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  1. Talk to me if you are bored or somethin', I'm almost all the day online! Discord: TVAPotato#9581
  2. Just because i don´t have too much Brony on my Skype, here it is: Zakhep Bloodyknife~ Heh, like my profile, and im always in Skype.
  3. Im gonna ask my sister if she knows how to make it :´v, Thanks!.
  4. Looking Forward with the game!, i wanna already Play it! :3. Good Luck.
  5. Welcome and i hope you like this forum! :3.
  6. Im fine in this century :´v. Because there is no INTERNET, NO BRONYS AND PEGASISTERS! D:.
  7. Hearing "Cousins"

    And "Microdancing"

    Yeah, The old ones :pinkie:.



  8. Hey there, i have a question. You admit Fics in Spanish here?, i want to post one, but it´s in Spanish. Thank you Very much.
  9. Haha, thank you, i don´t know too much english :´(
  10. Hey there!, Im Kevin Slon from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Im 15 years old and i want to make some Friends here!. I Love Gaming and Writing in FANFICTION, not FIMFICTION, i have an account, but i don´t write there, maybe some day. I want to make friends, I don´t have too mucho brony´s on my friend list. Well, i hope we can all Be good! .