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  1. Skytower

    Best equestria girls waifu

    Sunset I think. She's the most intriguing, being born in another world and another body and her brush with the darkest part of herself. Human Twilight comes close to that as well, but she was still born human.
  2. I'd like to see some focus on her early days and how she adjusted to life as a human. Flashbacks would be good.
  3. In a way they are faced with the Star Trek problem. DS9 could not be Next Generation, Voyager could not be DS9 or Next Generation.
  4. One problem is how do you do an Equestria Girls' series without copying a lot of the stuff that's already been done in MLP? The characters are basically the same, albeit in different bodies. There are of course differences between Equestria and Earth and the characters ages and circumstances, but how do you take that and make it original? The human Twilight can not be put into the same situations as the pony Twilight, (I don't think King Sombra, T-reck or any of the villains could show up at CHS without someone in the government noticing), They could move everyone into college but again it wouldn't be quite the same. If it is going to succeed Equestria Girls has to be it's own show.
  5. Skytower

    Forgotten Friendship on Netflix

    Not with the bandwidth I can afford plus my old computer. Youtube can come out broken up a lot. I think so, I'm hoping they'll get the movie.
  6. Which means I can watch it again. Had to downshift the cable last year and haven't been able to watch MLP since.
  7. Skytower

    Demon Sunset Shimmer or Midnight Sparkle?

    Midnight Sparkle's main drive was curiosity, not power. That makes her more intriguing to me. She didn't want to conquer Equestria, she just wanted to learn about magic. Who knows where that would have gone.
  8. Out there I know, but I had to downsize my cable system a while back and lost MLP, but gained Disney (and saved enough money for food, very important in my calculations, also I hope that Netflix will pick up the season that I am missing), and I've been enjoying the Ducktales reboot (David Tenent and Catherine Tate have a lot of fun with the voices). I wondered how Sunset ,who herself comes from a world where ponies and other animals have intelligence, would view a show like Ducktales or any of the other animals-as-human-like, especially as the friendship between Webby and Lena very much showcases the friendship is magic dynamic. You could have pulled Lena's actions in the finale from an episode of MLP.
  9. Skytower

    S08:E11 - Molt Down

    I thought it was nice at the end when Spike hops on Twilight's back and Twilight pointed out that she doesn't have to carry him anymore. That is a good way of saying that their relationship will be changing as he grows older.
  10. Skytower

    S08:E11 - Molt Down

    Bearing in mind that we still don't know where Spike actually came from and what type of dragon he is I think this worked. I thought Twilight's reaction a bit off, but from her point of view Spike was a fire hazard and there are lot of books around. I can easily see how Spike or Twilight wouldn't have heard of this from Ember or Smolder as puberty is more often mocked in society then take seriously and it's never really discussed openly. That would go double for a society like the dragons. I get the feeling that the male dragons are kicked out, but are allowed back in once the molting passed. Sort of like a walkabout test of maturity.
  11. Skytower

    What would the Rainbooms think of you?

    What nearly everyone thinks of me: He's a bit odd, but harmless.
  12. Skytower

    Why have none of the "Humane Six" asked to go to Equestria?

    Sounds like a good spot for a vacation to me I'd take battling demons over wrestling with a 1040 form any day.
  13. Skytower

    Any Short Ideas for Dog Spike?

    Spike can talk and now has human level of intelligence, or is at least as smart as Spike the dragon who'd able to read and right. There's a lot to explore here even in the limited setting of the show's format. For instance if he got lost would he ask someone for directions or be too scared too. The students at CHS don't seem to find much strange about a talking dog (but as Spike said a talking dog is not really crazy if you go on everything else that is going on), but I can imagine many others would. His relationship with Twilight... Now that he can talk does he take on the role that Spike the dragon does? That of an assistant/housekeeper/confidant or something else. When you come right down to it Spike isn't a full dog anymore, but he's not human either. How long before the essential parts of a dogs life -sleeping, chasing squirrels...- become boring too him? Will he immerse himself in tv? The internet? Books?
  14. I've got no way to see it right now, but if I start watching season 8 would I miss too much or spoil to much from the movie?
  15. It could also explain why Sunset Shimmer had no trouble slipping into the CHS world. Maybe the place she's living is owned by the Shimmers.