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  1. @Fluttershy Friend thank you Im not really that good yet but Im trying to improve ^-^
  2. Alpakachii

    Hello Everypony

    @Crypty thanks for welcoming me and also for the follow. So youre also an artist Im excited to check your art out. ^-^
  3. @Sunset Rose thank you very much! both were a lot of fun to make. Im glad you like my style I always wanted to know what people thought of it because the only feedback on Devianart i get is nice, good or something along those lines ^-^
  4. Alpakachii

    General How Tall Are You?

    161 cm or (5.3 feet depending on what you use)Wow.... Why are you all so tall. Sop being so tall. But the last time I checked was over a year ago so Im not sure( Im 16 by the way). Im a smol bean and Proud (\(^-^)/)
  5. Hey Everypony! I decided to put all of my drawings in one place just so they are all together. Im really excited to share more of my drawings here. And Im always happy if I can get some Ideas and Feedback. First one of my favourite villians King Sombra. I really enjoyed drawing him altough the pose is a bit of. but overall I really like how this turned out. next is one is Fluttershy. I wanted to draw soemthing really simple and quick ( I also forgot the coloured line art) but overall I like how it turned out Next is a drawing I spend a ton of time on and Im really proud of it. Rarity
  6. Alpakachii

    Hello Everypony

    @Duality @Fluttershy Friend @DreamBisquit Thank you all for your warm welcome. It often gets mixed up when I tell People Im from Austria. That they all think I said Australia. Then they are like 'ohhh you cant be afraid of Spiders then' ( Thats the real first world proplem right here ponies) but anyways thanks to you all for welcoming me. ^^ Ps: I didnt know this was a Cult but eh could be worse. now I have finally something to tell when my mom asks me how my day was. I just joined a Pony Cult on a Forum nothing much
  7. Alpakachii

    My Ponysona

    Hello everypony. I just wanted to post my first drawing I actually finished Digitally. Before I only did some sketches to get familiar with my drawing tablet. But yeah this is my Oc , or Ponysona, Stardust. I will most likely post more drawings of her. I also have a ref sheet already of her wich I dont really know where to Post It so please let me know if there is a place i can post it ^-^ also its a older drawing where I didnt really know how anything worked but with the help of youtube tutorials I managed to finish it. But yeah I hope you like it Alpakachii~
  8. Alpakachii

    Hello Everypony

    @Mirage77 not by me to this day Im still in love with the movie ^-^
  9. Alpakachii

    Hello Everypony

    Thank you @Sunset Rose I will ^-^
  10. Uh hey I hope Im doing this right because it was kind of confussing me how I can Post (but after my 5 minute search I finally found the dang button). Well theres really not to much to say about me Im 16 and from Austria ( no kangaroo's just cow's). I love drawing, Horsebackriding, writing storys and reading. Im really shy so I will mostly just post drawings I make and not be as sociable in the beginning. ( Im still new to Digital art so please go easey on me. and I will mostly also post the same drawings I post on DeviantArt.). My favourite book and movie is The Last Unicorn. ( I just realized
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