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  1. Do you think the original writer of the series might do a sequel or spin-off to the original one?
  2. You should search this on youtube, My Little Pony Meets ??? Like I'm serious here's a picture....atually I don't XD Just check it out though it's nice...
  3. You think that Mirror Magic is the last of the equestrian girls series or will it be not....
  4. Like if ther chande the party canon to anetter looking one..
  5. What type of magic do like? Example of Magic in Equestria Elements of Harmony, pegasus, etc.
  6. Maybe you can add additional content like mini-games(real ones) like, I dunno, a puzzle or guessing game or follow the leader?
  7. Which pony whould you like the most to see in the movie and which whould you want to see the least?
  8. So this is how it goes... You can look in here and say hi if you dont want to discuss And no bad things please
  9. Hello and Welcome to Equestria! Enjoy your stay!
  10. I mean do you miss her everypony? So what are your thoughts about this?
  11. I mean do you miss her everypony? So what are your thoughts about this?
  12. I mean Im serious, how do you exactly rise from being just a blank flank?