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  1. Ok I now have a computer what kind of music making software would you recomend
  2. Cranky old man voice Get off my property ya crazy kidz
  3. I don’t have a job. I Just recently turned 16. Imean I would like to go further but I don’t have any money however I am hoping for my perents to get me a computer this Christmas. So I might be able to go further after christmas.
  4. well I’ dont have a computer so make them on my phone with music maker jam. I try my best to make them sound different but i can’t make many different things with the presets i have. but some coaching would likely help if you wanna find out what i currently have at my disposal get music maker jam for your phone, it’s a free app, then download the drum and bass , dubstep, dubstep squeals, edm vocal chops 1 and 2 , electro pop, and house noir presets. And start with the digital pop and smooth hip hop presets
  5. This is fnaf music that i have made Here’s what i have so far 4402066E-06F6-498A-877F-E3C15F2EC54C.mp4 F81F7C74-74E8-42A9-B8FE-5D01492FE80E.mp4
  6. yes i make music and here’s all the music I’ve mad so far 9C1F14FE-7FA2-40DB-9CF4-13E599513B9F.mp4 1BFDC794-F23B-4F30-BF0A-F368F56FF247.mp4 008F4E57-84C4-4E0C-B7E6-1A8B1333174C.mp4 26C183B5-8BD1-488A-8CFF-00D354F0A27D.mp4 3810E321-0374-46B6-B3FE-4EB70356323E.mp4 390511AE-AB67-455D-8CCB-06E000A8B04F.mp4 9E38314B-E58F-4CCB-BCDE-B78105146C79.mp4 DFDA5B52-3F7A-444F-BB41-786539DD9870.mp4 9C91ACEE-C80E-4326-9966-231F07DE34A1.mp4 0A4DB364-CA51-4E9A-A5D9-8DA5D7209EFB.mp4 BE5AD8E7-F8EA-4056-8E42-653470A01F09.mp4 8A1CB409-8921-4591-A3B3-24CD7AACC70E.mp4 EB4DC593-78AA-4AC5-87C3-62D4C7ACFF96.mp4 F465A333-A19F-4982-AE2A-36F3073A17A7.mp4 well all the pony music if you wanna hear my non pony music you know where to go to listen to that
  7. This is a place we’re you can listen to all the pony minus if I’ve made and admire the art while whaching it
  8. Oh hey i remember you i layed in your bed once, well isn’t the shoe on the other hoof
  9. Waaaaaaa!

    1. Dj alicorn

      Dj alicorn

      What’s up why are you saying waaaaaaaaa?

    2. Marco the alcorn
    3. Dj alicorn

      Dj alicorn

      Oh that’s ok wanna ask my oc a question, if so go to the request section and look for one that says dj alicorn.

  10. Hello person/ pone your new I usually i see this other guy in my bed