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  1. Aye, but you miss the crucial detail to such an experience, the random factor. In your example you are right, I absolutely forfeit my right to not be called out on when I willfully join your Dota game. I should know how much the game means to you if I choose to join your game and not be surprised your reaction when I show I have no experience. Pinkie did not get that choice, all she did was throw her name in a pool. Who knows if her experience would she have been paired with Fluttershy, Mudbriar, or even Matilda. She just came to indulge in a new experience, and was hoping to have fun with it with another random partner who may have handled her in-experience differently. There's a reason you probably won't do random match ups if you're playing that competitively
  2. I'm probably not going to say much that was hasn't already been said but I want to comment on the content of this thread. You talk about reforming but then you jump into redeeming. These are not interchangeable terms. Reformation itself is when a character changes their ways, has a change of heart, sees the light etc. Redemption is a lot more complex as it can be when the character feels comfortable with their change and moves on from their mistakes, when other characters feel comfortable, when the world accepts the character despite their misdeeds, and is much more in depth of a process and differs for every character on either end. Really it's reformation is individual and redemption is societal. The biggest mistake I see on this from is this quote: Sunset didn't have a forced redemption, she had a forced reformation as nothing in the movie indicated why she would be willing to make a heel-turn. The redemption came in Rainbow Rocks and was not forced at all. Hope this helps to keep the topic on point or expand on what you're trying to reiterate here.