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  1. I've got to go with the Mother and Father of the group, oh and Discord of course (but I would love to see Harshwhinny on that team too now that would be an interesting mash up) Are you sure you don’t want me to come up there and calm her down for you? Ha, don’t worry princess, woah, this is nothing! You should have seen Rainbow Dash flying around the house, now that was an uncontrollable filly! Cadence, aren’t you going to show me around the Crystal Empire. It would be the best thing to do for me as your guest. Woah there, watch the pillars! Oh, please be careful! Cadence hello? Equestria to the love princess. You know I’ve got some ideas for how we should begin our tour. First we should take Spikes statue and turn- I’m sorry Discord, but that’s going to have to wait. Why don’t you have Shining Armor show you around. You can even talk to him about that orcs and obstacles game. Well considering you don’t even know what it’s even called, shows you really don’t know me all that well. Why don’t we take the time to get to know each other, like teammates would? I said not now Discord, why don’t you tour the Empire yourself if you’re that anxious?! Humph, maybe I will. I hope you’ll have a better attitude when it comes to working together as teammates. Sure whatever you sa-OH BOW DON’T LET HER GET TOO CLOSE TO THE CRYSTAL FIXTURES, THEY’RE REALLY SHARP! THAT'S IT I'M COMING UP THERE! Don't worry Discord, you'd understand if you had children (well maybe you do depending on what fanon you follow ) And that will be my last one for the qualification rounds (I'm too busy tomorrow to make one for the last round) I want to thank everyone for they're support. And if you could do me one thing, I would really appreciate feedback on any of the commentaries and stories I did, especially that Changeling Kingdom Live thing from yesterday. No need to do it here, either PM me or post it on my profile. Let me know what you liked what you didn't. How I represented the characters. How I could make it better. Could the visuals be improved. Regarding yesterday, was there too much, did I not cover enough. Any feedback would be great, but that's just me. Good luck to the rest of the qualifiers and maybe I'll make more for the Wild Card rounds, we'll see.
  2. WE DID IT WE WON! WE DID IT WE WON!! WE GET TO BE ON THE SAME TEAM TOGETHER!!! *ehem* Yes, but who officially won? And the crowd goes wild. Awe Spike, you’re so bad. Okay, that’s enough! Well I think that does it for our time here at the Changeling Kingdom. The next group is underway, and we don’t need to be hogging the spotlight anymore. It’s been so much fun and we’ll still be on this profile for a little longer just to clean up, but this is where we’re ending it. Maybe we’ll do this again for the Wildcard round with Thorax, Coco, Diamond Tiara, and me but we’ll see. Until then, thanks for following along with us this entire journey and see you all when the cup really begins. THANKS FOR HAVING US HERE AND WE’LL BE BACK SOON! GOODBYE FROM GROUP 29!
  3. Starlight, it’s getting late. Don’t you think we should get some sleep soon? Areyoukidding!?! I'veneverhadsomuchenergyinmylife! Ithinkweshouldpullanall-nighter,besidesdon’tyouwannaseehowthevotinggoesyoudon’twannamissanyofthatright! Ugh, maybe we should just leave her. Then again we don’t want her getting into trouble especially when she’s acting like this. Awe, but I’m so tired… *THUMP* Huh, well that solves that problem. Yeah and with that I’m officially calling this a wrap. We’ll be back in the morning for the results, so good night.
  4. So can you like, change into your original changeling form? Uh you do know my changeling powers haven’t left me, but sure I guess. Ooohh, now we should wager if you actually beat Spike you should stay like this for the rest of the competition! I don’t think that’s very fair as this form isn’t the most suited for competition and besides we’re not even that close, you and Starlight are a lot closer. Oh that reminds me Trixie, we still have our little wager. Oh boy, what did you wager this time? Well, I bet I would beat you in this round in votes. I mean I was in the last cup so I thought I’d have more fans but hey losing to you is better than losing to anypony else. So right now I’m winning and if things stay the way they are we need to prepare for your loss. Okay, Spike, what embarrassing thing are you going to make Trixie do? Well since this is actually going to be on this forum I thought we’d give them even more of a show, so my wager is if Starlight beats you in points, you two….have to kiss. Wait, are you serious!? Why are you dragging me into this? Trixie said she would do anything because “The Great and Powerful Trixie never backs down from a challenge” so I thought of the best challenge here on this forum. No way, this can’t happen. We’d probably get banned, that kind of imagery or something right? Well as far as my knowledge of the forum goes, totally platonic or not overly sexualized kisses should be fine. Don’t worry you could still not win, or an admin could come in and tell me I’m wrong; I mean that just means we can’t show it. Either way, well see how it all unfolds tomorrow morning. Ugh, I can’t believe you’ve got me roped into this. This…this is nonsense! Do I know how this forum thinks or what?
  5. Hey where are you all going, it’s only a little over half over? Sorry, I’ve got Wonderbolts practice in the morning, but thanks for inviting all of us it was quite a tight race. Yeah, I have the next fashion design to submit by tomorrow and thanks to some comments from Applejack…*sigh*…I’ve got some work to do, but I’ll be back for the Wild Card round. I’d love to stay but with Meadowbrook officially in Tartarus’ group, she’s been quite busy so the work in the bayou is starting to pile up and I’d hate to waste too much time. But it has been a fantastic experience. Who would have thought I could have made it this far. And I’m just heading home because, well I’m perfectly fine with whatever outcome. I got to meet Fleetfoot and Coco here and it has been wonderful. So this is what it’s like being friendly with everypony, huh? Well, thanks for coming! So what do we do now, Starlight? Well, like I said there’s still several hours left and I’m ready to keep going, but for everyone else: Thanks for coming out, voting, and being part of our experience. And a special thanks to Jeric for changing the date so we could make this possible, because somepony couldn’t pack herself in time by yesterday. Hey, have you seen my wagon, it’s not easy to find stuff in there? You’re wagon has wheels, you could’ve just taken it with you! Oh right… Well, like I said we'll be here until the end, but have a good night and see you in the morning for the results.
  6. Fillies and Gentlecolts, changelings of all ages, behold the Great and Powerful Trixie! Tonight Trixie will show you magic beyond your wildest imagination! Now for my first trick, let’s see what inside Trixie’s hat- Guess who? AH, Discord! Get out of here. One this is my show and two your group is the next one, so stop interrupting ours. Oh that’s what this is. And here I thought this was a get together for the liberators of the Changeling Kingdom and you forgot to invite me! Well it isn’t, so stop ruining my show and where is my animal? Here you are, good luck, talk to you later. Yeah sure thanks… Now behold Trixie’s furry assistant will now transform right before your eyes. One, two, three… TEACUP! Voilà! *hoof stomps* Thank you, thank you, you have been a fantastic audience! I’m going to guess she hasn’t learned the reversal spell to this.
  7. Wow Spike this is really close competition between everyone, especially us two, how are you not really nervous about what’s going to happen. Eh, I was here last cup and after several elimination rounds, trust me you get used to it. It is nice seeing the wide variety of ponies here today though, well all except- HA HA HA! The Mane-iac has finally arrived ready for her- *ZAP!* Ugggghh…AHHHHHHHHHH! Nooooooooooooooooooo! What? She’s in last place, we don’t need her causing trouble. If she really does come up from behind, sure but for right now, let’s just let her be. (Besides I don’t think Twilight can handle sending anymore ponies back for a while) Oooh, impressive show Starlight, but now I think it's time for one of my own. I'll go get my things!
  8. Depressing?! Are you kidding I actually have a chance for the Wildcard Round! Thanks Fleetfoot, I’m sorry for dismissing your motivation. Hey, no worries. You see though, isn’t this much better than sulking away and going home. Speaking of going home, I’m out of here. If I actually make it into that Wildcard round just let me know whenever it begins. Good luck to you all, but I just want to be done with this whole thing. I just want to go home to my wife.
  9. Hey, I thought everypony says the lisp is cute. No matter, the Wonderbolts have plenty of representation in the cup, although tied for that final spot in the Wild Card round that is something. I still can’t believe how well I’m doing, there’s actually a chance I could go far in this competition. Well, not Meadowbrook far, but still another round up is pretty impressive. I still can’t believe I’m second to last, ugh, Silver Spoon had an easier time than this…wherever she went with Sunset Shimmer. Hey don’t worry about it, try to remember this is a team competition so if they feel a better team is suited together and considering their all friends it’s probably for the best. Listen I don’t need your goody-four shoes teammate speech, let me sulk in the impending results in the competition. Well, if that’s how you feel, fine I won’t share my training snacks with you if you’re not willing to give it your all. Wait you brought actually food with you?! Certainly, and I’ll be willing to share with you as long as you stop moping about the competition, no matter how low you are. Of course, anything to avoid eating bugs!
  10. Oh, that’s an easy one: So here is when Starlight and Trixie were hiding from Changelings with invisibility and they were holding their breath. So after Starlight lifted the spell, Trixie was so nervous that she hyperventilated and Starlight had to calm her down, and prepared to teleport them away outside where I met them later. No no, I think you’re supposed to give it some kind of quote that they’d be saying in this situation like: “Starlight I’m choking” “Okay, hold still let me help you” Or maybe with your kind of situation it would be: “Help, Starlight I can’t catch my breath, I’ve been holding it for too long” “Okay calm down and just breathe normally.” ………… You two have no idea how the Caption Game works do you? Caption what now?
  11. I don’t think that’s going to change anything. Oh I know, I’m just messing around. I’m doing well enough in this competition, so you totally deserve that support.
  12. Cranky, I am so, so, so, so, sorry. I never should have gotten you involved just for a stupid joke. All right, I get it! You can stop now, who thought apologizing could be just as annoying as constant friendship hounding. We just want to make sure Starlight didn’t ruin your potential for a good time today. In this competition, I’m going to be honest with you I don’t care who wins. But you could win. You’ve been in the fandom’s eyes for a while now so who knows. Would you stop interrupting me and let me finish! This has nothing to do with me feeling less than everyone else, I just don’t care for this competition in general. Matilda didn’t make it into her group so if I don’t make it in then there’s no reason to be invested and besides now I can spend time with my wife and not waste it on some dumb competition. Now if you excuse me I’m going to see what these changelings do around here for entertainment. Oh, I’d recommend the crafts table or the drama center! And whatever you do don’t try the food!
  13. I already know my special talent is getting ponies to do what I want, so it’s obvious that since I want it you’re going to vote for m- -------Ugh, why is so hot here, actually I’m taking the cloak off for now. OH COME ON ARE YOU SERIOUS!? This is the group I’m in? I go through an entire redemption story and finally look good in the eyes of people but now I get shoved in a group with these four? There is no way that’s fair! Hey, you know you’re not the only one who’s going to be struggling in this group. Oh, what’s it matter to you Miss, I’m the little working girl and I can do no wrong, like you’ll have any trouble gaining votes including the ones you already have! I don’t want to hear about your apparent struggle. Are you insinuating I’ve never struggled in my life? I’ve worked my way up to the top in the fashion industry, that’s way more than you have done, little miss my mother gives me everything. Really, you’re big in the fashion industry? Well why didn’t you wear something new to show us then, huh? I was going to but then I ran into Applejack and she kind of…um… I’m sorry speak up, I can’t hear you Miss, oh what’s your name, oh that’s right we’re legally not allowed to say your name anymore, what a shame. Well at least I still get lines and mentions. You haven’t been relevant since that day. Oh yeah, well… All right enough, we don’t need to get this anymore heated. You do know you’re arguing with a child, right? I’m sorry, I guess I’ve just had all this pent up stress from all the struggles in my work, I let it out. It was almost as exhilarating as standing up to Suri. Wait you worked for Suri Polomare? Ugh, my family hates her! I’m mean I hate her a little bit more because ponies kept thinking she was my mom, but seriously lying, cheating. My mom may be a heartless braggart, but she would never stoop that low, not with the success my family already has. Tell me about it, she was probably the worst working experience I’ve ever had like this one time… Huh, well that went smoother than expected. Yeah, I thought you were going to have to magic them apart or teleport them away. Wha-now why would I do that, I’m not some magic crazed pony, am I? Actually, don’t answer that because the next pony who opens their mouth, I’m going to seal it shut for the rest of the competition! Is there anything to do around he…. *MMPHM* ……. What? I warned everypony this time? Come on, I was just playing it up. No wait Cranky come back it was just a joke, I’m sorry! We’ll be right back.
  14. Good morning, everyone! My name is Starlight Glimmer and joining me today- Is none other than the Great and Powerful Trixie! Yep, and we're here with- Spike, um, why are you wearing a fake mustache? Haven’t you heard they’re making a comeback, just look at the top competitors over the past few groups, yeah I’m not one to break up the trend. It wouldn’t surprise me if Cattail does well enough for that reason. Oh, if we’re getting dressed up let me get my cloak! Trixie, couldn’t you have at least waited before we finish the gree…and she’s gone. Well while we’re waiting on her let me, Thorax as the official king of the Changeling Kingdom welcome everyone to this group of the competition. If you don’t know since we’re all good friends in this group, we thought we’d do some live commentary during today’s events. Wow, this is really weird doing all this official stuff, yet it’s so exhilarating. Yep, so we’ll be talking about the stats as they happen, and we’ll check in on the other competitors as they see fit. Whatever happens we’re also available to reach out to and…okay now this thing is getting itchy. Trixie has returned! What did I miss? Nothing in fact it hasn’t even started yet, so while we wait for it to begin, let’s take this time to welcome everyone and say good luck out there to the competition it’s going to be a tough one alright. Good luck everyone, and thanks for joining us, we’ll be back as soon as it begins!