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  1. Shakespeare (I get a very Romeo and Juliet vibe from the icon.)
  2. Can't tell if I'm being recruited Satanism, the Kurain School Of Channeling, or the Bring Fandom. But um....sign me up? I guess?
  3. Big fan of Ace Attorney and MLP, so Apollo Justice and Care Package just finished discussing the murder at Wonderbolt Academy. Who knows who killed the trainee? This was a concept for a Fanfic I hoped to write but never did. Still a nice image. I just took a few vectors and added text, but it was hard to find ones of Care Package looking unhappy.
  4. That sounds nice. A changing and evil king. Time to raise so havok about this thread.
  5. I'm Devil In The Dark, but call me Night Demon. I tend to be pretty against social interaction... But I wanted to find fellow fans since all the fans near me are idiots. How's it going folks?