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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. Alpakachii


      Thank you very much :fluttershy:

  2. Happy b-day!

    1. Alpakachii


      Thank you very much :wub:

    2. 007FFF
  3. @monikakryza Thank you so much ^-^ I really like the sombra drawing too its one of my faves Just finished a new one twilight in her Library. The only thing Im not happy about are the shadows otherwise I really like it. Ignoring the fact that I had to do the Lineart twice and that alone nearly drove me insane. But also making colored line art was a pain.
  4. @Azul Maya Thank you so much, Im glad you like it <3 ^-^
  5. @Shadow Beam Yes it was really time that I made something else than just a sketch of them since they are two of my favorite characters, design and everything. ^-^
  6. @Jaspers Thank you so much for your kind words, I was kind of worried that I mad Lunas wings look weird or that I made them too big Also. im glad you like my Artstyle Im really happy with it too
  7. @Divine plywood thank you I really appreciate it ^-^
  8. Im back to drawing digitaly and to start of I made a digital version of a sketch I did traditionaly. I just changed a few things otherwise its pretty much the same. I think I made the wings on Luna too big otherwise I really like how it turned out ^-^
  9. -Boop- :squee:

    1. Alpakachii


      -Suprise Boop attack- :P

    2. 007FFF



  10. Alpakachii

    Cuddle War!!!!!

    @Azul Maya cuddles back
  11. @Azul Maya right back at you ^-^
  12. Alpakachii

    Ilona's Artwork

    I have to say im jealous. I absolutely love the way you color things and make the colors work together. And your whole style is so pretty. It's really amazing. :3
  13. Alpakachii

    Hello everyone!! :D

    Hey @Dream Shine I really hope you will like it here with us then. A warm welcome from me ^-^
  14. Alpakachii

    Hello everyone!

    Hey @ArtisticFangirl7 im sure you will like it here. A warm welcome from me ^~^
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