load?
  9. KH7672

    Art Contest - December

    I have submitted it and with mere hours to spare! Now this was a fun month While I don't have to win the contest I just hope the judge and everyone will appreciate the effort I put into my submission. This was definitely my most ambitious work and a total passion project for the entire month of December, so I hope you all like it.
  10. Here's the problem with that though. All emotes so far, barring Rover and Crackle, are just a face not even the whole head. So take away the ears and wings of any batpony the most essential features and you get: Yeah......not most recognizable, unfortunately. But hey maybe we can opt for a full head emote to at least get the ears.
  11. Bas


    The series as a whole is great, and great story-telling, but I didn't play all games. I played KH1, KH2, BBS, and 358/2. KH2 was by far the best, KH1 was okay-ish, BBS prob 2nd and the NDS title was....grindy and not enough happening.

    Not sure how good the mobile game, the japanese browsergame (KH x) or COM/Re:CoM are. 3D was prob pretty good too.

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    2. Bas


      BBS; I am almost done with Terra and did Aqua before.

      For PSP; FF7 CC is also pretty great!

      The NDS game wasn't bad per se, I really loved the cutscenes as usual, but I felt it was too much grind/missions for too less story progress a lot of the time.

    3. KH7672


      Oh yeah I've heard good things about Crisis Core, I would love to get into the Final Fantasy series just never really figured out a good place to start. (Also I would need to find my PSP again...)

    4. Bas


      I think FF7 got or is about to get a remake. Remake's Gamestyle as well as CC's is like KH.

  12. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Christmas Eve!!! Do you have any idea what those words mean for retail employees like myself!?!!??!! JK no harsh feelings. Enjoy yourself everyone. Just letting you know my excuse. Update edit: Aaaaannndd I just checked my schedule. I actually open Christmas Eve! So I'll definitely try to log on when I get home (as long as I'm not too drained )
  13. I nominate each of the Students then!
  14. KH7672

    Nicole Dubuc Q&A

    Welcome, and hope you're enjoying this holiday season coming from a retail employee. My question is related to the great Twitter thread you did talking about writing, and I was wondering what comes after that? Are all the lines for every episode recorded at once or does it depend on the cartoon's production?