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    MLP (obv); Shawn Mendes (any other pony in the mendes army?); music; drawing; animals; photography; video editing

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  1. Starry Snow

    my MLP drawings

    Rainbow Dash My favorite mane 6 pony!
  2. Starry Snow

    my MLP drawings

    I made this drawing of my favorite ship, SoarinDash, with soft pastels and pastel pencils, and this time it was my original idea, I didn't recreate someone's drawing. So, for the first MLP drawing I actually drew without a specific reference picture, I am actually pretty happy about how it turned out!
  3. Starry Snow

    Hi everypony!

    Thank you, you look super nice!
  4. Tha is what I got Wow! I love this one too!
  5. Starry Snow

    my MLP drawings

    My sketch of Owlowiscious
  6. Starry Snow

    my MLP drawings

    Here's one of Pinkie Pie!
  7. Starry Snow

    Hi everypony!

    Team Soarin and Dashie! Thank you! Thank you!
  8. Starry Snow

    my MLP drawings

    Thank you! I'll try Here's a sketch I made about SoarinDash (my favorite ship)! Disclaimer: This whole drawing was not my personal idea. I just recreated another drawing (I think it was a digital one, it looked a lot like it was actually in the real MLP!) I can't remember where I found that drawing so I don't know who I should give credits to. I just added the lightning thing, but like I said, everything else was not my personal idea. I hope you still like it though!
  9. Starry Snow

    Hi everypony!

    Yayy another Soarindash shipper! @Travlein Thank you! Thanks, you seem really nice too Thank you! You're right, the ponies look really nice here. Can't wait to know more!
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