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  1. megathread

    You just answered your own question why there is no need for a change in voice actors. Unlike the reboots which are supposed to be separate from the original source material, the movie is drawing entirely from what's been built up in the show. It's the same with the Spongebob Squarepants movies, no need to change a cast in a movie that relied on the success and appeal from the original show. However the counter argument could be made for Ninjago but it's the studio's call, and Hasbro knows who these characters need to be.
  2. It is a real shame all these shows ending. I know a lot of them could have faired better on other channels (especially Dan Vs. - oh Curtis how I miss your incessant anger at things). Still MLP has always been the main draw for this channel, the second might have been LPS but don't quote me on it there is no way Hasbro would just give it up if they lost the channel. That would be like Nickelodeon throwing Spongebob away. That's always been the channel's downfall in America, it's limited availability. It's probably why they switched to those reality TV shows. I actually miss The Hub's old programming schedule. Besides all the cartoons, there was still A Haunting Hour and even some of those game shows drew me personally in as a viewer. But that kind of production can't thrive on a channel with that limited availability.
  3. So the whole "Look my love, look at this world I built just for us!" kind of premise? Eh.......that kind of makes Discord look worse actually. He is willing to put all of Equestria at risk only if his waifu is left unharmed. At least with Discord being double crossed with his own magic he is suffering just as much as he made everyone else suffer. It was funny in To Where and Back Again because if he wasn't going to help the other three still could have saved them. Here he isn't helping either side just himself with only one hope left that he already sold out. Unless when you said "he takes the magic from the others" and that includes Discord, he is not only getting away from this battle unharmed but also putting the others in even more distress by singling them out. Discord was fine in Twilight's Kingdom, and your premise still has the rest of the six-sans Fluttershy-tossed to the wayside until Rainbow Power time.
  4. I just took her cutie mark vector and printed it onto one of those White T-shirt iron sheets you can find at any craft store. (If you use Word put on the ruler and make sure the mark is between 1 inch to 1 inch and a half to make it fit and reverse the image. Also you have the opportunity to print two. If you could see the other side of her flank I put on another mark as well. A little more show accurate). Anyway, just be gentle when ironing on the mark. Not too much pressure and don't keep it pressed on the plush for too long. However, I do worry I may have been lucky, and I'd hate for this to ruin your plush. Just be careful with the ironing and judge for yourself and you should be fine.
  5. I don't know about that. I wonder if he just wasn't an assertive story editor. As long as the writer didn't write something overly offensive he let them role with the story. Not saying it's a good thing but I don't agree with your opinion of him. Looking back at any of his stories S4-S6 while some may not have been as high stakes as people wanted not once can you look at his stories and say "man, he wrote said character horribly." The only time I can think is Flim and Flam in Leap of Faith being actual con-men now but it helped propel Applejack's key episode nicely for her character.
  6. Interesting, interesting, or.... the obvious spin-off: Starlight Glimmer and Friends ©2020 created by our glorious savior of Season 6, Josh Haber!
  7. Puppy Starlight with her Trixie plush/chew toy Originally from: Reading with Twilight Sparkle by SymbianL
  8. "Anyone who has ever owned a scooter knows there's no way Scootaloo could go off-roading with those tiny wheels. You're liable to flip over the handle bars if you hit a ladybug." -LittleshyFiM But if we are ignoring real world physics I would love for her wings to be specifically designed to give her the ability to do those awesome tricks. Like they should show a pegasus with the ability to fly has too strong of wing power to be stable on a scooter. It would be beautiful for Scootaloo to feel special with that unique scooter ability not no other pegasi have because of their "normal" wings.
  9. "Lucy"- A 2014 film starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman with the premise being humans only using 10% of their brain power until the main character, Lucy(Johansson), has slowly been achieving 100% of her brain power able to use telekinesis and other mind powers becoming more dangerous. Never saw it myself but it was critically panned. Sorry to hear everything you went through and don't worry as long as you're enjoying life no need to worry about other people (this coming from a guy who has only had one other close friend in four years). And no problem trust me I got lost in Techno's explanation as well, so it's not just you.
  10. Hmmmm...I don't know it just doesn't bother me. Is it stupid, yes, is it unnecessary, yes, is it funny, not so much yet I just can't feel anything but, "eh" and just keep watching. Definitely "Amending Fences" I will never understand this "correct" characterization of Moondancer. I want to like her like almost (I didn't forget you Thrond) everyone else in the fandom does but I just can't. I really hope another appearance from her can help this like all of Starlight's subsequent one's helped her for me.
  11. I'm sorry but humans do use 100% of their brain power everyday. That whole "only use 10% thing" is a myth (own of reasons "Lucy" was panned from the get go). I'm not trying to discount anything Techno is saying, it seems more his brain works differently than yours or mine but don't sell your brain short.
  12. About that, that was Dream Starlight who said that. A Starlight whose cutie mark switch literally caused the nightmare versions to form. Notice how she keeps saying "Equestria is doomed" Equestria's not really doomed because the sisters had to switch roles for a day. However Equestria in her dream was doomed because that Equestria was being taken over by Daybreaker and Dream Starlight believed that. All the real Starlight did was let a little thought oops I may have messed up, into a full blown psychological nightmare like a lot of people get when stress is put on them.
  13. Kind mares sure but to be honest, he needsa mare that is kind but not afraid to spreak up. That's why I could never see him with Marble or Fluttershy (at least the fandom's interpretation where he is in charge, no she would be in charge with the characterization she's been going through). Now the thing with Cheerilee, is she's nice but that is the air of the teacher persona, outside of the classroom we see her cynical side and I fear too much baggage for poor Big Mac. I will totally agree with Sugar Belle though. She is kind to plenty like she was with Feather before he became too pushy. She will care for anypony as long as they are willing to listen and care for her. And if they don't, well she's not hesitant to put them in their place. She's kind and would be willing to speak for and understand the soft spoken stallion.
  14. I'll break the mold of pessimism and slight optimism against Josh. I absolutely love his stories but for one aspect: his charactization of the characters involved. I will agree with everyone here his story pacing absolutely needs work which is why I'm glad he's not alone. But looking back on all his episodes the way he writes these characters are fun (Castle Mane-ia, Simple Ways, Stanger Than Fan Fiction) and really challenges the characters morals (Leap of Faith, Bloom and Gloom, Cutie Re-mark). So yes I am looking forward to this finale even more hoping he can give each character a moment to shine like he does.
  15. Princess Skystar obviously I mean look how enthusiastic and higher energy she is in the trailer and promotional material (especially that 360 concept art).