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  1. That actually reminds me of a parent's review of the show. They commented on while there was always a good ending there is much cattiness and bickering snark between the main characters that they say has rubbed off on their girl's mannerisms and was not something they expected in this kind of cartoon. It's possible the parent was referring it to being a little girl's cartoon and not a family or general audience one that has more of those elements like you said.
  2. KH7672

    Season 9 Bingo - Better than Sudoku

    Well it's no group trivia but I'll definitely opt in for this Bingo game.
  3. KH7672

    Missing Character Days

    "Her" as in Autumn or Starlight?
  4. KH7672

    Missing Character Days

    Glad to hear that for Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, but does that also include secondary characters like Starlight and the other two CMC (If you're mentioning favorites)? Or does Apple Bloom get lumped in with Cider Season?
  5. KH7672

    Missing Character Days

    Eh, to be honest I just want to do themed trivia and/or creative activities (like Lyra/Bon Bon Spy Mission, Sunset/Spike comics, Fashion Designing etc.) for each character, which seems most appropriate on their day. Nothing really to do with sharing pictures, videos, and fan fics like EQD. That's what the fan clubs and such threads are for.
  6. KH7672

    Missing Character Days

    Today being the first day of Spring I saw Equestria Daily was having it be Starlight Glimmer Day (I guess because Sunset is the Fall Equinox) but here on the forums nothing was done. (Understandably because the big event was more for St. Patrick's Day). I began wondering how closely we were following the "official" pony days and it wasn't always one-to-one (i.e. Derpy's day on Jan 21 and not March 1 and the inclusion of Scootalove day). However I went through the Calendar and noticed some major characters didn't have days for the forum like Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. I was just wondering now that "Forum Events" has been incorporated with several EC's are there plans to give more characters special days even if it's not tied to when EQD celebrates them?
  7. KH7672

    What are your Lucky Charms or Rituals

    My Lucky Charms are the frosted kind. Kind of like Frosted Flakes mixed with the marshmallows: Makes me wish that there was a version where it's the original shapes that are frosted. But to answer your question about trinkets. My friend from and I got the matching necklaces from the Renaissance Faire of a sword with two snakes wrapped around it, which we kept on each other to remember our friendship throughout high-school (unfortunately we fell out afterwards) but I still have it for sentimental value of him.
  8. KH7672

    Green Cider Day

    Favorite recipe for today has to be corned beef and cabbage (which is green before cooking ) Favorite green foods would be broccoli, snap peas, brussels sprouts, ripe bananas, and granny smith apples. Speaking of today's not just a day for the younger green-ish ponies:
  9. Easy, Diamond Tiara. Those stereotypical bullies for the sake of being bully characters are everywhere in children's media. But MLP actually used her bullying with a purpose to motivate the CMC and not just to make the audience feel cheap sympathy for them. I loved watching the growing characterization this little filly had. And while it's clearly over for now, those first five seasons were great while they lasted. Also I would be remissed if I didn't mention Starlight Glimmer. It's not that I never liked her it's just I couldn't image THIS would be the character I'd have the most fun watching and talking about. To put it mildly this is the type of character I could write a dissertation about; she is just that interesting to me. My favorite pony to discuss viewpoints on that I've never had with any other character.
  10. Bas

    Care to chit-chat at discord a bit?

    1. KH7672


      I would love to unfortunately, I'm still at work for another hour and a half. If you're still available then, I will certainly join you.

  11. KH7672

    Season 9 Teaser

    She could play the role as the first victim. Considering that she is up in center when they are all freed from control and not in the background could show she is "leading" the mob. The first victim usually has reason for being first and usually is granted a slight power advantage by the main baddie. I have a feeling she plays a bigger role than being shoved off-screen by Sombra, maybe even screen time as a brainwashed slave executing the plans. Albeit if I completely missed your entire point being that she's overpowered in the first place and doesn't get to save the day, then I unfortunately can't reassure you there.
  12. I love your avatar.

  13. KH7672

    FiM Short: Starlight the Hypnotist

    Well with this revelation I think some lyrical analysis is in order: Sunshine, sunshine (the day is grand) Ladybugs awake (Oh no the ladybugs are out!) Clap your hooves (CRUSH THEM! Smash all the ladybugs with your hooves) And do a little shake (Make sure to shake off the ladybug bits from yourself before continuing with your lovely day) Thanks so much for feeding into Twilights trauma, Cadence At least you calmed her down
  14. KH7672

    Flower Shop

    And that's 30 flowers picked plus a few extra. Perfect for that dinner centerpiece: .....just don't let Sweetie cook it. Happy Hearts and Hooves Day and good luck to others picking flowers. The help is always appreciated!
  15. KH7672

    Hearts and Hooves day

    Only for most heartfelt of pyromaniacs: