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  1. KH7672

    Introducing Team Clubs

    Eh it shouldn't be too much longer now. All that needs to be finalized is whether Flutterbat or Silver Spoon join the team, then it should be open for your choosing within the next couple days. Make sure you and Sunset take care of my favorite character. I expect you all to go far.
  2. That plushie is still the most adorable thing ever

    1. KH7672


      I would say thank you but it's not like I made her.^_^ She's just one of those Chinese ones from online however I did put the cutie mark on her as an iron-on and amazingly it didn't discolor or harm the material.

      CAM00231.thumb.jpg.42e33d5e9bb5cac136ef7828de5a608d.jpgThank you for the compliment to make my day though!:laugh:

    2. Frostgage


      Ironing skills on point :proud:

  3. KH7672

    Team Captain Voting Groups 15-18

    Angel Bunny leading the captain vote over both Meadowbrook and Tirek! Excellent....
  4. I mean I know I voted for Night Glider before and really wanted Braeburn to win so voting for his victor wouldn't be right, yet there is something about Smarty Pants. So yeah I'll give her the vote. I mean this could lead to an interesting set-up later on.
  5. Wait, what exactly are you worried about? That she becomes the captain or not? Her and Sweetie Belle are already set for the Rainbow Falls group.
  6. Well I know I can speak for a lot of us and say this is not the final match-up we were expecting but you got to roll with the punches in Equestria...unless you're not then well: Well, congratulations to Twist and Thunderlane for making it to the final round and good luck to both of you! My money’s on the Pegasus because one it would give us an official Buckball Team and two if the filly wins it wouldn’t be much fun having both of us be the silent type. Right…well may the best PONY win! *SMASH* I…I lost?! I’m out of the competition. At least you lost against ponies and not some toothless alligator. Ugh, I say whatever to them and their competition. I mean look, I already had “my team” ready and willing to compete! Um, aren’t these the versions from this world who don’t even know about the competition. Well that’s when we would play a little game of switch-a-roo once these versions are more conditioned to my leadership. Not like it matters now! When did it ever matter it was just some dumb pony thing. DON’T YOU GET IT! This could have been our chance to get back in the limelight again, but now we’re already two chances down with only yours to go. Who are you competing with, we have to make sure we don’t blow this final chance! Okay, um, let’s see, I think it’s some yellow unicorn, a turquoise Pegasus and those smelly yak’s leader. Hey, that sounds like pretty good odds. I mean you can easily out popular vote some yak and its not like one of the competitors is some clamored for fan favorite even more than us right..........? We’re doomed. And yes I did vote for Adagio, but good luck Thunderlane! Seriously you already got the tough competition out of the way.
  7. I'm sorry, you didn't understand the context of me quoting you. I'm trying to tell Jeric he recorded the wrong winners for the Group 7&8 Wild Card Rounds. I remembered your joke pointing out that more were voting for Twinkleshine than the Smooze and quoted to make sure Jeric could see where I was getting the information and conclusion. I wasn't thinking about how out of context I was bringing you into the conversation, because I neglected to remember what direct quoting does to the mentioned party. Unless I am remembering the results wrong but no one has yet to say anything either.
  8. I believe Cheese Sandwich won the vote by at least three votes (mostly because I remember I was going to make another Weird Al reference with AJ and Velvet) I also think Twinkleshine beat The Smooze by more votes than Cheese. Mostly because of this post: I'm certain that was because the Smooze was losing by a large margin. Doesn't affect my choice for captain though.
  9. KH7672

    episode discussion S08:E13 - The Mean 6

    I wouldn't even say near the end there was a possibility. They probably just thought some animals destroyed the campsite (to spite Fluttershy would be the best rationale). It's interesting upon re-watch I realized that the Mean 6 also never figured out the Mane 6 were there either. Mean Twilight actually thought she was walking with a strangely enthusiastic Mean Pinkie. And Mean Applejack thought Mean Rarity stumbled upon Starlight Glimmer just alone in the woods. That little attention to detail in each of their interactions was really nice to keep the charade going for each of the parties. It also helps add to the suspension of disbelief when even smart characters, like Mean Twilight, don't realize they're talking to the originals, like Pinkie and Fluttershy.
  10. KH7672

    episode discussion S08:E13 - The Mean 6

    Starlight's not an Element bearer, a clone of her would be useless for such an objective of power. I believe the idea, set-up, and exection were entirely purposeful and twists a sort of dark comedy element the show has never done. I will agree with one thing it was extremely risky to attempt a complete subversion of all expectations and even leads to some odd characterizations later on but allow me to provide my interpretation of the story structure: [Note the rest of this is no longer explicitly directed at you @Zantetsuken it's just a compilation of more of my thoughts on the episode] As I said the writing seemed to purposely subvert every single expectation such a set up could bring. Returning Villain-> Let's have her not interact with the main characters at all Evil Clones-> Let's have them merely cause some trouble but never once be found out by the main characters Clones causing Misunderstandings-> Let's have the characters take everything at face value and work out the misunderstandings themselves without catching on to the clones (this is probably the most frustrating but I do have more to expand on this). Serious possible Mean vs. Nice battle-> Nope, let's have the main characters have they're own problems and the bad guys have theirs only crossing paths to perpetuate comedic misunderstandings (I'm sorry but I don't see the seriousness some think the story has other than this evil villain here yet she is reduced to "foalsitting" evil doppelgangers and sinking further into desperation for a plan.) Again a subversion of the usual villain she has been with a changeling army. Now to expand on the lesson and the characters problems. I've seen the complaint that they should have been able to pick up on the differences easily (which Rainbow and Applejack did with Mean Rarity) and keeping them in the dark and having them take everything not ask questions and just work it all out themselves is dumbing them down for a lesson however, it's time for my favorite question! Why? Why have the Mane 6 and Starlight seen through a ruse before contrary to this performance. Well the biggest thing is lack of conflict. When it was Discord's maze or Cadence's Wedding there was already a bigger conflict to worry about. They are more alert to odd occurrences because there are bigger things to worry about than an argument. Even with Starlight returning in to Where and Back Again she is looking for friendly advice and not receiving it is off-putting. But here what's the actual conflict? They're just walking together to go camping, and not even a very important camping trip. And with tensions already starting to run high it's not hard to wear on them. So when they experience the Mean 6 is it really hard to twist these tensions -Mean Twilight just interacts with Pinkie and with Twilight already putting so much stress on retreats and team building can you really fault a pop quiz at least when you're Pinkie. Pinkie's so happy-go-lucky anyway it's not hard to fool her, unless you neglect helping a friend which is when Pinkie catches on to Twilight butby then the real one is back and she rationalizes it as Twilight being to focused on the retreat to not care about lost Fluttershy (which she kinda did when she let Fluttershy wander off and Pinkie wasn't around for that). -Mean Fluttershy doesn't interact with any pony just the animals and like the ending says Fluttershy can easily rationalize this to just being a bad day for the animals. -Mean Rarity is hoarding things but this is after Rarity made a huge boast of not needing "essentials" it could be rationalized as a relapse into wanting them which she admits in the end anyway. (Definitely the most stretching it) -Mean Pinkie is just bored which Twilight equates to not being interested in her retreated which she kinda seemed to show by jumping around and running off before -Mean Applejack spins a tall tale but why would Rarity not trust her. She just cares about her safety and she's clearly fine just wagonless (which original Applejack is as well) so not much to worry. The doubt comes more when ridiculing Starlight but Rarity has her to worry about more than Mean Applejack's behavior and besides friends can joke around with each other just don't take it too far. Starlight herself just feels hurt for having all that stuff Applejack did dumped on her for what seemed like a mean joke, but she takes this more as an attack on her hatred of camping which she reconciles. -Mean Rainbow Dash was just a lazy loner and only interracted with Fluttershy. So let's say Fluttershy calls her out "You didn't even help me" "What do mean I never saw you?" "Oh really but I you're right, I'm sorry, I guess being lost and alone out here I wasn't thinking straight and mistook you not helping." "Well if I did pass by you, I'm sorry for not helping, because you know if I did see I certainly would have" "Yeah I know" Because of the lack of stakes there is no reason to possibly doubt their experiences. To them they're just friends walking in the woods, nothing explicitly weird or out of the ordinary and friends are going to argue and disagree sometimes. Sometimes it's just one of those days and that's exactly how they take it as indicated by Pinkie at the end but it doesn't ruin the shared experience, and I enjoy that kind of sentiment when it comes to hanging out with friends.
  11. KH7672

    episode discussion S08:E13 - The Mean 6

    Wow......they're really hammering in "communication lessons" this season but you know this is probably one of the strongest ones when it comes to close friends. You know you like each other, you know you like to hang out with each other, but since you are clearly different people there are going to be disagreements and clashing mindsets. The most important thing is to communicate those differences so that no one is in the dark of how to interact with each other. -Rarity doesn't need to stress about not bringing enough and by communicating her desire to bring a cart full, others and she can plan accordingly to not get in the way. -Twilight shouldn't need to pressure enjoyment (sure it worked for the escape room) but if others let her know when she is taking it too seriously and maybe some time should be taken to smell the flora or enjoy the fauna they can do so with the respect that she will return (i.e. no wandering off without communicating Pinkie or Fluttershy) -I feel Starlight's lack of communication is a major one we experience day to day. There's always that friend that wants to play this sport, that game, watch this show that movie. You're allowed to say you're not interested in the thing they're doing but that shouldn't stop them from enjoying it themselves. Heck, you might even be willing to sit in and watch but they know now it's not because you're trying to get invested but because you just like hanging out. (So seriously stop trying to explain your games to me, just here hanging out and talking while you play is fun enough. *ehem* sorry got off topic). That's something I've at least taken away from what is ultimately a pointless episode in terms of story but I think it wraps of the first half of the season quite nicely. Besides I love me an episode where I can sit back and enjoy the characters without much thought in the plot.
  12. KH7672

    episode discussion S08:E12 - Marks for Effort

    Ah so you would like a lesson on what qualifies as a "meme face" or "faic" very well but I shall add a third entry for comparison as well: 1. Starlight's- 2. Cozy's (apologies for the marks I had to physically screencap this on my phone)- And finally Fluttershy's (from "Make New Friends but Keep Discord")- So the first and foremost secret to the perfect "faic" is the element of surprise; the suddenness of it's appearance. That is immediately why Cozy's does not get attention, because the context is all there why she is making such a face. Oh sure it's cute and so is she but the context is clear she is thinking real hard and as such scrunches up her cheeks. Fluttershy and Starlight's caught the viewer off guard. Fluttershy is telling a boring story but ends by ending it with a "faic" that story becomes perfectly memorable and meme-able to work with any awkward moment or even when your lips are sealed (hence the tag on ). Starlight's literally comes out of nowhere and coupled with robot delivery makes it extremely memorable. Lack of context is one of the key reasons a "faic" will take off. Cozy's context makes it difficult-not impossible-to create a meme from. The best it is is having her think deeply about what she's looking at but there's not much more to it. Fluttershy's on the other hand is perfectly malluable to fit any situation because at how simple and yet complex her "faic" is. This is the face of "awkward silence" or "screaming internally." The wide eyes and pinched cheeks give the perfect appeal of cute and innocent to be hyper exaggerated or twisted into any reaction to an opposing out of context situation. All of these reasons also apply to Starlight's "faic" however there is one more component to a perfect "meme face"- the adorable ugliness of it. This goes back to the early days of the show when Twilight reigned supreme as the "faic" queen because most episodes involved her reacting to other character and as such would give her not so flattering faces to make. That is where Starlight has an advantage over Fluttershy. Fluttershy's is cute and perfectly her but that's about it. Starlight has the straight eyebrows and dilated pupils with add a harshness to the face. A kind of face that is relateable in reality (relatability can also effect the meme potential of a face but not necessarily) and can be twisted to fit that narritive. The straight eyebrows do sell the "faic" appeal the best though because the emotion becomes very vague and easily malleable. Is she mad? Is she firmly content? Is she fighting depression with some coff-I meam cocoa? Is she feigning ignorance confidently? Is she disappointed in you (with just a little shifting of her eyesight easily because of the white background)? The face is off-putting yet charming in its appearance and thus makes it much easier to use in any context and more. I hope you enjoyed this lesson, now feel free to go back to discussing the actual episode. Sorry for taking up your time with this diversion.
  13. KH7672

    episode discussion S08:E12 - Marks for Effort

    And since we are not in endgame yet. The rook must be very trustworthy. She must gain absolute trust and loyalty of her king and castle him as to appear giving the greatest protection. But now the king is backing into the corner guarded solely by the rook and it is only a matter of time to take advantage of such a position...
  14. KH7672

    episode discussion S08:E11 - Molt Down

    I know everyone always says Starlight is Josh Haber's pet, but I really think Rarity is more of that. From "Simple Ways," to "It Isn't the Mane Thing About You," to today's performance I can tell he loves writing Rarity absurdly over-the-top and I can't say I dislike this characterization .
  15. That is not surprising to me in the slightest considering I fell for a similar thing. I believe it was in the Season 8 waiting thread someone regarding the leak abbreviated Big Mac and Sugar Belle as BM and SB and was talking about their relationship and it jumped out to me as Button Mash and Sweetie Belle (a ship I personally do not like) but wow is it crazy how similar names are in this series .