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  1. @monikakryza Thank you so much ^-^ I really like the sombra drawing too its one of my faves

    Just finished a new one twilight in her Library. The only thing Im not happy about are the shadows otherwise I really like it. Ignoring the fact that I had to do the Lineart twice and that alone nearly drove me insane. But also making colored line art was a pain.


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  2. Im back to drawing digitaly and to start of I made a digital version of a sketch I did traditionaly. I just changed a few things otherwise its pretty much the same. I think I made the wings on Luna too big otherwise I really like how it turned out ^-^


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  3. Hey @Crystal Harmony hope you will have a great time here with us. I would probably call her Rara if we were Pff's since it's more personall than Countess. And I dont really have a favourite pony. There is just to many to choose only one. Anyways a warm welcome from me ^-^

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  4. Attack on Titan fanart for someone irl. She asked me to draw Levi and Eren and im working on the second one still. It was really hard to search the characters without being spoiled to much since I havent watched it yet:please:


    And please ignore the background because I really messed that up. :please:

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  5. @Cyberkiyo I'm exactly the same dont even worry ^_^. I also played Tera and Aion but that was a longer time ago. Then I got into Dragomon hunter, wich by the way looks absolutely adorable. And there is a bunch more I also tried that I forgot. But the problem with me is I get very easly bored with things and since im a shy and awkward mess I often play alone (plus I have the attention span of a fly) and most of the guilds require you to be a really active player and im someone who likes to play when I feel like it. 

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  6. @Cyberkiyo I might be totally wrong since I play and switch to many different MMORPG's :please:. But the one I have been playing the most is Riders of Icarus (because of all the awesome Mounts and creatures that you can tame) and Wildstar (wich I don't know why so many people didn't like)

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