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  1. My favorite has to be the MMMMMystery on the Friendship Express, because of all of the references, especially Twilight Holmes.
  2. And I'm back after a long absence

  3. Even if it is the best you've ever looked, I'm pretty sure you would still be gorgeous even looking half as good.Also I don't really believe you that you don't always look like that.
  4. It's actually Party flavored, so I don't know if I'd personally want that, but I don't know what pony party's taste like, only normal ones.
  5. but If you were to not learn anything because you were to lazy to try to learn anything then you would not have a high IQ, though you'd have to be really lazy cause even I have a high IQ score, or at least did.but anyway, there are other factors that make IQ unreliable, so I don't really care about it.
  6. I can't remember but I put what the range seems like it was. Also What does IQ really matter when even those who have a high ability to learn can be the laziest people on the planet and therefore not have a high IQ.
  7. it's like apples and oranges, bronies and furries, they are simmilar in some ways, both are fruits, but different in others, one has a core and the other has a rind, and of course, a person could be both, just like the orapple that the have to be working on in some genetic lab somewhere.
  8. that looks like a nasty head wound... i guess you just have to keep on trucking sometimes.
  9. back to on topicnesses??? Here you go Me in my Brony shirt, I will take a better one at somepoint.
  10. /)My kilt no longer fits unfortunately Stupid losing weight. Also, You too are German, Sweet, that's where like half my lineage is from.
  11. Well I have a kilt...wait what were you guys talking about?