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  1. 2 years of work is about to pay off this week. Stressing the hell out:BornAgainBrony:

  2. Hi @WinterMane and welcome to the forums
  3. My voice and accent is wierd as hell, a good mix of a country aussie accent and a more "normal" aussie accent, yeah kinda hard to explain
  4. 3 spoons coffee, 1 to no sugars and a little bit of milk
  5. My job and everyone I have left benind because of it. Sucks eggs some days but in the end it is worth it and keeps me going.
  6. Not sure on time but i can swim underwater for 2 and a half laps of an Olympic sized pool
  7. Only got one room and I share it with someone, its my bedroom, living room and study all in one
  8. I really need to be more active on here, been pretty absent lately:sunny:

    1. CookieCake


      Same here, I'm just not sure where to start. Theres so much going on it's hard to keep up!! :P

    2. Crosswind


      I agree, so much has happened since I've been here 

  9. Welcome to the forums @ElCoru
  10. Welcome to the forums @MapleMoon I hope you enjoy your time here
  11. Im turning in for the night. Goodnight>_>

  12. Crosswind


    Welcome to the forums @Serena
  13. Thanks for the follow:squee:

    1. official DJ Bron3

      official DJ Bron3

      No Problem and hello to you!

  14. Bacon, eggs, vegemite toast, vanilla yogurt and a coffee
  15. I miss the banter and the funny stuff you would get up to with the other half. But probably the worst for me is that knowing i wasn't good enough for a certain someone, for them to turn and cheat on me litterally weeks before i moved away... that was something But being single now is great. Heaps of freedom and i can focus on other things like my career and my friends
  16. Hey guys I'll be occasionally poking back on here every now and then, work's just killing me right now:dry:

  17. I left my old life one year ago actually never looking back though.
  18. Welcome to the forums @Kenshin's girl
  19. Crosswind

    New Mare in Town

    Welcome to the forums @DiscordDiamond
  20. Almost home, can't wait


  21. Crosswind

    Boo, I'm back

    Welcome back! @Anuska
  22. I think I was like 4 when I got my first bike. Thought it was the best thing ever. Used to ride to school everyday untill I got my licence. Now I race mtb
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