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  1. Well last month threw too many obstacles in my way to get anything done for this, but actually this month is going to be a lot easier to work around and a lot more planned out too. So if this topic is still kept open (obviously not still pinned) and not locked at the end of this month I'll submit a story, not even for a badge since I didn't do it in the actual time limit but just to finally get this story written that I've wanted to write.
  2. We have the channel and as the Hub we actually watched quite a lot, even before MLP even. First starting with game shows like Family Game Night, Game of Life, and Scrabble Showdown. Then there were the more older aged shows of Dan Vs. and R.L. Stine's A Haunting Hour. Finally it watching the reruns of Animaniacs and sometimes Tiny Toons. And it was turning on the TV to watch Animaniacs one morning that ended up being an episode of MLP instead and the rest was history.
  3. I'd say only one song will take me back as far as nostalgia mostly because for about ten years of my life I heard it once and never knew what it was and I always wanted to know. And now whenever I hear it always brings me back to those days of trying to remember it. Kinda fitting for the song itself being about passing of time.
  4. The two songs Bas was talking about were the Schoolhouse Rock songs in my first post near the top of the page. I never linked the YouTube cover I did.
  5. Due to me bringing it up in the music event thread I'm curious with our fandom being one with a love for music, traditional animation, and teaching children, how many of you are familiar with the Schoolhouse Rock series? Maybe watched some in school, maybe had some VHS tapes or DVDs, or maybe there's some on here old enough to remember watching it as it aired on television. What do you remember and any songs that are your favorite: My go to favorites have always been "The Shot Heard Round the World", "A Victim of Gravity", and "My Hero, Zero" I only had the America and Grammar rock tapes growing up but found the rest at libraries and even got the 30th anniversary pack a few years later with all the songs to enjoy:
  6. TFW most everyone's wonderful singing has a reaction but you Guess I should take that as a hint on my performance Or maybe you all aren't all nostalgic for my cover as I was well maybe I need to use the extension to provide more of a unique cover than just a recreation that I did before
  7. And finally episode 26 the ending of the series that either goes out with a bang or a whimper depending on how invested it keeps you for the rest of the series. Rogers joins for this batch of writers but it's interesting to note that the last episodes are mostly dominated by one man to both the dismay and delight of many I want to thank all those who stayed with me and kept up with the threads even after this last push to get them done. It has been a delight to read your opinions on individual episodes and how they rank against those of just the same number. Hope you enjoyed it as well and again if ypu missed any just search the "ranking" tag to find them all quick any easy. Anyway without further ado, my final ranking: 1. To Where and Back Again Part 2- My favorite finale continues to stay my favorite for both parts. This even more for the interactions and banter between Starlight, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord. The adventure they go on through the Changeling hive is such fun, and every character gets to contribute to the rescue meaningfully. Then there's the confrontation with Chrysalis and she is much more delightfully evil this time around, however it still provides good parallels for Starlight's to talk with the villain about her own struggle with leadership and the internal conflict she overcomes. Even the new designs of the changelings I quickly grew to accept. It's a wonderful side finale not hindered by the lack of the Mane 6 but enhanced by those who they helped. 2. The Last Problem- The series finale is one I consider fantastic just for the use of the time skip and flashback sequences I enjoyed. Each one of the Mane 6 got to come together for Twilight's struggle not just in the past but in the present with Luster Dawn. The emotions are wonderful especially with that ending song and it feels like a genuinely nice send off to the characters and their stories. 3. The Cutie Re-mark Part 2- Hey now my bias is showing. I guess this still stays high just for the enjoyable futures that we get to experience and the different confrontations Twilight takes with Starlight, but it's when we get down to the main reveal of the finale, Starlight's backstory, and the rest of the episode being a culmination of not just the Ripple Effect in play, but of the lessons Twilight learned in the season, specifically those cutie mark and friendship centric. I honestly was neutral to the whole resolution when it first aired but as things played out and the show continued, it still holds up as something to come back to that just needed more time to expand upon than one finale but that still doesn't mean it isn't still enjoyable to me. 4. The Best Night Ever- The other slice-of-life finale and it does a fine job of showing off the characters in the new situation that was built up throughout the season. Getting to see each have high expectations in their song and see each one dashed, is not only very realistic and relatable, but also how they overcome it shows just how strong their friendship is and continues the solid precedent by the premeire and for the rest of the series. 5. Shadow Play Part 2- The second part really involves the pillars and while there may be mostly standing around talking, it's used more effectively to advance the characters and get them involved in the story from Twilight's strive to please Starswirl, to the girls standing up for Twilight's resolve, to the other Pillars bonding with each of the Mane 6, to of course Starlight's role that she built up during the season in understanding both sides of the situation. The Pony of Shadows is really the only disappointment as he doesn't do much to be a threat. But that does work to Stygian's benefit of gainng empathy by the characters. It's also a resolution that didn't just say one side was right but that both sides were necessary for the best outcome with Twilight able to banish the darkness and Starlight able to save Stygian from banishment. Each character had a part to play in the end inspite of the unintended low stakes. 6. A Canterlot Wedding Part 2- The stakes raise immediately from the get go with this second part and this is when the finale gets good. From Twilight' interactions with Cadence to the changeling invasion making good on showing off the power of the army. To of course the song and it's reprise. Only wishng Chrysalis could've had a stronger on screen presence, but the Mane 6 get plenty of time to shine together more and it's a much more delightful experience. 7. School Raze Part 2- This takes a low downfall to being still enjoyable but not that fulfilling to two of those three groups that were built up in the first part only having one of them actually be relevant to the whole story. The CMC are quickly shoved off as a throw away distraction joke, and the Mane 6's struggle in Tartarus ultimately leads nowhere feeling pointless as an inclusion. Yes the Season 6 finale sidelined the Mane 6 too but it never kept cutting back to them like they were important. It knew where the story focus was and to expand on those characters and for the most part I enjoyed the Student 6's involvement with both Neighsay and Cozy Glow, I just wish it could've been more of the focus. But I can't say the Mane 6's interaction with Tirek wasn't at least interesting. 8. Twilight's Kingdom Part 2- And now for part two with get a slightly personal edge over Part 1 just for providing at least much more introspective on Twilight and even Discord's struggle but that's it. Nothing else about this finale interests me at all. Especially the scene EVERYONE talks about being the Twilight vs. Tirek showdown in that it's all flashy and "exciting" but leaves virtually no impact on the story. The rest of the Mane 6 do nothing on screen, the princesses make a decision that does nothing but elevate Twilight to plot importance that for this being her Rainbow Key episode I wish she could've actually contributed to the rising action more like the others did for theirs instead of being strung along by it. It's the finale that prioritizes story and substance over most characters and completely loses me from the get go.
  8. So since I've been too stupidly busy and took this long to finish the ranking threads I'm just gonna thrown the rest of them at you. So episode 25 sees the single slice-of-life episode, the start of many two part finales and ending of one. It's interesting to see only four different writers are here for all the episodes and predominantly dominated by McCarthy and then Haber so it'll be interesting to see the rankings. Whether you hold to treat each finale part seperate or as one, look forward to the opinions we have for each (including an unpopular one of my own): 1. To Where and Back Again Part 1- Time for me to praise my favorite finale and this first part I love especially because of the gradual build up to Starlight rag-tag team of "secondary characters" with the decision to keep the audience in the dark about the Changeling takeover by following Starlight, the details are something I've been able to give my suspension of disbelief just because the reveal works well for the character involved, from Luna send a dream message to the spying on the communications in the throne room. It knows wwhere the priorities of the story lies and to keep it moving and I enjoy that. 2. Party of One- Speaking of keeping both a character in the dark along with the audience, this episode pulled it off wonderfully. Plus it got to delve into Pinkie's character that may have tried to be duplicated but never got the right passion or sympathy behind it. Plus the humor in the episode is wonderful. 3. The Cutie Re-Mark Part 1- My bias might not be showing yet, but trust me it will, for this finale feels works well to set up the time travel situation and continues to expand on Starlight's deluded intentions for herself. It's a one-on-one revenge showdown that the show never attempt much before with more talking on both sides and coming to grips with the situation due to the nature of the spell instead of diving in head first and failing. The failures cause growth for Twilight, and the futures she experiences are interesting in the what if scenerios they create. With a desire to maybe see a little more before the second part but still fine on it's one. 4. The Ending of the End Part 2- This part utilizes the entire world the show has built up effectly and sufficiently with each of the main players of the show getting moments to shine around the Mane 6 like the Princesses, Starlight, the Students (not so much the Pillars though) but the final climax uniting all of Equestria has such a grand scale and is so meaningful it lives up to the expectations set by the season. Plus for the time they have left the Villainous Trio still continued to be wonderful characters to watch until the end. 5. School Raze Part 1- I enjoy this initial part because of the set up they have going for the finale, mainly that the magic is mysteriously disappearing and there is almost a certain blame game going around for who done it. Each group of characters gets involved from the Mane 6 and Spike, to the Students and Neighsay, to even the CMC. It's building up a solid experience around the characters the school impacted most. All leading up to Cozy Glow's villainous reveal that keeps me invested to see how ALL the groups solve this...all of them right? 6. Shadow Play Part 1- The finale with the pillars and this is kinda on the low end for being a lore dump and kind of rushing to get to the ending by gong through quick fetch quests that had potential to be strong episodes on their own. Plus it could've done a better job at making Twilight's motivations more believable along with showing better logic for overlooking the Pony of Shadows' return, but still a fine mini adventure store before the main showdown. 7. A Canterlot Wedding Part 1- While not a bad finale in any way the plot goes a little too much out of it's way to keep both the audience and Twilight on edge. However is mostly frustrating to watch Twilight struggle this episode on both sides of the problem. To see Twilight react harshly toward Shinng Armor and Cadence who we never got much build up on, but also to see everyone abandon Twilight without taking the time to understand anything. It's characterization that work solely for the plot and is not the strongest. 8. Twilight's Kindom Part 1- Unpopular opinion time, and this curious as this being the first finale I watched live as I started in Season 4 but it has always been my least favorite finale and this part being the worst of them all for the sole purpose that NOTHING MEANINGFUL HAPPENS FOR 75% OF THE EPISODE. Only three things of importance happens: The beginning with Twilight feeling unimportant, Discord facing Tirek, and the ending Stinger with Celestia's decision. That's it, the characters do almost nothing to advance the story besides reaffirm the rainbow keys that have been built up but mostly just sit around waiting for the plot to happen. It's unfulfilling and it never struck me as a solid entry for Twilight's rainbow key but that gets more into Part 2.
  9. Here it is for those that have made it this far we come down to our final ranking before all the season finales (well and including a finale part already). It's time to see if the seasons last slice of life episode ended off great or just wasted time until the finale and interestingly included Spike a lot as well. 1. Top Bolt- By far the best map episode for the sole purpose of using both characters the map called both effectively and ineffectively. Both Twilight and Rainbow Dash had struggles with solving the problem and both had solutions with neither feeling more in the right or wrong than the other. On top of that is the genuine friendship between Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail that is just a joy to experience. 2. The Mane Attraction- The music along with Lena Hall's singing and the dynamic between Coloratura and Applejack is so good in how it changes yet still maintains it's realism. Not the biggest fan of Svengallop's flat portrayal or the ending wrapping up too easily but the warm feelings emanating from the characters at the show still provide enough enjoyment in the happy ending. 3. MMMystery on the Friendship Express- This is just this high solely for nostalgia purposes, because this is the first episode I ever watched of the show and absolutely made me fall in love with these characters just from their dynamic alone. Yeah the mystery wasn't that great, yeah their actions may have been questionable but it's that positive spin in story telling that hooked me with the show. 4. Uncommon Bond- This episode put Starlight at her most sympathetic due to the passion she wanted to have for this friendship visit to succeed but ultimately fall apart as things continue. It's also the build up of her actions and subtle longing for the past she messed on that gets me here, but also there's not even all the blame on Sunburst as the subtlety also shows how stuck in the past Starlight is. It's because of this build up that I wish we had a much more meaningful resolution for both parties but the Dragon Pit game still was a nice compromise for the time continuing the trend of positive endings. 5. The Ending of the End Part 1- The end ofthe series as it goes all out with the final team up with the villains and they are in top form getting their own powered up versions but also keeping the strong dynamic from previous episodes. However this also started with the reveal of Grogar's identity and I'm still not the fondest of it. Really beyond the villains taking over, the only thing that sticks with me in this first part is Starlight's brief showdown with Chrysalis. Other than that just a lot of build up on the Mane 6 and not much interaction. 6. Equestria Games- The best of the Spike episodes of this bunch mostly because while he messes things up it doesn't feel like the universe or characters are making him.doing it out of spite. It's interesting to watch praise go to his head naturally and dig himself deeper and then getting to save the day not from something he caused but just by being there to know how to act. It's the kind of knock down and build up worthy of character growth. Really the only downside is while this nice story of his is front and center the actual games take place in the background which is kind of a let down from all the build up it had. 7. Father Knows Beast- Honestly I don't hate Sludge that much, mostly because it's made quite clear he's supposed to be unlikable but that doesn't make him that interesting a character especially one to waste a song on! However a saving grace for this episode is Smolder providing genuine compassion and insight on Spike and his questioning of dragon nature. 8. Owl's Well That Ends Well- Spike first solo outing and well it didn't fare well for the little guy. So much so this episode created low expectations for any and all Spike episodes to come after but honestly it's not the worst, it's just very one note the whole time and the plot unfairly props Spike up only to beat on him the rest of the episode. It also didn't fair well for Owlowiscious' character either with the unfunny "who" joke.
  10. Well I said I would try to sing songs that play at my job but that didn't follow through due to time constraints and lack of opportunity at the job itself, however I did come to a epiphany that there are a couple songs that have always stuck with me since childhood and probably influenced my love of singing that I would be happy to share with you and despite my poor attempt at replication (at least in the second song) I can still tap into some nostalgia enjoyment for some of you! Schoolhouse rock covers.mp4
  11. A lot like the third "King of Thieves" (mostly because Robin Williams came back) but not so much the second "Return of Jafar" due to less quality animation, "Homer Simpson Genie," and a plot that kind of meandered around between characters before the climax however most of the things about the second boil down to it's essentially the pilot to the Aladdin animated series since it establishes Iago as a main character and introduces the reoccurring antagonist Abis Mal........except Disney+ doesn't even have the series! Couldn't believe it they had the Little Mermaid series, the Hercules series, the Lilo and Stitch series, even the Emperor's New School series but no love for the Aladdin or Tarzan series' a huge draw for me back during the Toon Disney days. hoping to see those get put on eventually only for nostalgia purposes.
  12. I'll be more inclined to check it out when I learn who all is returning. Is it just the Mane 6 and Spike? I mean Trixie has a toy, so is Kathleen on board? Does that also mean Kelly and Starlight or maybe Nicole for not Celestia necessarily but maybe Cheerilee (CHEERILEE NEEDS MORE LOVE HASBRO)? What about males, like if we're at Sugarcube Corner now we already have Tabitha for Mrs. Cake but what about Brian for Mr. Cake? What about Peter as he's also done a lot of voices besides Big Mac. There's still too much to be revealed before an investment call can be made.
  13. Hmm...interesting, I may try to record myself at work then and just make a little compilation of the the different songs I sing. That's probably the closest I get to singing in public but it's also strangely the time I feel the most comfortable probably because I'm doing other things and not just sitting in front of a microphone. Audio quality may not be the best but I'll see what I can do.
  14. Thread needs more dogs to balance out the cats Here's Charlie our shaggy stubborn old boy still very lively today even at 15 years old
  15. Got to be honest, this definitely isn't the type of show I'm immediately drawn to be it the language or immediate adult material but I'll give anything a shot for characters like these, and while I was kind of on the fence during the turf war, and news broadcast parts (though the SleepyCabin/Oneyplays fan in me delighted in hearing Joshua Tomar as Tom Trench) it's once we hit the limo scene and the hotel scenes that these characters immediately clicked for me be it Vaggie for her realism, Angel Dust for his attitude, charm and yet down to earth hell deamor about his eternal life, Alastor for his charisma with underlying vagueness of power and motivation beyond boredom as he states. Also really want to see how the additional staff like Niffty and Huskar will be. Though I think the character I'm most interested in is Charlie due to how much depth she has. Not only is the naive positivity great in this kind of setting but the little hints they kept dropping with her character just open up so much of the world to me. Mainly that she states she was born in Hell. All the demons see Hell as their eternal prison and just live with the fact that they blew their chance on earth, but Charlie never got that chance, this is her life, her home, her chance and the fact that she is the only one, besides Vaggie, who uses it to see good in others has me wondering if an underlying theme will be that you really are shaped to be bad by your environment and not by you being born with it. If that will be a large key to some of these characters getting their redemption.