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  1. The hew website for the project is and it is continuing to be a WIP. I created an app version of the game some time back. I was debating making a new version of it.
  2. One thing I think to make it better in the future once the graphics are figured out would be two things. Different characters - Stats and Such to create a variety of play styles. Controller Capability - Many people just love their USB controllers. Not sure what language you are using but these are things to consider for future versions as well.
  3. Alas! I have been discovered! Indeed I use the icon as I have no icon of my own yet. I am usually working on code or on this lovely game. Vulcan would remind Karl from the web series Law of Talos. In terms of voice of course.
  4. Someone who sounds much older than they actually are. If these are nothing but mere assumptions.
  5. I was not even aware a website like that existed. But after looking into it. I agree with the populace. It's a desperate "Money Grab"
  6. It's a shame. This is the one convention I never attended and I wish I had the chance to do so. I have hopes the movie will resurrect the fandom.
  7. I think I will be watching this one alone within the confines of my own residence.
  8. Sublime is delightful. I occasionally use N++ with some projects. For C# and VB I use SharpDevelop
  9. If you do indeed plan on doing this I would like to recommend making sure you bring this up with TobyFox himself. He is quite the stickler about fan games.
  10. Greetings Ponies and Various Others, I am Dr. Corvus Y. Pestylense, PD. Plague Doctor and Software Engineer. I play the occasional game here and there but am in the midst of various projects. I am quiet and tend to myself often but feel free to ask if help is ever needed. All of my social media will be on my profile. Thank you for having me.