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  1. Sunset Rose

    Do you post pics of yourselves online?

    Rarely. I had once or twice before, but it eventually gets to me and I delete them later.
  2. Sunset Rose

    What does one do when depressed?

    I get depressed often, but I still somehow manage to stay motivated to work through it. I'm doing well at work, my home is clean, but the depression is still there. It's always like a heavy cloak over your shoulders that you can't take off. Whenever I get depressed I try to use that negative energy somehow. It used to be the fuel for all of my creative writing practices, but I haven't felt like writing since some years so now I use it to be proactive in work-related things. (I was unhappy this weekend with nothing to do and decided to clean up the schools table in my job's sql database. I have no words to describe how messy user-automated entries can get...)
  3. Sunset Rose

    Do you find facial hair unattractive?

    I think I might be in a minority, but I like guys with beards so long as you can tell there's still definition in their face. A Gandalf may be a little over the line unless we're married, but I think full beards on guys are really attractive. My husband was always clean shaven when we met, but... I don't know if there are names for the length and style really, but I really like how he looks now. Something like this; -and he could grow it out quite a bit more and I'd still probably be attracted to it.
  4. Sunset Rose

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I've been thinking about what tensions between Ukraine and Russia will provoke elsewhere. How much of that nonsense will agitate the restless people of the world. I've also been thinking a lot about many recent events in my family. It's taken up a lot of mental real estate recently.
  5. Sunset Rose

    George H. W. Bush dies at 94

    At the very least he made it into his 90s. That's quite a long life. Rest in peace President Bush, thank you for the good you did and may others forgive the bad.
  6. Sunset Rose

    What topics really bore you?

    Identity politics, feminism, "Would you rather-" topics, sports, the weather.
  7. Sunset Rose

    What do you remember about your last day of school?

    Considering my last day of school was over 20 years ago, I don't remember much at all but I do remember that the week leading to graduation day was great for the 12th year students because we didn't have to follow the dress code. I didn't have to wear the awful prairie skirts they used to make us wear, which I remember very well.
  8. Sunset Rose

    Your Religion?

    I am Catholic but I am in some ways very receptive to the Eastern Orthadox faith as well. I was raised Catholic and my husband is as well, but the rest of his family are Orthadox so we spend a lot of time in Orthadox church since he and I's beliefs are a little more loose than the typical devout Catholic. I wouldn't mind converting if it brings us closer to his mother and the rest of their family. Faith to me is more of a comforting road map to life and discipline than something I do just because. It's been a long time since I've been to a proper church, the ones in the place I live now are small and relatively secular. Is a small place. But I will be going back home soon.
  9. Sunset Rose

    Are you glad to be a brony/pegasister?

    I don't really think I am much of one these days. At one point I was quite fine with being called one since I was so embroiled in the fan base. Even at the height of it all I didn't readily associate myself with bronies. They were just a thing. It was one piece to the puzzle that was my interactive time spent over the internet. Now it's dwindled away to an old curiosity that can't do what it once could for me. There's still some occasional curiosity left in me to see what bronies are up to and that's why I still occasionally meander back through these hoof-trodden parts. But that's really all that there is to say about it, so I guess the binary answer would be no.
  10. Sunset Rose

    2018 US Mid-Term Elections Chat Thread

    In the state I live in, Kobach was replaced with a democratic governor but by my understanding enough people had been so fed up with Brownback, (the governor before Kobach for a very long time) that they blamed his failings on all of republicans. Story of all of America right now. To be fair, Kobach was not much of a step up, but I was more jaded to the number of people that didn't care who Kelly was, they just voted against Koback because he is republican. Because Brownback is republican. I believe the internety term is 'smh'. I don't mind that Kelly won though. Kobach left a bad taste in my mouth and Kelly has a pretty major focus on fixing much of what I care about here so if I could have voted then she would actually have gotten mine. I won't be in this country long enough to see an impact made. Other than things becoming more expensive, I'm sure. But once I come back home I will try to keep an eye on it. It was interesting to see some people here's reactions to their state now having a democratic governor.
  11. No more purple font? 



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    2. Rikifive


      Oh-- huh? :o 

      I didn't even notice-- Rosie nuuu D:

      Retiring gives me bad feelings - it's kinda like leaving - but not really --- partially --- -- um that just worries me. :rarity: I hope everything is alright. :twi:

    3. Sunset Rose

      Sunset Rose

      I didn't say anything on purpose, Riki. I've never been one for fanfare or drama. I'll be honest, there likely won't be many people who even notice. I left without so much as a post in the staff chat. Better to leave quietly than air grievances that will never be addressed anyway.


    4. Rikifive


      Oh I see, I get what you mean. I hope everything is okay despite that. :twi:

  12. Sunset Rose

    Does transgender ponies exist?

    What would be the point? To wade a children's cartoon into the increasingly caustic pool that is social identity politics? I don't think Hasbro wants or needs anything like that. And adding one now with the 'every creature' line already stirring people up would feel like they're pandering to a loud person base with a token gesture, I don't think there's any legitimate call for it.
  13. Sunset Rose

    answered Black and white

    It's part of the Rarity noire event. It's intentional.