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  1. Good morning everyone! How is your guy's mornings going? I'm running on 4 hours of sleep yet I feel FANTASTIC! :P 

    1. Zachary


      Good morning.

  2. I still have two slots left open if anyone wants me to draw their MLP OC!

  3. Art critique is always welcomed! Hello! nicepumpkinepie here, and I decided to make an art dump! I don't always draw MLP fanart, but when I do, I'll post it here! Before we start, here are some things I like to mention; DO NOT REPOST OR STEAL MY ART! This is a big one. If I find you repost my art, I will notify you to credit me, or to take down the post. If I find you stealing my art, I will ask you to take it down, I will report you, and block you. I do not have time or sympathy for people who steal art. This is not a request thread, so don't request me here. Besides, unless otherwise stated, I DO NOT do requests. As stated in bold letters above, critique is always welcomed! I want art to be my career, so I want to hear what I can improve on! So, let's get down to business! This first piece of art is a redraw of Rainbow Dash. I already posted it in a different thread, but I might as well post it here to! This second piece is a request for @NightmareLuna800! So here ya go! Not a lot right now, but I will update once I make more fan art.
  4. I usually don't do requests, but since I figure I'm new here, doing requests will make me more recognized! So, I have 3 slots open, message if you want your MLP OC drawn! I'd create a thread but I figure it's kinda pointless since I rarely do requests, haha.

  5. Hello everyone! As the title suggests, this is a redraw, so let's get right to it! This first image was something I drew waaay back in 2014 Now here is the redraw! While I'm super proud of it, I could pick apart some things here and there (shading, perspective, etc.) What do you guys think?
  6. Hello everyone! I am nicepumpkinpie, and I am new to the forums! I am going to be a junior in high school, and I am striving to become an artist! While I am definitely far behind on episodes, and I'm not a huge fan as I used to be, I enjoy drawing the ponies and I will be mainly posting my art here! I hope everyone will be welcoming, and I hope to make new friends!