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  1. This is definitely why I like rewatching episods that frustrate me. It is interesting to see what could have been better and what is still in the episode that's enjoyable.
  2. Let's say for all intents and purposes you are placed in a time bubble and get to binge watch all of Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls. This time bubble makes it so time is completely halted so in the end there is no consequence for how long or how quickly you watch through the entirety of Gen 4. So then what episodes or movies would you skip purely based your enjoyment and not being a waste of time watching? I would skip none because even though I've had my frustrations with episodes the characters involved are always great to watch in their best and in their worst. The stories are still engaging with their personalities and acting so yeah nothing really makes me want to skip an episode. Pony is always entertaining for me no matter the moral or execution.
  3. I have to say I was pretty neutral with her throughout Season 5. For me I don't get invested in a character until you show there are ways you want to use them. It's why I unpopularly loved Diamond Tiara as a primary antagonist for the CMC, the lows they were willing to drag this character, yes give me more I want to see her continue to be a fantastic foil for each CMC at one point...oh you're redeeming her now, with a sympathetic backstory.......ughhhhhhhh. But where I'm going with this is why I was really open to Starlight's entire handling in the Season 5 finale. We've invested so little time into her character at this point any story could have worked for her. I also personally didn't see Starlight's backstory as sympathetic. I didn't feel sorry for her, I didn't care what happened and really that made her so much more appealing. I saw her as that commenter who keeps digging themselves deeper and deeper in an argument until finally lashing out in a way you weren't expecting. I don't feel sorry for that person but now I have more insight into their raw mental process. That is where I was at with Starlight after Season 5 and into 6. I was more curious with what they'd do with this messed up character and how would they expond upon her personally and boy was Season 6 that perfect answer. I loved her facing every aspect she messed up in the past (from rekindling friendships, making new ones, her self-centered approaches, and leadership regrets) this is the kind of stuff I wanted. Sure giving her more adventurous stories with the main cast would have made her fit in better, but I didn't see that as the biggest problem with her character. She still had too many doubts, was just so unsure and uncomfortable with herself and her mistakes (even nicely evidenced by her theme song appearance), you needed to tackle her insecurities first to make an impact on herself and come out of her own, once she has done that then she was ready for Season 7's real development as a show character. This unconventional approach to this character has always been my biggest draw to her. The idea that traditionally you want to make a new character feel one with the cast (make it up to them, help with external issues) before delving into their real issues, that way the audience feels more invested, but this approach of building her up from the inside out, I couldn't be more invested. Maybe it's backwards, maybe it's terrible writing but it's what kept me loving her Season6 appearances as I could just see her personally grow more and more with every appearance. Maybe that's why she's so bland to people because the focus has been more on her mistakes and less on her improvements as a character, but she's got the sociability now, she'll find ways to make a bigger impact yet, I know it.
  4. She obviously did a quick drive-by apology in during the animal sanctuary montage As for the episode idea, do we really need another, Starlight impulsivity does this thing with good intentions but has to learn why not to as well. If you really want her to cast some sort of spell on him, have him bring it up, or better yet, have Starlight take notice first. She gives some heart to heart being the outside perspective to his relationship with Twilight and the Mane 6. This gives Spike a reason to confide in her and then he can be the one to give consent for some magic use. No need to drag Starlight down in something she is supposed to be helping with. That's what Season 7 was for.
  5. I did it in three categories: Starswirl is my favorite developed character. Having expectations, building him up, pulling him down, he had his own personal arc and I look foward to the Starswirl in this new mindset. Somnambula is my favorite overall character, her design, voice, attitude hopefully getting a litte more fleshed out in future appearances but she's definitely that character that just makes me happy to see on screen; kind of like Pinkie herself Mistmane is my favorite legend (Meadowbrook is close second) because hers felt the fullest in execution, really delving into who she was like before and more personable in her background, not to mention a great setting, and even a nice message overall.
  6. That and as I've seen the fact that none of the other characters are considering her idea any good. When the character that is being ignored and ends up being right in the end it can come across as "this character is better than all the others who thought the right answer in the end was wrong." Every character had motivations and a thought process that made sense sure, but it still does seem kind of a deliberate choice. However like you said: If you want to get real technical, if they only listened to Starlight and not anypony else, they would be dead, or at least severely injured by the fully restored Pony of Shadows. Stygian was only able to be talked to, free of the Darkness's hold, because it was preoccupied with being sucked into the portal created by the Elements. Starlight's plan had no mention of the Elements so there was also going to be no way the Darkness could have been banished once Stygian was free too (which would have also been hard as it required the power of the Elements the pull him out as well). The unanswered question of how powerful is this Darkness is the key to most of the episode's sequence of events but probably the most frustrating thing about the episode as well as it's also the key to most of it's problems.
  7. Woah hey, easy on the quick draw on that statement I was just analysing the episode as unbiased as possible keeping my feelings for the character out of it. Of course I know she reprimanded herself through psychological trauma in her dreams, a great showing of how she has remorse for her actions, but I was tackling more the physical reprimanding or lack there of by the princesses. I truly feel Celestia made the right call with some positive reassurance so to build up her self-worth again after experiencing what Starlight was feeling. That does not change in the long run that this could have spiraled into a poor mindset for her character to go with her gut. Luckfully, that mindset is properly reprimanded in "To Change A Changeling" so there is nice control there. All I was stating was who she messed with and the final outcome for said characters reacting toward her. Just trying to keep it simple about the actions and not the feelings.
  8. It's interesting how this perception of her came about in Season 6. I'm being honest here, this is not being biased against her, she was not reprimanded for her actions ONCE; "A Royal Problem." NSP-Immediately called out by Applejack for her use of magic. As for changing perceptions, they know the pony they are dealing with and the issues she has leading to... ELTSD-Called out by Twilight, apologizes to the other five and does not even ask for help, they offer it themselves. They see she owns her mistakes and is not trying to excuse herself as a good idea because she was thinking too self centeredly on her getting done their lessons as best, just not going about it right ABU-This is when she messes up because she is now thinking of others feelings and not just her own. Getting away with it because, well what's there to confess? The table is back, the three ponies understood the accident, and she even fixed her property damage, so did she really get away with anything that she didn't make up for? ARP-Now we have the first instance of getting away with her sporadic decision making. I mean she was called out at first but I get what you mean by the end with Celestia calling it the right call. TCAC-Thorax immediately calls her out, makes her come along, and was ready to call her out again, and rightfully so as this was the first decision that could have had dangerous consequences. She does try to weasel out of it but this is the first time she tries so I am forgiving this once, still I won't blame you if you aren't. However remember Thorax witnessed her decision making and leadership firrst hand so I doubt one mistake that she tries to fix will sour his perception that much. Triple Threat and that episode showed how good of friends they are compared to the rest of the Mane 6 and the princesses. And just since she did use magic UB- Use magic AFTER Twilight tells her to use it to bond with Sunburst, and AFTER Sunburst shows interest in her spell (just unaware of how much it did) she uses magic on him and immediately after she sees his dissatisfaction, she does not try to justify the spell, she gives up and sees her mistake in herself not even in Sunburst. Messing up and acting impulsively for different reasons everytime are different things. In all those episodes, she faltered everytime (you know like all these characters do) but she only messed up three times and is only positively reinforced once.
  9. That's definitely where we have our first difference in our villain line up. Starlight was the first villain who did not seek power or was corrupted by it in the first place. It was only after achieving said position and power did things start to get to her. This is not uncommon, seriously I've seen the friendliest of Shift Leads go to the bossiest of Assistant Managers because of the increased stress in the new position. She has to deal with differing opinions and feelings now (those that started to miss cutie marks) and with the chance of turning an alicorn on her side this was feeding more and more into her messed up philosophy. It's interesting to note too that she never could have planned to take the Mane 6's cutie marks away in the first place, she only acted on impulse when they got too curious and knew too much to leave. I say this because she didn't know who told them about the vault. Obviously she planned the ambush once they inquired but there is no way she had Nightglider, Sugar Belle, and Party Favor set them up, or else what benefit would it be in feigning knowledge, even if it was to test Fluttershy, why would she actually put Party Favor through the reconditioning if he was already on her side to begin with. The logic of the episode begins to fall apart if Starlight is supposed to be more evil and power hungry than just a pony who began to rely too much on her power when her flimsy philosophy that she believed to be for the greater good was tested. So is this the problem, that people are finding Starlight's philosophy too much in the right? Because in the end even she realized what she believed was ridiculous, and if she is willingly coming back to the village with no desire to inflict her philosophy that brought them together in the first place before realizing their deceit then why not easily offer forgiveness if everypony is now on the same page, or in Starlight's case maybe even a page behind because she doesn't consider herself worthy of their forgiveness. She knows she messed up, they know she messed up, they know they're living better after messing up, she knows they're living better without her messing things up what more could a village episode offer than constantly beating the audience over the head about how much every character messed up; something already being complained about Starlight herself.
  10. Yeah the selfish aspect is drawing more from what others have said about the episode. I see that now how that idea of self centeredness translates to her village. She gives them an idea of life that they agree to, maybe not thinking through the consequences of being without a cutie mark. She is finding a solution for others that came about from a solution for her own cutie mark issues. So if this is the mindset she was in as their leader, where are the issues to be dealt with other than deceit in this village episode? Now we would have to dig into how she treated them but by this mindset of a pony who was not selfish but self centered, all that would mean is she would want a community where she is in charge but feels no need to "rule over them" they follow her rules and she follows theirs, give or take an huge execption done only because she would not be able to take cutie marks away otherwise. So if they were not treated poorly, followed a rule willingly just as much as their leader did, wouldn't it be kind of petty to hold a grudge over the deceit aspect especially when said deceit was not for her benefit but for her towns benefit to keep the community's philosophy. They would be just as much to blame for their outcome as she is. So maybe that's why the episode would not be necessary, if this were the chain of events everypony was in the wrong and they realized that, so what's the point in holding onto past mistakes and instead embrace the better life they have been given. I mean sure an episode could have helped to make that sentiment more obvious but this missed opportunity came from the same writer who felt no need to expand on Starlight's parents, it comes down to the audience to work out but hey I'm probably just making excuses at this point.
  11. Ah I see so instead of reinforcing her strength as a leader, reinforce her strength in magic, thus becoming the only thing she feels good at as it solves her trust problem leading to a more organic feel to use it more freely in the later episodes. That definitely keeps the status quo of the season. But like you also said this can lead to a complaint of her reliance on magic. Still would it have helped if this reliance on magic did some physical good first before she uses it later to mess up and learn from the situation? But then that would make it feel even more of a step backwards for her in later episodes if she already has exhibited the difference in expending magic for the good of others vs. the good of herself. So she would lose the lesson of "Every Little Thing." Is that episode worth dropping? Now we're starting to change Starlight from understandably lacking social skills to just being defiant of them in favor of magic. We are losing the internal struggle the character went through in favor a lesser or even more backward one.
  12. I really do like that idea as it can give some details of how the villagers really were treated. Although, said crisis is does sound a bit forced and drifting closely into retreading Rainbow Rocks. It still could work. Say there was a beast in that labyrinth of caves that only Starlight knew of because she clearly was the only one who knew the layout of the caves. It could be revealed that she was keeping the beast at bay her entire leadership time without thsm knowing so that their utopia would not be ruined. Now this could give the villagers a different way to see her as a leader; a better side. However the downside to this is whether she would still be hesitant as a leader in the future. This episode would show she has good potential and care as a leader for others but then where would her confict go for the finale? These are the ideas I'm trying to understand because ultimately: It is this conclusion that I'm wondering about. Would this episode really be worthwhile in the long run. Are there more possiblities to take her. Do you lose too much of the individual struggle with this revelation to herself? This is how you can ultimately decide what the best path others say should have been by examining the possiblities and their outcomes. I'm not trying to change a character to fit others wants, I'm trying to examine how well this wanton change would actually work in the end! Thanks for the synopsis, I hope more may follow but you've definitely given an interesting perspective from one who like her.
  13. Yes, you read that title correctly. I want to thank @cmarston1 for this idea with their dream synopsis in a previous thread. So what I mean is: Image you are Josh Haber (or any of the writers) and instead of "The Crystalling" (or any of the earlier episodes) being your Season 6 episode synopsis, you have to now write the episode about Starlight going back to her village to earn their trust (i.e. that scene in the Season 5 finale never happened). This means it is not fan-fiction (or to be treated as serious or ridiculous fan-fiction can get) this is to be written as an actual episode for the show engaging for it's intended audience and fans alike. How would you do it? How would this benefit Starlight, the show, and the audience with this being a core episode in Season 6 that all other episodes follow? Are you going to drastically change Starlight and if so how is that going to affect future episodes?
  14. I'm sorry what pain? Do you mean the cutie mark removal spell? I'm pretty sure it's only painful if the subject is resisting, which I doubt most of the village ponies did as she said she only offered an escape for those that wanted...unless you get too curious to be able to leave freely.
  15. I apologize these aren't entirely my thoughts. I'm trying to approach these arguments from the opposite side as unbiased as possible so let me try to give the argument more concise. The argument is not that she doesn't deserve forgiveness but that she's not doing much with that forgiveness. Slacking on lessons, relying too much on magic, and jumping to conclusions too often. We are seeing all these redemptions from Sunset, Discord, and Tempest and how they prove themselves to the main characters but Starlight's characterization has been more of building herself back up and less building up other characters like Discord with Fluttershy and Twilight or Sunset with Human Twilight. But when she does (Trixie, Princesses, Pharynx) she is still messing up the dynamic making mistakes.