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  1. Hello ik this isnt 100% pony but it is related just give me a sec....I would like to start a pony group in FF11 ... I got it set up on my Win 10 machine and it seems cool...if anyone has any questions I can try and help...its basically WoW w a monthly fee...but the 1rst month is free and the game is on sale for only $10...its worth it in my opinion... I was really curious about it back in the old PS2 days (came out May 2002) but didnt have the money for that hard drive...the Servers have been officially shut down for consoles (just in time when I went to PC), which means there will probably be a huge wave of ppl migrating to PC; there is an option to do so on the website if your one of the people... so hmu if your interested. The more players the better. #MLPFFFans that would b cool. 1- make a Square Enix Account 2- buy the game register the Code # 3- make a Play Online account 4- make a Content ID 5- make a Character and jump in the World of FF11 and message me on here so I can connect w u!!!
  2. @Johnny1226 why is your avatar scary???...its cool tho
  3. ha no...im surprised someone else thought of that name w no vowels...im @lzrdwzrd on twitter as well.
  4. Banned for having a confusing name and profile pic
  5. Hello (echoes) hello hello...Im 100% noob...where do I start on being a tru pony? Weirdness is one of the main attractions I have for this site, and I feel like that the movement has so much to offer. Funny to see hardcore fans discover this site and wonder why they didnt see it before. Yall on these forums seem to be really funny and smart (which usually goes hand in hand); and I would like to become a the best member I can be. I have way too much free time and would like to throw it all away on silliness haha...but really I think MLP movement is way underrated and has much potential to grow...it seems to be just bashed on 99% of sites because of the "strange" nature of it. I hope to make some real friends and such, but I feel like there are many ppl too afraid to come out of the shadows, caves stables, or wherever else a pony might hide. Cheers to everyone who sees this! (Im not British but I think it sounds nice)
  6. Is there a way to make friends on this or is it just following like Twitter?

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      There are some ways to find friends here. You can simply send PM, post a message on status like you did here or follow. Every way is quite good. Good luck!

  7. Anyone by Orland Park IL??? Im looking for friends m or fm...anyone 18 or over. this post sounds like spam but its not haha...I moved away from my old hood and am looking for ppl who live closer to me.