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  1. Mezzanine - Massive Attack B
  2. Movies/TV

    Ravenclaw for me. I've taken these tests several times and the result never changes.
  3. Young and Foolish - Netsky H
  4. Mega Thread

  5. Blue Fear - Armin Van Buuren P
  6. Ocean Kisses - Lemongrass R
  7. Animals - Bonobo I
  8. Gaming

    I really loved it as well. I thought the game's story was a bit too cheesy but the gameplay and music more than made up for it.
  9. I like to think they speak their own language in fiction.
  10. Mega Thread

    I would prefer not to. How often do you read?
  11. Ruined Lives - Oneohtrix Point Never T
  12. Zones Without People - Oneohtrix Point Never F
  13. Empty Streets - Scandroid V
  14. Your Life - Kosheen W