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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating it. 

    To love and appreciation! ^ ^

    1. JonasDarkmane


      Enjoy your Thanksgiving ;) Give lots of Thanks c: 

    2. PathfinderCS


      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! ^^

    3. The_Gobo


      Grace and peace :D

  2. Mega Thread

    I just started rereading A Farewell To Arms. One day I'll read something new.
  3. "His soul swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead."

    Another fall season come, another slow thumb through this. And it always seems to put my emotional state in place. I am somewhat addicted to this melancholy world of silent, contemplative fermentation- I enjoy Dublin and it's unhappy people and it's unhappy time in Dubliners. 

    "Great minds are very near the madness."- a quote- and if you somehow relate, I have to assume you're more in fear of the latter than vain in the former. I can't imagine what an experience Joyce must have come to in France or what wanderlust he would have had to learn how dreary a life he lived in by this time. 

    Aaaand I'm drunk again. And can't even make sense of the things I type. To hell with it, I'll hit enter and wonder what I was thinking tomorrow. It's always more fun that way.

    1. Storminess
    2. The_Gobo


      Awfully poetical to be drunk o3o

      Way too neat of keying to be drunk proper :V


  4. Plug
  5. Mega Thread

    I'll say cherry. How well do you do with cold?
  6. A surprise follow before bed! Thank you so much, I appreciate it, Dabmanz. ^ ^

    See you around!

    1. Dabmanz


      Your welcome and goodnight. :pinkie:

    2. TempestShadow
  7. Aha ! Changed avatar.. that´s why I didn´t found you so easily today !

    It´s nice... like it !

    1. Sunset Rose

      Sunset Rose

      Thanks TempestShadow! I'm trying to make use of all of this artwork, but I like this one quite a bit. ^ ^


  8. Yes I have, and you are too sweet hon.
  9. Many times, and I continue to be delighted by that Luna.
  10. Assuming this is a twisted real world/pony world concoction I would likely just be there for Twilight, who would be my favorite pony, as much as I possibly could be. But behind closed doors, my less-than-benevolent side would be divining a way to strangle the other pony with his own mother's limp body. But seeing as this is pony-land, I'd be awfully confused as to what I was seeing and wonder who was let into the broadcast studio that day to put on a joke episode.
  11. Mega Thread

    I'm wrestling with my emotions- telling myself an awful many times that it matters and is important to say, but not finding the conviction in my own words. Trying really hard to keep that coldness away and stay happy and positive but it isn't my natural state. Alcohol doesn't help like it used to. I keep writing out messages and deleting them everywhere I go because I say it doesn't matter, but it should.