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  1. Wuuuut. What does it matter how someone looks like as long as they have a great personality and can have fun with each other and do and talk about the things they love without having to worry about how they look like. But saying someone doesnt fit your standarts on how attractive they are to be part of a community is just..... idk. Sorry if I sound rude or something. I just dont like it when people feel not good enough or not attractive enough to be part of something. Everyone should feel welcome here in our fandom or just anywhere I general. Sorry again if you didnt mean it like that or if I didnt understand it right, but thats just the way I see it. ^-^
  2. Hey @Porrot I also absolutely adore animals as well, altough I only have 5. 2 cats, 2 snakes and 1 dog. And its nice to know that there are fellow snake lovers here. Anyways welcome to the forums
  3. @Darkcoucou am I spying a fellow brony from Austria. Jesus table flipping christ. Well anyways have a warm welcome from me, and I hope you will enjoy your time here ^~^. Btw I love drawing digitally and traditionally but im bad in explaining or teaching things but I could always try.^-^
  4. Hey @Ash_Sonnet I hope you have great stay here in our little corner of the internet. The people here are really nice I bet you will find friends really quickly around here.^-^
  5. Hey @ Mad Plushie. Hope you will have a wonderfull time here.And wow a youtuber I really want to try to make a channel. But shyness and being socialy awkward make it a bit hard. Anyways a warm welcome to you ^-^.
  6. Hey @VoltageDrop welcome to our little community. I hope you will have a great time here. Btw I really like yor characters design in your profile pic ^~^.
  7. Request Shop

    Oh my god I love it sorry for not replying I had barely ever the chance to go on but thank you so much @LaptopDJ ^~^
  8. Im finally done with my Rainbow Dash drawing it took me a while to make I focused a bit more on line art but Im not sure if its even visible that I tried to vary the line thickness. I think the problem is that I always draw my lines way to thin. I might do another one of her, maybe a bit more complex one but we'll see. Im kind of proud of this but something is bothering me and I dont know what, it just looks unfinished to me. maybe I should have added more in the sky idk.
  9. I dont know it kind of changes but I think Im mostly a fan of brown eyes they have a certain warmness to them. Most of my family have blue eyes but I have kind of grey-greenish eyes. with different lighting they sometimes look fully grey. And on some pictures they even looked kind of blue-ish Idk its weird.
  10. @Rikifive yeah I guess Its because I have years upon years of experience on paper and the first few drawings I made always took me about a week to finish ( and some I never even finished) because I got frustrated. I also watched tons of youtube videos getting familliar with all the tools and programs I could use. I also started of with just sketches that I didnt post to just get familliar with the tablet itself and those looked terrible . And you should have seen the lines of the drawings I scrapped because there were just black blobs everywhere. Im pretty sure if you can draw in the show style like that you can adapt a new style pretty quickly. I really liked your Fluttershy drawing ^-^
  11. Okay thank you for telling me @Shadow Beam ^-^
  12. you made her really look just plainly adorable. And she looks so happy being on stage great job ^-^
  13. Request Shop

    Hey would you be willing to do my OC Stardust here is her ref sheet. Your requests are for free right? I would be more than happy if you would give her a try but ill understand If you dont want to ^-^
  14. You dont know how you want to draw your lines. Krita knows how you want to draw them


    Goddammit Krita..... Thats the third time today

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    2. Alpakachii


      @Lightwing no this will become Rainbowdash it doesnt really look like her yet but its still a work in progress ^-^

    3. Lightwing


      Well, I couldn't really know for sure without colors so I just guessed, heh :P It is looking good so far, can't wait for the full on pic!

    4. Alpakachii


      thanks @Lightwing it may be done sometime tomorow but im not sure if I get it done tomorow :)

  15. @Mirage77 I don't know why that made me giggle But would you know where I could post her backstory and all that stuff just so I know for the future?