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  1. I do taekwondo and jogging quite a lot. So, not really. I am rather on the thin side.
  2. The videos of The Collaboratory (decided to start with a pony one). The fact that PMV makers from the whole fandom gather together to work on a single project is amazing. I watch their PMVs mostly because of the effects they use. As a "I am still trying to get the hang of After Effects" person, I have to say that the work they must put into every single of their typographies is a lot. Based at least on the fact that I am always searching the Internet for how expressions work. Animations from Alan Becker to TheOdd1sOut. These guys keep producing what they love, even when YouTube's algorithm commits massive genocide upon them. I am amazed at the patience of these people, drawing each frame in a matter different to the previous one, in order to make the characters move or talk. I got to give a shoutout to FailArmy, even though some times their videos make me want to rethink humanity's purpose on this world, I get a good laugh every now and then. H3H3 Productions, as much as I know nothing about him, has fought against people abusing the term "Fair Use" in order to get videos deleted through Copyright Claims. So, his role in the YouTube community is fairly important for any channel that uses 3rd party content. So, what about you?
  3. boops @Fluttershy Friend back. You don't get to boop me without my consent. It is against the law, but you also posted a cute Fluttershy picture , so you get away for now
  4. I think that "bad ending " is worse. At least, when there is no ending, fans can come up with their own way to end the story.
  5. And I am following this. Your art is so good!
  6. Well, I certainly thank you for making me addicted to the drug known as notsalgia, again. Thought we broke apart, but you just had to remind me of my childhood. As a child, I remember doing many random things, some would call them weird, others childish, others sad. I did have fun though! So, tighten your seatbelt, because we are going to a trip through some key moments of my childhood. • I always loved bicycling, I never knew why, but I can remember myself riding one fairly frequently. The thing is that I sucked at driving it. Not only had I injured myself trying to steer it, but I also remember just weird moments were I crashed unexpectedly. Key moment is that one time, I fell next to a broken scotch bottle. Good thing that I missed it for a decimetre or two or I would be going home with a lot of stitches and a lot of trauma. • I used to have this ever-expanding love for zebras when I was 7 or 8 years old. I blame the Madagascar movies for doing this to me. Now, I have exchanged my love for zebras with my love for ponies. I guess, equines were always something I found intrguing? • Lastly, I just have to talk about. I spent a lot of years collecting cards and video games based on it. It was a big and important part of my childhood. Even to this day, I remember which Pokemon is my favourite (granted I still play the games), that is Shuppet by the way.
  7. First a topic about cannibalism, then this. Genocide isn't really a good option. It is a bloody terrible one. Why should our first meeting with a non-human race end with one of us dead? Potentially Harming!? yeah.. I don't know if you can see her hatred of humans in her eyes.
  8. You made me research this. Alright, so horses can eat meat. They both have the teeth and the digestive system to do so. But, in the long-run, it isn't good for a horse to eat meat, since it is a herbivore. An example of a famous horse being fed raw meat was the horse owned by Alexander The Great, Bucephalus. Final answer to your question is a no from me. I wouldn't dare RD to eat something that would harm her in the long run.
  9. Love the new banner! :)

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      Thank you! :)